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Running away from home.

I  am a muslim girl but not so obedient to Islamic laws, I watch movies, hangout with male friends but with due distance and with dignity and  I don't have boyfriend. somehow I found myself as the normal muslim girls around me and yeah I found maybe I am quite better than them(sorry I have no right to claim this). life goes on. my parents divorced but due to some reasons my mother and father stays in same house but in different rooms and being daughter I have to help both of them in there livings and I do it, but as per the surrounding I never find peace happiness, I went into deep depression , during that I adopted few bad habits and anger and smoke was on top.  I still smoke. because I find peace for few minutes. now come to the point where I am living I will say I am in hell with parents. my father is so strict he find few messages of mine which I had sent to my female friend ,yeah the language of message was not good, I get scolded and he said you lost my trust and stay away from eyes. this is not enough I always find myself in helpless situations. the divorced had happened 1 year ago, during this time I had lost my identity , self respect, my will to live and to sustain in this prevailing environment, many times i decide to sink the ship of my life but something stopped me finally I want to ran away from home. please show the right path. answer  my question as soon as possible.


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  1. Don't ran away, it's not the solution. Contact for further , I will help you inshallah ******

    • Fawad, do not post your private contact info, as we do not allow it, and it is not helpful. We don't know you. For all we know, you might be looking to take advantage of this person in some way. I'm not saying that's the case, but you are a complete stranger. How can you expect a vulnerable person to contact you privately?

      It's more helpful to post links to resources such a person can turn to, or to give constructive advice.

      Wael Editor

  2. as salaamu alaykum sis dilkill

    Life with parents is difficult at times. Still you Owe them your daughterly Love and Great Respect. Especially your mother, and you must never disobey them, except in the unlikely situation that they would demand Unislamic actions from you. This is a trial for you and no doubt part of Allaah's SWT plan for you (Qadr). Bear it with patience and you will earn the love of Him that created you and gave you your life!

  3. If you can answer these questions and please do your research to the best that you are satisfied .You will conclude that this life is very short and every body has an invisible clock on them. Also the angels record every thing .?Was prophet Muhammed the seal of all prophets and messenger of Allah sent to help mankind...What did prophet muhammad say about the must look at the recorded sayings which are in depth...from the great scholors of hadiths.what will take place in the grave and on the day of judgement. Who was the Christian monk that embarked on a ship that came to a mysterious island which met a hairy beast . Who is dajjal what did he say about the prophet Muhammed .

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