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Can I relax my clothing when I am home alone?

I need help..
Some good genuine Islamic advice.

I'm a married woman and me and my hubby live at an apartment all alone. I pretty much stay at home all day long and do chores and all.

The point is, since at home there's only my hubby and me, is it allowed Islamically for me to relax on my clothing, like can I roam around in lingerie because there's only my hubby and me so theres no point in covering myself.

When I go out I'm full hijabi and when I pray or read I'm fully covered..(that's compulsory) and all...

So up to what extent am I right??

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  1. To the best of my knowledge as long as it's you or your husband it's permitted. In fact, it may even give you reward as its beautifying yourself for your husband. That is provided no one can see you (it's a closed room) So take care of things like windows etc.
    Also I am not sure of this but it may be a good idea to keep your Qur'an covered out of respect. Someone please correct me if I am wrong and this isnt an issue.

    Sara Editor

    • Allah can take your life at any time any moment so it is better to be reasonably modest at home!

      • That's a bit ridiculous considering the soul is not physically naked. There is no sin associated with the fact that she is revealing her body to her husband only and that by doing so, may please him. This pleasure would be considered as halal and strengthening the marriage which is even more so.

        In fact, she can walk in her home in any state of undress that her husband and she find pleasing, as long as they are not exposed to the outside world and avoid facing qiblah in complete nakedness and/or while copulating.

  2. no you shouldn't but you can open your hijab in the house!

  3. Asalaam alaikum,

    Around mahrams, you should be able to relax your dress to a certain extent. Of course, keep the lingerie for the husband only. The only caveat I am aware of is to not face qiblah in a state of copulation or undress out of Islamic precaution.

  4. Salam sister az,

    To add to what respected members have said so far, iA once you have kids and reachs certain age, say 4+ then dress a bit more than underneath clothes.


  5. It goes without saying, if anyone else is in the house, the dress must cover. Including kids, relatives etc. The sister did say its just her and her husband though. Hijab is not required in front of mahram but a woman should not wear anything tight or revealing in front of them. Loose modest clothing and long tops. Also should avoid such immodest attire in front of the kids. So wear proper clothes then too.

    Another thing sisters are slack about is their covering with other sister friends or female relatives. The awrah is between the waist (navel) and the knees. This part of the body should only be seen by her husband. So dressing provacatively in front of women is also not good. Cover up so fairly decent.

    But if it's just her and her husband alone and no one can see in the house - then yes she can and she should dress provactively. I find it really sad to hear sisters saying you shouldn't etc. Sisters our husbands and our men are faced with beautiful women each day. Women who dress provactively and don't cover at all. It is difficult for Muslim men in the west. Help your husband, spouses are supposed to shield each other. Look beautiful for him so he doesnt feel the need to look at others (of course it's not justified though). Make it so that your husband lusts after you and not the woman with the short skirt from work.

    And most importantly just like it's reward to have relations with your husband, its reward to beautify yourself for him. A good Muslim wife should have the most haya in public but the least with her husband.

    Sara Editor

  6. Salam Alikom

    It is you and your husband and you are for each other to enjoy and be enjoyed, just make sure your windows shades are down so no one else can see you. May Allah bless you and keep you happy and joyfull.

  7. AA;

    In Islam, Everything is Halah (Permitted) unless otherwise specified. In other words, Islam did not say: Water is ok to drink, juice is ok to drink, etc etc. It said: Do not drink liquor (Khamr). Islam did not mention every food you can eat, but it did list what you can NOT eat. And from what I know, there is nothing about not dressing up/down with what you mentioned for your husband when you two are alone (No kids, no other people, make sure windows are covered). I did hear though (and I did not verify, so maybe someone can confirm or correct me) that a man should not be looking at his own naked reflection in the mirror.

    Otherwise, you two can enjoy each other as you wish as long as you are not doing any of the prohibited action specified by Islam. And it is good that you like to do such things to your husband. Many women are so used to being covered up, they think they should not do otherwise. Actually, some men do too. But the fact is: You two are for each other to be together during all times including fun and desire. So go at it 🙂

    May ALLAH guide us, grant us patience, and shower us with his mercy.

    If I am correct, it is from ALLAH. If I err it is from me, and I pray ALLAH forgives me.


  8. a woman can strip completely for her husband unles anyone other sees her

  9. do whatever you want to do sister its your life.. god created humans and it is humans who created we all are always naked for issues.

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