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Punishment for destroying a girls life?

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Assalamu Alaikum.

my self was in relationship with a girl. Who was my classmate. First we were in good friendship then it turned up to a serious relationship of 4 years. Due to some family issues i couldn't marry her, the whole family situations were against me, now she married another man and she lives happily. The thing is i'm still thinking about her and crying, at the stage of relationship we committed some Zina like kissing hugging. I'm worried about the punishment that Allah going to give me. Will Allah forgive me ???

if one girl’s heart is broken n she is in pain..bcoz of her pain da whole family got disturbed..will there any affect of Imprecation at those guys..??


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  1. Assalaamualaykum Brother,

    Allah forgives.

    You write:

    "if one girl’s heart is broken n she is in pain..bcoz of her pain da whole family got disturbed..will there any affect of Imprecation at those guys..??"

    It is very thoughtful of you to be considering the far-reaching implications and consequences of your actions. In doing so, I believe you will be careful not to repeat them. I don't think you have to worry about her family being cursed or any such thing. You yourself have stated that she has moved on and is happy, and Inshallah you will find someone better for you at the right time.



  2. Brother,I am feeling comfortable and when i am reading your post smile is on my face and happy that in this world there are good men and one of you are them .You said you did zina like kissed eachother and you feel shameful for your act.You feel pain for that girl who was engage with you and can feel pain for her as she feel pain .I like your post that you did not blackmail her this is your true love .Some family problems you can not marr with her.You can read on this website how many posts here that girls posted here for help that her ex boyfriend starting blackmailing her after ending relationship.You are good person and good muslim. that you respect her till end relationship.It is a shamefull act for those muslims boys that blackmailing her girlfriend .And her pictures upload on internet and send pictures to her home.Muslims guys should learn lesson from you and must read your post that this is a true love and here writing a boy and share his feelingsand feel pain for girl bcoz he can not marry with her due family.Plz donot again this .Be happy and patient ALLAH help you and heal your wound ameen.You should repent for long haram relationship your love is true but it is haraam in islam so pray to ALLAH for forgiveness and not repeat this.You will soon find good girl as a wife IN SHALLAH .One thing i say u please guide those men or your friends are blackmailing her girlfriend or in future or deceive girls those girls who,sare t deceving her boyfriend and sincere with them.plz pray for me i posted here but not publish here yet but soon publish here IN SHALLAH ,he dud not blackmail me yet but i am afraid that he send my pictures to my family or relatives without telling me .I pray daily and repent what i have done.He said that i deleted your pictures but i am not sure bcoz early he said to me he deleted my pictures but not deleted he said i love you so could not deleted pictures and see daily but after knew he did not deleted pictures i said many time he said i deleted pictures.

  3. I wish everyone were as thoughtful as you.

    I pray Allah accepts your repentance, and gives you peace.

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