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Question on rights of husband

Hello, I recently went to a massage parlor and did a haram act (not zina). I was wondering if I infringed upon the rights of the husband if the therapist was married and do I have to apologize to him? Thanks

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  1. ..... Your question is so vague. You said you did a haram act. You want to know if infringed on the rights of a husband and if you should apologize to him. I don't think that is advisable or required.

    Okay.... You should do taubah if you are certain you did something that is haram. Fast, pay a charity to someone or an organization, salah. In Islam, Muslims make their confessions to Allah not publicly or even in private to others. We are obligated to apologize to someone if we did something to harm them directly, as in the case if I ate all your brownies in the fridge, used your Bose system without permission and broke it or something like that. I have to say I am sorry and replace them. If you verbally insult someone, it is best that you apologize as soon as possible explaining you were having a bad day, were in a bad mood, are a jerk, and that you are ashamed and ask for their forgiveness. However, since I assume something sexual took place with someone else, that is a very serious sin of haram behavior. It is best that you perform some type of taubah and continuously ask Allah for your forgiveness.

    Regarding zina, it should be noted that according to some scholars, the definitions of Zina have been described as ALL forms of sexual intercourse, penetrative or non-penetrative, outside lawful marriage. If the act involved touching or kissing, you should focus on your conduct -- and not approaching a husband about your indecent behavior with an apology. Because there is no description of your sex, your status (married or single), exactly what took place and what haram behavior you are referring to, offer specific advice is difficult to offer. However, unless you go to a reputable spa or technician for therapeutic massage, you certainly have no business seeking services in a massage parlor, which are designed primarily for offering sexual favors.

  2. So, the therapist gave you a 'happy ending'

    Avoid visiting such massage parlors again and, if you require a massage for medical purposes, visit a certified clinician or medical professional.

    There is no need to apologise to the 'masseur's' husband (if she has one).

    Remain discreet and make tauba.

    Hope you feel better.

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