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Relationship between wife and her mother

My wife mother got married by her self after the death of her first husband , my wife loves her mother and wanted her to move with her but she preferred to get married, during the cermonoy no one attended the marriage ( as she is the only child ). After marrige my wife mother is forcing her to meet the new husband, she does not accept him as father or a person in relationship with her mother and have ask her mother she can visit her , can meet with children but no one from my wife immediate family ( herself , children and my self ) will meet her new husband.

Things are that serious both mother and daughter always have a huge fight on the subject. Her mother thinks she has not done anything wrong , its her choice and as per islamic laws , my wife says her mother can't force her to be in relationship with some one. Her mother got married all by her self.


please advise who is right and who is wrong, is this ok my wife and children should not meet my wife mother new husband, if yes what we should told under islamic laws to wife mother we don't want to meet her new husband but she is always welcome.


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  1. salam
    in islam allah will ask the mother do u want ur child to go heaven or hell if ur wife can't even visit ur mother n be happy for her what makes u think ur mother in law is going 2 say 2 allah on the day of judgement? yes she's found a new lover but what does ur wife expect her 2 do 2 move in and interfere with ur life wen she can have her own one. to answer your question its not right that ur wife is refusing 2 see the new husband its disrespectful she should at least give him a try nothing to fancy bust just to say hi n see what he's like if a good vibe is set of she should then take her kids the next time n u as her husband and u all visit them. at the end of the day you should always make ur mother feel happy as she carried u in her belly 4 9months...etc... but it dosent look like ur wife is giving her the chance to be happy. i know how she feels as if her mum is trying to replace her dads spot but its nothing like that its just another chance for ur mum to be happy and ur wife should support her with that regardless of her feelings towards the new husband.

  2. Brother, is your wife's mother’s husband a bad person? Have you heard anything/investigated that might suggest that this man is not to be trusted? If no, then I think you must try to explain to your wife gently that her mother has done no wrong. Infact, in my opinion, it is a smart choice.
    Your wife is going through grief and unable to give this new person her father's
    place. This is understandable. Don't take sides. Just give both mother and daughter space and ask them both to cool off.
    You can help your wife by telling her that she doesn't have to give this new man her father's place. She can form a new and different relationship with him as a newer part of the family when she is ready. Don't rush things on either side.

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