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Problems with my mother

Family or Work?

AsSalam o Alikum

to all members

I am in a problem regarding my mother. there are some of our relatives which gives my mother wrong guidance and my mother follow them. My home was not like that before these situation but nowadays...

my mother and father fought every night and I want to make my mother realize that intentions of these people are not good but she did not want to listen me and says that I am the reason of fighting between my parents.

While ALLAH Almighty know well my intentions I just want to bring back peace in my home and keep safe my mother from harm. When she get angry she gives me curses after that when I became very much upset and say just yes whatever she says.

I am praying day and night. I am hopeful from my ALLAH Almighty  side.

I just want to know in this kind of situation what should I do?

sid khan

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  1. write a letter with a nice gift and explain right to the point. If this doesnt work see your local imam

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