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Questions about jinn, Qareen and black magic


Alright. Salam Alaykum everyone. I've got a list of questions I want to ask. I know this might not get published but I've been paranoid to the toes down man. It would be great if this can get published and a couple of brothers, sisters can answer my questions. If you could help me I swear I'd be sooooo happy and I'll make dua for you non stop. Let's get into it. I'm asking for a friend.

Can our qareen read our minds? Or any other Jinns specifically? Can people communicate via qareen? I know it sounds like some sort of illuminati stuff, lol.

If a person reads ayatul Kursi for 1-5 hours maximumn and there's no response what doses it mean? Is there no black magic or jinn inside them.

What is black magic? Does hallucination have anything to do with it?

Can we have sex with our Qareen? And through it do it with others?

Can we have sex with Jinns but not at night, daytime without sleeping. Like actual sex, no wet dreams or anything? The type of sex the person responds to?

Can black magic affect visual memory? My friends visual memory is a bit off.

Thank you. Would mean A LOT if you could answer. This post isn't provocative, doesn't provide much info but I'll do so in the comment section after the ikhwa comment. Thanks!


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    Rather than being quick to attribute things to jinn and black magic, we should look at other possible explanations based in what we know and understand of the world. You may have heard of a principle called Occam's Razor - the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

    If your friend is experiencing perceptual disturbances (like feeling sensations associated with sex when not engaging in sexual acts), worrying about whether his mind can be read, and having difficulties with his memory, then one potential explanation would be that he could be experiencing mental health problems. These experiences can be symptoms of an illness - if this is the case, then he can seek medical treatment and inshaAllah recover.

    So, I would advise your friend to speak with his doctor and ask to be put in touch with a mental health specialist (a psychiatrist, a mental health nurse, etc.). If we have an infection or a broken bone, we'd go see a doctor, and looking after our mental health is the same - 1 in 4 people will have some difficulties with their mental health during their life, so it's not something to be ashamed or afraid of.

    Another possible cause could be a physical health problem. Some physical illnesses can cause unusual experiences (for example, exposure to some chemicals or an accumulation of toxins in the body due to difficulty in processing and getting rid of them). If your friend has taken drugs or "legal highs", that could also cause such experiences. Again, your friend's doctor should inshaAllah be able to help by putting him in contact with appropriate specialists who can provide treatment and help him recover. If he has seen a mental health specialist, they will often check for such things as part of their assessment.

    Your friend can also take some steps himself to help his mental and spiritual wellbeing. He should make sure he eats well (a healthy balanced diet, regular meals, halal ingredients), that he gets enough sleep (there are Prophetic hadith about how we should prepare for bed and which dua to say before sleep), that he isn't taking anything haram into his body or his life (drugs, alcohol, income from haram sources, exposure to haram activities, etc.). He should make sure he's praying as regularly as possible and engaging in regular remembrance of Allah. These are things we should all try to do.

    If your friend continues to have these experiences and they are not caused by a health problem, then he may wish to approach a reputable scholar through his local mosque or community centre.

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. Just you tube Diary of an exorcist! My friend this is not important because it's not going to help us get In paradise... Reading about this stuff and keep you so preoccupied and curious that you are notpraying reading quran and going mosque?So why go there.These SHAITANS are smart and dangerous they know your habits and desires OVIOUSLY but not ghoughts ..Allah is the only knower....and Controller of hearts...

  3. Brother I experienced similer symptoms, heard a voice in head similer to my own voice and bad nightmares , over the years I've got a lot better but the voice is still there. Best thing to do is read manzil Dua an Surat Yasin in morning and blow on self and drink, and manzil Dua and Surat mulk at night and blow on self and drink and try reading all your namazand after every farz namaz read alhamdo sharif and atatul Kursi and 4 kuls

  4. Assalamu Alaikum everyone,

    I had a question regarding black magic. It might sound silly so pardon my 15 year old curious mind. Well, we all know how people do black magic on others to either make them fall in love with them or maybe for marriage, wealth, jealousy etc. Like there's always some purpose with which people who perform witchcraft go ahead with the act.

    My question is, like you know how famous people have so many fans dying for them, like die hard fans literally giving their all. I was wondering if it was possible for people to perform black magic on some celebrity to make them notice fans? Like has anyone ever done anything like that or is it possible? Really shitty question, I know, but I'm so curious. Not like I'm gonna go ahead with the act or something.

    Like imagine you're this crazy korean pop fan living in Dubai, and there are these boy bands like BTS and all living in Korea. Would someone from some place far in the middle east be able to perform black magic on those boys to maybe notice fans on twitter or come to their country and stuff?

    Thank you so much!

  5. Jimin I know I’m three years late. But it’s possible and Allah knows best.

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