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Saw someone else in Istekhara

English Translation of the Dua for Istikhaarah

Dua for Istikhaarah

I hope my post find the people in good health.
To write it short. I am girl and alot of proposals are coming for me lately. For one of the proposal I did istekhara to find out if it is good or not. I did istekhara but saw someone else in the dream. That person was smiling at me and was gone after some while then i was going on a path and reached a point there were 2 houses and was dead end of the path and there was a sea and i returned back.

Please respond me asap. I have very very less time. Please
JazakAllah. Thanks


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  1. I think it clearly means that the person u saw in dream is not the one u did istikhara wait for the smiling man..and dead end means this proposal has no future ahead for u..Allah knows the best.

  2. I like someone and he doesnot know . I wish Allah can make him n his family to bring proposal for me. I just did istekhara started praying that. In dream , I saw him smiling sitting on cycle outdoors. Dream was brief n I don’t remember other details . Please advise

    • Shaysyeda, please do not use your email as your username when commenting (I changed it for you). Allah will not "make" him or his family bring a proposal. Talk to your parents and ask them to talk to his parents. If you can't do that, then perhaps you can talk to someone who knows him (his sister, etc) and tell them your feelings, so that he can bring a proposal to your family.

      Wael Editor

  3. My father did an istikhara for me for a proposal. But he saw my uncle and cousin in his dream. This happened two or three times. after a few days my uncle sent a proposal aswell but my cousin doesnot want to get married. Should we wait for him to say yes or move on?

  4. Im engaged few months back and I'm getting married in a month.
    But recently from some days I'm not feeling good about it. I'm unhappy about marrying. I did istikhara and I saw a dream where someone else my dad know is asking me to get married to his son. And I'm happily agreeing saying yes I will. But he is not the one I'm getting married with. And after sometime I again saw a dream where a tallest man with wierd and scary face is behind me and I'm trying to escape from him. What does this mean. Please reply asap. I have less time for my marraige left.

    • Ribiya, the dreams are not important. Istikhara is not based on dreams. If you prayed istikhara and you still feel unhappy and uneasy about this marriage, that is your answer. Cancel it.

      Wael editor

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