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Is Riba from Kafir State Halal?

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Riba in Islam

One of my friend who is a canadian return and quite a learned person; is in favor of gaining interest and actually enjoying RIBA owned money. He belongs to barelvi school of thought but I think this issue is most common with all Firqhas.

I and other friends have tried best to convince him in the light of Quran from Surah Al-Bakara 275 to 279 and Surah Nisa 160 and Surah Al Imran 130. He is only convinced with a hadith which I have tried to found but couldn't get hold on it from any reference.

According to him; Iman Abu Hanifa have allowed gaining and loosing Riba in the state where no Islamic Sharia is placed. Up to some extent I also believe that it must be allowed in the Kaafir state. BUT he says that Islamic sharia is not in placed in Pakistan and therefore it is allowed to have this in our Islamic State too.

The factor I am worried about is that there's a more severe punishment not for the one who commit sin but the one who do not consider sin as sin and much more who takes this sin as allowed and enjoys it.

Kindly help me in getting the above riwayat from Imam Abu Hanifa as there must be some conditional scenario in fact. Donkey meat is also allowed to eat but conditions apply if a serious chance of losing life exist between.

You are also requested to let me have a link or any reference so that i could also go through the particular reference.

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Muhammad Muneer.

Wael's Response:

Brother Muhammad Muneer, As-salamu alaykum,

I have never heard that ribaa is allowed under such circumstances. The one who claims that it is should bring a textual proof.

In any case, we do not answer such questions here. We only provide common sense advice on marriage and family issues. We are not muftis or scholars and cannot give rulings on subjects like this. You should consult a scholar on this matter.

Therefore I have closed this post to comments.

Wael Editor

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