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Problem with in laws

Asalaam O Alaikum,

I have been married for several years, alhamdulilah I have a good husband.  The problem is my brother in laws wives are always causing problems for me.  One ecspecially is so rude to my face and forever back bites about me.  I try so much with all them, I always come up with new ideas to please them, but they just don't care and continue with there harsh behaviour towards me.  My mother and father in law are very sweet and thus I don't want to complain to them as they have enough problems of there own.  I tell my husband but he just tells me to ignore them, but I keep getting hurt.  I feel like im getting bullied by my own family members.  I just wish I was strong enough to ignore them.


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  1. Sister I think the best we can do with such people is to be correct ourselves without bending over backwards to please anybody. Be truthful, helpful and sincere when asked but do not wait hand and foot on them waiting for their approval. The fact that you seek their approval makes them behave even worse with you as they know you suffer from low self esteem. Besides, our duty in this earth is to please Allah alone, everything else will fall in place.

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