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Remarriage of a divorced women in Islam

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I'm a 39 yrs old indian divorce female with a kid of 9 years..For past 10  years I'm a divorce. ..Now I want to marry a Pakistani person as we like each other but my father and brothers don't want me to get married. .They are not telling me the reason of not getting married. ..As I  lost my mother 4 months back..she was the only support for me...I live in uae....

I'm on my father's visa...Please can you help me to know how I can marry that man without the consent of my father as someone told me that without consent of father I can't marry...I want to know the law in the light of Islam. ..

Please help me in this matter. .Pls reply me as soon as possible...I'm completely lonely and really wish to hear good news from you..


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  1. Dear sister,

    I would strongly advice you don't marry this man if your father doesn't want. My own sister went against her family and it broke my parents heart besides her reputation in society. To this day she lives in guilt and wishes she would of saw the reasoning behind why my parents didn't want her to marry the love of her life. I don't know if this man is a good man I'm not to judge only Allah knows, but all I am saying is maybe there's a reason why your family doesn't want. Think of it this was since now you have a child would you want your child to marry without your blessing behind your back, don't get caught up in the love phase sometimes it's lust and it fades then you see the truth. There could be a good reason why your family not into it, and think of your own child doing what you are thinking of doing to your father. I know parents can be difficult but my dear sister always look at through a third person perspective than you really see the situation differently. Good luck to you inshallah Allah will guide you.

    Brother Isaac

  2. As salam O Alaikum Sister

    Your Father & your brother doesnt want you to get married to this Pakistani Brother or in general they dont want only you to get married ever ?

    If your Father and brother dont want you to marry by your choice what is the reason ? Why arent they giving you a valid reason ? Is it that they think that your job is just to make food and feed them since your mom is Mehroom ? Or if any other reason you must take them into confidence and ask them in a very polite way making them realize the future of your 9 year Old kid.

    Your previous marriage was an arranged one or love marriage ?

    Please do answer.

    Wa Salam

  3. Islamically, from what I know, I think divorced or widowed women don't need a wali or someone to give consent for the marriage.

    This post is a little vague.

    I know sometimes Indians don't really much care for Pakistanis, and sometimes culturally Indians don't like for their women to divorce or remarry.

    @issac - it's not the same. She's not like a 20 year old girl who never married, no experience, and is going against her father. She's a matron. Previously married, almost to the age of menopause, with a child who is already pubescent. I'm sure she has some sound of mind to make the decision herself.

  4. Don't get married you should put your child first nothing else remarrying with someone elses child is never easy don't put your child through that. Do your duties towards your parents and child family should come first than any man or woman.

  5. Your mature an old enough to do what is right in Islamically.A women such as yourself don't need anyone to stop you to get married be a use that is half of Iman and we all need companionship. Unless he knows something about that person .that is uderstandable but the fact is this for your kid and yourself and every boy needs a father figure.I have one question does he pray 5 times a day and try to make salah at mosque??Does he read quran daily because without this regardless of how smart he is or strong or wealthy.If he doesn't obey the commandments of Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH then this person will live a tough life.Allah will this persons life full of problems.So I ask you again don't be deceived by the devil that makes it seem and look good from the outside!!!The last thing you want is an abusive I'll treated paki

  6. Sister,

    No worry Islam is the religious which has solution for everything. You need not stay unmarried if you like that person from Pakistan. If you could mention your maz'hab, Insha Allah I will tell the procedure out of little islamic knowledge Allah given to me. I am also an Indian student of islamic knowledge.

    Generally, India has 2 maz'hab in vast. Shafi and Hanafi. If you could tell us, Insha Allah we shall reply you with a better choice.

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