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Rejected proposals

Salaam, im struggling, basically a boy came to see me for marriage a few months ago, he then rejected me, a similar situation occurred a month after and i was rejected again, this has had a major effect on my self-esteem, i feel down and depressed, i feel i'll never get married, what duas do i pray to ease my situation, i made a mistake with my 1st proposal i asked him questions that hurt his ego, he rejected me saying im too tall, this has been my biggest regret throughout my life. Please help!
jazza khalla


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  1. Assalamu alaikum sister be patient for your naseeb because if you get the wrong guy you will regret it. If there is something about you such as being tall then perhaps sort some of these things out before you give any guy an invite so that way you can save yourself being found to be incompatible on such grounds. Salam

  2. Peace be with you, Sister
    Do not sorrow, for two rejections are not very much. Do you think every second randomly paired man and woman fit together? It can take many, many tries until one finds a good match. Maybe the men who went to see you have already seen half a dozen other girls, and were unsuccessful. If two People do not fit together, it better turns out before a marriage.

  3. If those 2 guys rejected you then it's the best for you. You want someone who truly wants you and not base you in your height. Don't take every prospects as a failure. You have to go through some tests of meeting quiet a few will learn about yourself, have better idea of what you really want in a guy and who deserves you. These guys are not worth it and worth your tears. They don't care about girls feelings (not saying ALL guys).

  4. Salaams

    Rejections are a big pin (yes I wrote pin and not pain) in the backhole and it's not just for marriage but for everything else too. However though they are a means for us to become stronger and better people, trusting in Allah and praying to Him alot more in those times than in other times. Never lose hope sister for Allah is with you and will bring into your life a pious man, with whom you shall forever be happy Insha Allah. All you gotta do is keep trying to look for a guy and keep up with your Islamic duties.

  5. Assalamualaikum my dear, don't be sad for this situation. Allah, is preparing a good guy for u in future and u should keep hoping and pray to Allah. Don't feel give up. Prepare urself to be better muslimah. Remember a good man is for good woman. Use all time u have to fix urself to become good from day to day. Stay positive. Try to do tahajud prayer, hajat prayer, gradually. Beg to Allah. Tell every wish to Allah. Ask Him, to make ur wish become true. Be patient, I know ur feeling my dear because I have face almost similar situation with u now. But, I keep believe and told myself oneday I will meet my future husband oneday. I keep pray to Allah, when I wake up one quater night I perform tahujud and hajat prayer. I ask and beg to Allah, because only Him know the best for us.

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