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As-salamu alaykum
What is the procedure to to Ghusl-e-jannabat under shower??
Secondly is ghusl Wajib after having a semen discharge during stools???
plz reply in detail
Thanks in advance..


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  1. Salamalakum,
    To begin with you must wash away the semen and then niyyat.
    Ghusl tartibi can be done by washing the whole body in three stages, first the head and neck including hair and scalp. The the whole right side of the body from shoulder to foot. Then the left side.

  2. keep clean at all times.Just think of the angel of death at ur side so be in a state that will be better 4 u

  3. Brother,
    Ghusl has 3 farz. One do a mouthful gharara with water. Means gargle your mouth three times with water. After that give water into your nose till the soft bone 3 times with your left hand. Thirdly wash your whole body in such a way that no area is left dry not even a single hair. Don't forget to clean your navel with finger and ears with wet finger.
    Semen discharge during stool is an illness. No need for ghusl just wash with water.


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