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Can I be friends with her?

AsSalamualaykum Warah matullahi wa barakatahu,

I have a question regarding friends.  I myself am trying to be very religious and I want to stay very firm on my deen. My question has to do with keeping the company of the righteous. I try to be nice to all people and do not want to judge anyone because I have no merit to judge, that belongs to Allah (swt). Recently at Uni I met a new friend who happens to be muslim but is struggling with practicing. Ever since I have gotten to know her she is very kind and wants to change, I give her advice and tips. She is trying, Masha'Allah but I know it will take time. I told her that I am learning Quran and just a few days later she also enrolled herself in Quran classes without me telling her to do so. I want to be her friend because I want to bring her close to Allah (swt). Ultimately Allah chooses who will be guided but she said it is easier for her to do these things when she has reminders from others or when she is with people who do the same. I know the Prophet (saw) said that “A person is on the religion of his companions. Therefore let every one of you carefully consider the company he keeps.” The only thing is, since there are still things she does that are not good like listening to music or using bad language etc.  Is it alright for me to be friends with her? I want to take her to the masjid with me, Insha'Allah. And she did say she wants to go there as well. A lot of times people who become better Muslims or convert to Islam do so because of a positive influence/muslim friend/coworker or someone in their life. By the way we are both girls so I know from that perspective it is okay but I mean in regards to keeping righteous friends. Also if she invites me to her house for a family/friend get together is it okay for me to go to it?

Jazak'Allahu Khairan for reading and taking time to respond.

Your help is much appreciated.

the seeker

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  1. Slms the seeker, alhamdulilah you are such a good person. YOUR good influence brought another sister more closer into the deen. She aspires to be like you so continue to guide her while enriching your path. The more you are around , the less music and bad words she will use. You never know, you could be the one that not only brings her closer to Allah but maybe her friends and family too? If she wants to take you to a place that you know isn't good, , then take her somewhere else. May Allah reward you.

  2. Assalamo walikum sister
    Be always positive in order to help her better. Even if she do listen to music now, don't force her to stop that habit. Just continue to guide her into Islam and just lecture her nicely time to time for her to see cleanly and stop on her own. You can't force anyone to do anything just because you want her to change. It will take time, that is one thing great about Islam, ppl sees the bueati if they see it on their own, of course with little guidence doesn't hurt. If she continue to hang out with you and she doesn't hear bad words from you or anyone she hang with, she will come around. Of course encourage her and tell her that it's haram and Allah hates bad words.
    About going to her house you can, but make sure the environment of her family is positive and they don't discourage about Islam. If you think going to her house and meeting her family might cause problems due to how they follow Islam then don't go. Tell your friend nicely and I am sure she will understand.

    Stay positive and be guidance to other to see Islam and it bueati. You can also help other friends that are non-muslim. Don't just think about your Muslim brothers and sisters but also other brothers and sisters outside of islam.

    Take care! 🙂

  3. Stay away .This is how shaitan works slow and can give her advice but be very not make plans to go out or hangout until she is quit these bad habits. .music and quran do not are cursing yourself unknowingly . remember you are a friend of help n advice ..and a reminder!!!!! You must tell her that this is very dangerous in is such a dangerous tool that is played everywhere..and it has very deep phycological effect. is the evil to marijuana sex crime bad speech etc...... music has its purpose..

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