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me n my husband had earlier commited zina before marriage for which i have repented lot. but that duration when i asked him to marry me. he had left me in middle of no where. i alone had to fight for my rights for long time. then i involved families in it and told to decide and proved them what evr i was saying was true. some how his parents agreed but they kept conditions like i m not supposed to use phone or go out alone or to any relatives place etc etc. Unfortunately to do right thing in shariah i accepted those conditions wrote them on paper signed and gave aftr that the marriage was held.

its been 7 months by now. but yet my husband curses me saying i spoilt his life he ll never accept this marriage and that i am not his wife and all such things.i have also tried a lot to win his love back. I did all that i could from my end also my Mther in law has been creating problems btwn me n him when ever she sees us a bit happy. She does something tell him something that we immediately fight and now i have found him cheating upon me again by msgng to a number of girls and bad pictures and al.

when i say my family they say you choose him its ur fault now repent. we wont support you. and that you cant come back to our home if u leave that house. also saying you stay there only have sabr and all. also when i say my family that i need to build my rlation with husband but thats not possible in that house with my MIL around me so i told them to help me get seperated from that house with husband thy are not ready to help me in that also .

please help and guide me what should i do next ? whom should i approach ? and if i leave that house please tell me a place where i can go. its very urgent plz reply ASAP. jazakallah hu khair.

sania san

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  1. Sister, is it possible for you to elaborate on where you live in the world? Otherwise it is tricky to advise you if where to go. This is an internet forum and with people from different countries. Perhaps somebody can help you if they are from the same country as you? If you live in a muslim country there may be limited options if we are talking refuge/shelter for women. But don't despair. I am sure somebody here will know.

    Also whatever paper you signed regarding visiting your family, using the phone - it has no legal merit. Islamic ally it also has no merit. You can not restrict a living human being in such a manner. It sounds like incarceration. You also should evaluate your situation. Di you see a future for yourself with this man in these circumstances? The choice and decision is yours. Nobody here can tell you what to do. I hope things work out as and you can get help/advice.

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