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I have a problem with masturbation – can I ask my father for help?

Masturbation: Effects on Human Health

Assalam wa brother

I know and I saw the old post regarding my problem and I read whole of it.

About masturbation.

I have read the previous post and I got what I wanted but there is still some things that are missing for me.

I wanted to know whether I can talk about my problem with my father so he can help me with this easily.

I mean it's a private problem and I did it in alone.

Only me and almighty Allah know that I did unforgiving sin please help me with this I want to get rid of it.

I ask you all to pray for me and all brothers and sisters who are facing same problem like me

Can I consult with a doctor about this. .?


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  1. What exactly do you want? What do you want to change? What is missing?

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    To be honest, I'm not sure what your father or a doctor could really do to help you give up your habit.

    What you need to do is resolve to stop, ask Allah for strength, and then try to stop. If you look at previous posts on this website, you'll see plenty of advice for ways to distract yourself and reduce temptation.

    Midnightmoon editod

  3. WONDER DRUG TO CURE PORN AND MASTURBATION ADDICTION: High speed internet Porn addiction makes changes in brain chemistry like that of a heroin drug addict & is causing men to become impotent in their 20's has been confirmed by a recent study by Italian scientists. All addicts who are trying to quit would agree that they give in & engage in such activities because of uncontrolable urges. Snorting or Sniffing a few drops of "MENTHOL" (a eatable chemical ingredient in Vicks vapour rub, peppermint etc etc, is also available at all drug stores in liquid form,,it's cheap) cools the brains & drives away the urge to watch Porn or masturbate in seconds, for those who still can't control the urge,can rub a few drops of it on your's(it's safe) for instant results.Also avoid spicy foods which have ginger & garlic, avoid red meat,honey & dates,these increase bodily heat & urges to masturbate frequently.

    • Do you have link to any study that proves menthol can stop urges to masturbate?

      • Dear SVS, What menthol does is it lowers the testosterone levels & temporarily kills the libido. This fact is known for ages that eating mint leaves lowers your libido, natural menthol is extracted from mint leaves The study was done on rats in 2004

        also, read this .Masturbation has several side effects because of loss of nutrients from bodily fluids, like weak memory,joint pains, weakness, hair loss,low testosterone & in the long run premature ejaculation & impotence, check this site and read experiences of men who have been addicted to porn & masturbation

        Pls note : If someone of you decide to use menthol to curtail masturbation habit, then make sure you don't use it for long period of time like many months, usually the first two weeks are difficult after that it becomes easy to control the habit of masturbation.

        • Thanks for link to studies. i noticed studies are about 2 different types of teas that contain menthol, so lot of other ingredients there

          Other thing these studies show increase in follicle-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone levels. These are basically female hormones. Excessive LH and FSH can make a man develop breasts and have negative effects on his sexual functioning..


          • Thanks for the reply. Luteinizing hormone (LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) are essential for reproduction in both males &;females & have nothing to do with breast development. They are called gonadotropins because they stimulate the gonads - in males, the testes, and in females, the ovaries. They are not necessary for life, but are essential for reproduction. These two hormones are secreted from cells in the anterior pituitary called gonadotrophs. Most gonadotrophs secrete only LH or FSH, but some appear to secrete both hormones.In both sexes, LH stimulates secretion of sex steroids from the gonads. Both are critical for development of ovaries in females & sperms in males & used in IVF infertility treatments.
            Gynecomastia is the growth of abnormally large breasts in males. It is due to the excess growth of breast tissue, not excess fat tissue
            Estrogens are hormones that create female characteristics,both males & females have them,although the levels in males are low & females have higher levels.Excess of these hormones stimulates the development of female characteristic in males,hence some male transgender take estrogens to stimulate breast growth. With regards to your concern about lots of other ingredients in tea,please be informed,this was a scientific study & not a school & college science experiment,so all other influencing factors would be discounted before publishing the final results.

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a wonder drug to cure addictions - while medications can play a role in helping people overcome an addiction, the main work is done through psychological interventions, behavioural changes and a lot of willpower. There isn't a quick fix.

      The study you cite also doesn't back up your claim that menthol is a wonder drug:

      1. It's an animal study - there are important physiological differences between animals and humans, which mean that while we can use animal models to study diseases and effects, we cannot make firm conclusions about a disease process or effectiveness of a treatment based solely on animal studies.

      2. The study isn't looking at masturbation. It looks at adverse effects on the hormonal systems involved in male reproductive function. While physiological factors do play a role in masturbation, a large part of it is a psychological addiction - addressing this is key to overcoming or reducing masturbation. If a study isn't looking specifically at a particular question, we cannot then say "this study answers it" - that's not academically valid in research.

      3. Animal studies tend to use very small sample sizes which can't be used to prove or disprove a theory in humans - we can't claim something is a wonder drug based on what it has done or not done to 12 rats.

      4. The study is almost 10 years old. Once a study reaches the 10 year mark, unless it's a revolutionary article, common academic practice would be to look for more up to date research (yes, science can have an expiry date - if something hasn't been built on in 10 years, most academics would say there's probably a good reason for that).

      5. A quick database search of published biomedical research (not exhaustive, but using a couple of reliable database systems) found 3 papers on the subject of peppermint or spearmint potentially affecting testosterone levels. 2 of them are the paper you cite, just published in different journals, and the other one was published in a low-impact factor journal over 6 years ago.

      6. The papers themselves have a low impact factor. An impact factor is a calculation of how "useful" a paper or journal is, by looking at how many other articles and journals quote it or reference it in their own content. So, a paper that has a high impact factor would generally be one that's useful, relevant and scientifically valid. A low impact factor doesn't necessarily mean that a paper is wrong, but suggests its conclusions haven't been picked up by the wider scientific community, or that the subject hasn't been felt particularly useful.

      7. You mention that as this is a scientific study, all other contributing factors will have been excluded. This isn't the case. A good study will try to identify and correct for these factors (known as confounding factors, as they can obscure and distort results), but will recognise that it is not possible to 100% guarantee this has been successful. Animal studies in particular can be very difficult to do this in, due to the small sample sizes - so, rather than being used to draw firm conclusions, they tend to be used to "test out" a theory, before people spend a lot more resources on a larger scale project.

      8. The other sites you mention are anecdotal and therefore not strong evidence to support your claim.

      Midnightmoon editor

      • Walaikum Salaam,
        The human body has amazing prowess to cure itself, most drugs & medicines facilitate this process by acting on the disease or reducing the symptoms. Psychological interventions are an important therapeutic option for people with alcohol-related problems. However, even with the most effective current treatment (for example, cognitive behavioural therapies and social network and environment-based therapies), the effects are modest at best and the treatments are not effective for everyone, hence sex,alcohol & drugs deaddiction clinics actively use allopathic medicines which influence the hormones & brain to treat their patients.

        First of all, the study shows us how the active agent in tea i.e menthol lowers testosterone levels & the FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH(luteinizing hormone levels). Infact LH(luteinizing hormone) is used in sex deaddiction therapy to curb sexual thoughts.

        1) The study confirms what is already known to people in South Asia( India,Pakistan,Srilanka,Bangladesh) & middle-east,that mint lowers libido. Folk remedies, holistic treatment, Unani treatment & Ayurveda(Indian Traditional Medicine) are commonly used in this part of the world, for eg Almonds, Garlic & ginger is used to boost libido is known for thousands of years, people don't need to rely on some scientific study done on animals or humans for confirmation.
        2) This is not rocket science, any medical professional would agree that low testosterone levels & high LH(luteinizing hormone) levels lower the libido & in turn the urge to masturbate in those who have got addicted to it.Mint leaves lowers libido is already know, with the scientific study results we can draw our conclusions.
        3) Animal studies are important to know the potency & side effects of a new drug or a formula. But in this case the study is not testing a new drug, but trying to understand the effects of a herb i.e mint on the hormonal balance. & answers the mystery of temporary libido lowering effecr of mint leaves which is know for ages. Same study was done on humans later with similar results.
        4) Scientific studies don't expire unless new discoveries & inventions debunk the results of the old study or the results collapse under the weight of contradictory data when the study is redone with larger sample size using better technology, for eg Porn & masturbation addiction causes changes in the brain pleasure centers like a drug addict has been confirmed by using modern brain scans methods which was impossible to find out 3-4 decades ago.
        5,6.) The study was not done to test a new drug, but to test the effects of Mentha piperita labiatae and Mentha spicata labiatae herbal teas on plasma total testosterone, luteinizing hormone, and follicle-stimulating hormone levels and testicular histologic features. Questioning the credentials of the study when you don't have any evidence from other studies or data to contradict the results is laughable.
        7) All scientific studies use controls or placebos to eliminate confounding factors if any, the active agents used in the experimental group is 20g/l and 40g/l of Mentha piperita labiatae and Mentha spicata labiatae tea which influenced the hormonal balance in rats & later studies were done on humans with similar results,till date there has been no other studies to contradict the results.
        8) The website shares the experience of man who was hit with temporary low libido after using talcum powder which had menthol in it on his genital areas, I suggest anyone who doubts it should try this at home,at their own risk :))

        • Assalaamualaikam

          Regarding your comments, it might be worth pointing out to you that I am a medical professional (who also works in medical research), so the idea that any medical professional would agree with you is flawed (it only takes an 'n of one' to disprove a blanket statement).

          Neither of the studies you link to are asking about masturbation - they look at hirsuteness in women with a hormonal imbalance caused by a condition call polycystice ovarian syndrome. As I said, we can't take a research looking at one thing and use it to 'prove' something else - that's not good scientific practice.

          I'm not questioning the credentials of the studies, merely pointing out that they do not prove menthol to be a wonder drug in the way you describe. You say we can draw our own conclusions - of course we can, but what we shouldn't do is use research looking at one thing (in this case to look at hormone levels) to claim another (that menthol is a wonder drug).

          It's also worth considering that all the studies you have cited have had small sample sizes. Most (robust) medical trials require sample sizes in the hundreds before concluding that a drug is or isn't clinically useful - and don't proclaim things to be wonder drugs.

          Controls and placebo interventions reduce, but do not eliminate, the presence of confounding factors. Even large-scale ('n >1000') trials and studies need to discuss and consider confounding factors. This is one of the reasons medical trials need so many participants.

          Anecdotal stories are not considered high quality evidence (if you doubt this, look at the guidelines for evidence appraisal published and used by NICE and SIGN).

          If you have read a couple of interesting articles, and seen some stories online, by all means recommend a person tries something on that basis - they might find it works for them. But that doesn't make something a wonder drug.

          Anyway, let's get back on topic and get back to giving Islamic advice to people.

          (By the way, rocket science isn't that hard - it's not neuroscience / brain surgery) (to all rocket scientists - that's a joke).


          • I don't understand your fixation to question or disprove the studies & their findings, as I said in my previous post I am not advocating to use Menthol because of these studies or online stories, but because mint leaves( which have menthol in them),have been traditionally used for centuries in South Asia and it's libido lowering side effect is of common knowledge in this part of the world, the recent scientific studies only show us the reason why..

            Few years ago almost all allopathic doctor's would dismiss that masturbation had any side-effects, but after hundreds of thousands of testimonies after testimonies online of people who suffered because of the habit, now they have started accepting that masturbation is harmful.

            Nice to know you are a Medical Professional & work in research, may be you can ask your peers to work on this paper & do more research on effects on mint on hormones, but the fact of the matter is mint being a natural herb can't be patented & hence no drug company will show interest to fund the research or bother about the results, the sad truth is dismissing holistic & alternate treatments which are effective as quackery is a big conspiracy(Sex dysfunction drugs is a multibillion dollar business, hope you know what I mean):-))

            Anyways,lets leave the choice on the readers who have a problem to use menthol to relieve themselves from the habit of masturbation, as menthol is a safe drug.

            By the way I still believe any Medical Professional would agree low testosterone levels is one of the main contributing factor of low libido.- unless they have a fake degree or sinister interests( to all Medical Professionals-this is not a joke)

          • Assalaamualaikam

            1. I'm not wishing to question or disprove the studies, merely pointing out that if you're saying something is a wonder drug, those studies don't prove that.

            2. At no point have I disputed your points about hormone levels influencing libido. Basic physiology isn't the issue here. The issue is that you're saying something is a wonder drug and the papers you're citing don't support that claim.

            3. Your comment about fake degrees or sinister interests is leaning towards personal remarks. None of my comments have in any way implied negative attributes or intentions to you. If you wish to have an intellectual discussion about research that's one thing, but don't bring personal comments into it.


          • Assalaamualaikam Jahangir

            I'm not opposing or dismissing anything. However, when someone posts that something is a wonder drug, it is important that there is at least some discussion of the evidence for and against. Most people who use this site won't have studied research methods or been trained in critical appraisal, so could take the claim of something being a wonder drug seriously.

            All medications and herbal remedies can potentially cause side effects - this is one of the reasons why health interventions need to be rigorously investigated. We therefore would be remiss if people posted medication recommendations and we didn't at least look at the evidence.

            I see nothing wrong with you saying "how about this herbal remedy?", but you are posting "wonder drug to cure masturbation and porn addiction" - this could easily lead to people using the remedy inappropriately and increasing the risk of adverse effects, as well as not being based on scientific evidence.

            Yes, lowered levels of hormones such as testosterone can lead to reduced libido. But these hormones also have other roles in the body - creating a hormone imbalance by striving to achieve a lower level of testosterone in the body could have potentially harmful effects - for example, the studies you have posted describe changes in the testicles of exposed animals - has research been done to check if this is the case in humans? The study's own conclusion is that people should be aware of the possible adverse effects. Artificially lowering sex drive could arguably be classed as a form of chemical castration, which most medical professionals would be very hesitant to endorse.

            As you say, porn and masturbation are major problems for this Ummah - so, if we post a "wonder drug", a lot of people may go and try it. It's important people have a balanced view so they can make an informed choice.


          • Wailaikum -salaam midnightmoon,

            I am sorry to say this,but I think you are trying to mislead the reader's & creating a fear psychosis among them which looks familiar, similar stratergy is used by big pharms to demonize holistic treatments. alternate medicine, & herbal remedies using media & FDA as they want to protect their business, the fact is, allopathic drugs have many more side effects and can kill while Ayurvedic,herbal,holistic medicines have few or no side effects & hence are becoming more popular worldwide.

            You don't need to know how different ice creams are prepared before you consume it,similarly you don't need to know the internal mechanical working of your car to benefit from it, I am not selling or pushing some unknown miracle snake oil or a rare herb found in himalaya mountains.

            It’s very puzzling why you are silent & fail to acknowledge the fact that mint leaves (which have menthol in it) have been widely used for better digestion,acidity problems, curing cough & cold.getting rid of intestinal worms etc etc for centuries in the mddle east & South Asia. Infact a reputed Indian ayurvedic pharma company which exports medicines to USA & Europe also sell capsules which has mint extract in it.
            Mint is also used as food in salad dressing, as tea, as a sauce (chutney) in South Asia (India & Pak) for thousands of years. The active ingredient of mint leaves is menthol which is present in Vicks vapor rub, peppermints like halls, polo etc etc. So mint & menthol are safe for human consumption without any serious side effect is accepted all over the world.
            Still you choose to ignore all of this & raise red flags for no concrete reasons ,hence I am beginning to doubt your intentions.

            On the other hand allopathic drugs like anti-depressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)) have be reported to cause impotence or sexual dysfunction ,also hair loss treatment drugs like Propencia have been known to cause irreversible impotence when used for prolong period of time.

            There are no such worries with using mint & menthol as its libido lowering effects are temporary ,hence it's widely used as a food & as an herbal medicine in middle east , India & Pakistan for thousands of years, this is exactly the reason I am recommending mint & menthol to control masturbation habit. It's natural, far better & safe than the artificial allopathic drugs used to sex clinic to artificially lower sex drive or libido.
            Porn and Masturbation are indeed major problems for our Ummah - I insist it is a wonder drug and want everyone who has a problem to use it & benefit from it without the fear of side effects. I believe everyone single one of us has already used it before in some form or other as menthol is one of the ingredients in cold rubs(vicks) peppermint (halls,polo) etc etc

          • Assalaamualaikam

            1. I don't need to know the finer points of combustion engines in order to drive a car, but if I'm going to put fuel in it, I'll check if the fuel's safe to use before I do. Likewise, people have every right to be aware of the pros and cons of any medicine they are thinking of taking.
            2. You can believe something is a wonder drug all you want, but if you post adverts for it online, you can pretty much guarantee someone will ask for evidence. If what you have is an opinion, you're welcome to say "why not try this" - that's offering advice. Saying "wonder drug cures masturbation and pornography addiction" brings your comment closer to the "enlarge your .../look like a supermodel!" adverts that spam our email accounts.
            3. The research you have used to "prove" your points doesn't do so - a study looking at women with a hormonal condition and one that looks at potential harmful effects on sex organ development don't support a claim that a treatment is safe for use in men who are generally healthy other than an excessive interest in pornography.
            4. From a legal point of view, by implying these papers support your claims, it could be argued that you are misrepresenting the work of the researchers involved.
            5. You know nothing about my views on Big Pharma or herbal/alternative medicine. To make comments such as you have does, in fact, stray into the personal, which I have already told you is unacceptable. Scientific and academic discussion can't get anywhere if one person starts calling the other names.
            6. Please do not continue to make posts proclaiming something to be a wonder drug. Advice is welcomed, respectful discussion is encouraged; adverts and rudeness are not.


          • Jahangir, your comments toward our Editor are inappropriate. You are now banned from this website.


        • By the way I still believe any Medical Professional would agree low testosterone levels is one of the main contributing factor of low libido

          What exactly is low level of Testosterone in men, a point at which young men can control their masturbation habit? What is the normal level of Testosterone in men?

          • Assalaamualaikam

            Low testosterone levels could be picked up on a blood test, but an individual's levels may not necessarily conform to textbook ranges.

            A hormonal imbalance isn't something people should aim for, as it will have other adverse effects on the body. Rather, people with imbalances can be offered treatment to help bring their hormones back into balance. This should only be done under professional medical guidance and isn't something people should try on their own.


          • These days, the average testosterone level of an adult male is 400-500 ng/dL (nano grams per deciliter), with the total possible range between 200-800ng/dL, barring outliers. However, these numbers are shockingly low when you realize that barely 100 years ago, the range of testosterone in adult males was 800-2000 ng/dL! Heavy metals, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine and estrogen-mimicking chemicals used in bovine growth are wrecking absolute havoc with the receptor sites in our endocrine systems.

            Mint leaves are effective in lowering libido as they have a active ingredient menthol, which contributes to lowering testosterone levels & increasing LH(luteinizing hormone) levels which curb sexual thoughts.What exactly is low level of Testosterone in men, a point at which young men can control their masturbation habit? The answer is we don't know because no such study has been undertaken, obviously because doctors have been in denial that masturbation is harmful but evidence from real people who have suffered tells a different story( (Sex dysfunction drugs is a multibillion dollar business,hope you understand what I mean), But what we do know is lower levels of testosterone is always associated with lower libido.

            @Midnightmoon You said ' To be honest, I'm not sure what your father or a doctor could really do to help you give up your habit.'. What I fail to understand is why a medical professional agrees that modern medicine has no answers to cure masturbation habit would voraciously oppose & dismiss when a alternative treatment is suggested which is effective & safe.

            You said '. I'm not wishing to question or disprove the studies", but all your previous posts contradict this statement.I never said that the studies prove that menthol cures masturbation, the studies merely tell us that menthol lowers testosterone levels & increases LH(luteinizing hormone) levels. In South Asia mint leaves which have menthol in them are used for centuries, one of the side effect is lower libido is common knowledge, with the study results we now know the physiology changes which influence our libido after consuming mint leaves.

            You said 'At no point have I disputed your points about hormone levels influencing libido. Basic physiology isn't the issue here." so menthol influences hormone levels which in turn lowers libido. We don't need a scientific study to know low libido affects sex,hence masturbation habit can be easily curtailed & control with low libido, is that so difficult to understand???

            With regards to my comment about fake degrees & sinister motives,I was talking in general and not pointing finger's at you, what made you think so ? (Is there a guilt which is bothering you :-)) Allah knows better) . Sister porn & masturbation habit is the biggest fitna in our Muslim youth lives today, many are helpless & suffering, if a herb which has no serious side effects helps in curbing the habits, then we should be welcoming it instead of the opposing it, I think.

  4. Few years ago almost all allopathic doctor's would dismiss that masturbation had any side-effects, but after hundreds of thousands of testimonies after testimonies online of people who suffered

    Almost all men masturbate. There are millions of men who don't suffer any effects. Psychological factors play a big role in sexually functioning of men. Minor changes in testosterone level is not going to have any effect. Some men may have placebo effect.

    I am sure failry large doses of LH and FSH can have negative effect on sexually functioning in a man.