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Ramadan Mubarak 1437 AH (2016)!

Ramadan crescent moon

Ramadan Mubarak!

The month of Ramadan is upon us, by Allah's grace. It's a strange time right now. Everyone I know is still emotional over Muhammad Ali's death, may Allah have mercy on him.

It's not that it was entirely unexpected: he was elderly, and suffering from Parkinson's for decades. But there are people who are such towering historical figures that you almost expect them to always be there.

Muhammad Ali inspired an entire generation by standing up for what was right; he spoke out proudly as a Muslim, as an anti-war icon, and as a self-thinking black man at a time when that kind of strength was desperately needed.

But this is the nature of life. Everything and everyone ends, and in the ends are beginnings, though they may be hidden at first. In a purely chronological sense, Muhammad Ali's life ended, and - like a soothing balm or a consoling embrace - Ramadan begins. Is there a better time to pray for his soul? Is there a better time to be inspired by him? Is there a better time to stand up for what is right?

My daughter, who will be ten years old soon, will attempt to fast the entire day for the first time this Ramadan. The days are long and the weather is hot here in Fresno, California. Insha'Allah she will succeed.

Meanwhile, the suffering in other parts of the world continues unabated. I'm thinking particularly of Syria, where cities have been under siege for years, and populations are starving.

Every Ramadan I have a mission for myself, something I want to work on and change. My mission for this year is charity. Ramadan is a time of sacrifice, giving up what we desire for ourselves so that others can eat, be clothed and survive.

I want to ask you, brothers and sisters, to please donate generously to those for whom even a meal, or a roof over their heads, would be life-changing. Here are some organizations that assist Syrian refugees, Palestinians in crisis, people suffering from drought in East Africa, Haitians still homeless from the earthquake, and others.

Will you help them? Remember that when you give to Allah Most High, He gives back more to you. It's a guarantee, and I have seen it in action in my own life.

Global Giving Foundation

International Rescue Committee

Islamic Relief USA

Life for Relief and Development

American Refugee Committee International

Save the Children


Together we can make a difference, Insha'Allah.

Oh Allah, make this Ramadan a time of peace and faith and safety. O Allah, for You do we fast, and in your name we break our fast. All praise is due to You, who fed us, and gave us to drink, and made us Muslims. Purify us during this month, relieve us from our burdens. You are the Most Forgiving, so forgive us and and guide us forward. Ameen!

Wael Abdelgawad Editor
Fresno, California, USA

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  1. Ramadan Mubarak to all .May Allah help us in changing ourselves as good Muslims and continue the good ways even after ramzan .Allah has blessed us one more Ramadan and insha Allah we should do maximum good deeds..yes we need to help those who are in bad condition insha allah

  2. Ramadan mubarak 🙂
    Thank you and jazak Allah khair for such a wonderful reminder on charity. I will in shaa Allah try my utmost to help.

    Sr. ME

  3. Ramadan Kareem! I would also add that giving to others is not only for the wealthy and can be very effective on a small scale as well. For misguided reasons that I won't get into here, I once found myself living in a new country where the weather was freezing cold and I did not own any warm socks. The result was that I spent a long time (months) feeling very, very uncomfortable and cold. There were people who could help me, but I did not wish to burden them (or admit that I had been dumb enough not to pack any decent socks). I was constantly thinking of the cold and wondering how to solve the problem. My only wish at that time was to have a pair of socks that could keep me warm. One day, a friend noticed the problem I was having and literally gave me the socks off her feet. What made this especially meaningful and significant was that my friend only had three pairs of socks of her own and would have considered it a luxury to own more. The ones she gave me were somewhat thin by my (previous) standards, but they were woolen and made a world of difference in my life. I could at least walk on the cold tiled floor. Little things like a lack of socks can make a person's life strange and difficult. So, my advice is to observe the people around you. Are they lacking something simple yet essential? Maybe you could provide it to them. Things like soap, shampoo, diapers, and other hygiene products are often expensive for people on a budget so don't just think in terms of food as we often do in Ramadan.

    • "giving to others is not only for the wealthy and can be very effective on a small scale as well."

      Very good point! And I would love to hear more about the misguided visit to the cold country, lol.

      Wael Editor

  4. As Salam O Alaikum

    MAH -e- RAMADAN mubaraq to you Mr. Abdelgawad and everyone.

    Subhan ALLAH.. a very good initiative for this Ramadan. May ALLAH (swt) always bless you with immense happiness & joys of the world. Ameen Sum Ameen !

    Lots of Love, blessings and best of bestest wishes to your angel Masha ALLAH.

    I will certainly do some thing on my behalf towards our UMMAH in need. Insha ALLAH.

    Wa Salam !

  5. Happy Ramadan Mubarik , May you blessed and perform alot of prayers , Remember me in your prayers

  6. Asalam o Alaikum,

    Can anyone help me finding any link or pdf of Quran with meanings i mean with interpretation of Surahs?


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