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Scared of having no faith in Allah

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am writing this in Ramadan, so if this gets posted during this time then I want to say "Ramadan Mubarak" but if it gets posted after or during Eid I want to say "Eid Mubarak"! This time what I am about to write is not about relationships but it is about something that has been haunting me for a very long time.

I don't know if anyone is going through this, but I hope the comments that I get might help someone else going through the same situation as I am. I am very, very scared. I feel like I have no faith in Allah. I feel like I am just a Muslim by name even though I have done a lot of research on Islam and I have believed in it a while before I felt like I don't believe in Allah. I know that I have a Creator, but it is so hard for me to grasp how powerful He is. I know that He has brought messengers to this earth and our prophet (SAW) is one of them but I feel like I have no love for the prophet (SAW) like everyone else does.

I feel so lost, I am so scared. I don't want to burn in Hellfire forever, I want a chance in getting to Jannah. I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this because I desperately want to believe, but it feels like there is no faith in my heart. I want to choose Islam as my religion because this religion is the only one that seems logically correct, but I am scared that I will never have the faith. What if every time I say the shahadah it is just hollow and empty without the belief, and what will happen to me after I die? What if I get sent to hellfire for not believing in Allah and His messenger correctly?

Is there any hope for me :'( I don't want ANYTHING in this world, I just want real true Iman. It is so hard for me to pray because I don't feel anything when I do. It is so hard for me to see reverts in Islam because I want to feel how they feel, I want to have what they have, the bliss of true Iman but I don't have it and I am scared that I may never get it and that what if I am one of those people who Allah have put a seal to the heart?  :'(

I don't want to let go of Islam, I don't want to let go of Allah, He is all I have and I want to believe in him with all of my heart. I don't understand why it is not happening. I feel so depressed. I want to love Allah, and maybe I do love Him, but I am always scared that it is not enough. This is the only thing I want, I want to love Him and I want Him to love me and I want chance to get into His Jannah.

I don't want anything else I just want to believe and feel like a true Muslim. Please brothers and sisters, please help me and please give dua to Allah to make me in to a true Muslim. Please, I want to have the love that you all have for Him, I want to have real true love for Allah, real true faith and I want to be truly obedient to Him. Please give dua for me, people take their faith for granted when there are people out there like me who want to believe but faith doesn't come so easily :'( What will happen to me? :'( Why am I so lost :'( it seems like even the people who do sins have faith, but why doesn't the faith come to me? Or maybe I do have faith but I think I don't?

This is severely depressing me. Ya Allah, please give me and those who are going through the same thing real faith that was given to the Sahabas and those who already truly believe, ameen.

What do I do? :'(  Does true faith just come effortlessly, or are there certain things I should do to achieve it? I wish I have just a little bit of it in my heart. Please help :'( . Will just choosing to believe in Allah and His messengers be enough without having the faith in the heart? I am scared of death and scared to die because I think if I do die then I will die in disbelief and will go to hell.


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  1. Assalamu alaykum brother,
    I think that you do have faith in Allah swt , because if you didnt you wouldnt be writing this and you wouldnt be worried about it so much!!! So dont worry you do have iman!! Even if its not strong but its definitely there! I think this is the shaitan who tries to make you think you do not love Allah swt and you cant reach Jannah! do not listen to his whisperer. Do always trust in Allah and in His mercy as He swt doesnt want you to go to jahanam He swt wants you to go to Jannah. we all go through phases where we find our iman to be weak, this is normal because your iman wont be all the time the same but the point is to always struggle to get close to Allah and never give up on His mercy. You always have to try your best to make your iman stronger and inshAllah it will work.

    If you do not pray you need to start praying. This is the most important thing if you want to become closer to your Creator. Start praying your five daily prayers on time and soon you will see your iman will become strong inshAllah.Do a lot of Dua and ask Allah swt to forgive your sins and to make your iman stronger.....Dua is so important if you want to become closer to Allah swt , you need to make a lot of dua and trust me Allah swt always answers your duas. You can bild a relationship with Allah through dua! There is no guidance without dua.Also do a lot of zikr. Always remember Allah swt. Learn the last 3 Surahs of Quran by heart and also ayatul kursi. Read after each prayer ayatul kursi and also before going to sleep! If you do not feel anything whilst you are praying dont worry, just make dua after each prayer and ask Allah with sincerity to help you to improve your prayers. Imagine Allah is watching you and talk to Him as He is listening to you. i cant emphasize enough how important prayer is. You will be lost without it!!

    Also listen to Quran recitation. Surah Yasin (shaikh mishary rashid al afasy) on youtube, with the english translation,it is soooo AMAZING!!! Everytime you feel your iman is low listen to it with the english translation,it helps! This website was so helpfull to me: you can learn surah yasin, ayatul kursi and few other surahs there with the english translation!!Trust me it is not hard to learn it by heart if you really want to!!even if you dont speak arabic!!! Ask Allah to make it easy for you and trust me you will be amazed how soon you will learn it by heart, if i did everyone can lol

    Stay away from haraam and start hanging with practicing muslim brothers, if you want to improve your iman you need good company! You dont need to do all of the things i mentioned at the same time!!! Start with your prayers first, this is the first and the most important step! if you really want to become closer to Allah swt you need to establish your prayers!! You could also read some islamic books or books about the last prophet Muhammad sws, "Muhammad: His Life Based on The Earliest Sources" (Martin Lings) or Reclaim your heart (Yasmin Mogahed) love her book mashAllah. Or even listen to brother Nourman ali khan on youtube or .Hope it helps!

  2. Assalamoallaikum,

    Shaitan has a free force in this world. Your concern is not new as it has plagued so many people. Ahamdulillah, the way you feel remorseful is an indication in itself that you want to change yourself for the better. Make due by repenting your past mistakes with tears in your eyes and all will be fine Inshallah.

    • Hmm sister. It sounds like exactly what I'm dealing with. Do you have any issues with anxiety / depression, or self esteem problems? It is a huge problem that I'm suffering with. Too much paranoia of being punished. It's not even real fear of Allah and taqwa. NO real heart trembling fear that is beautiful and moves you to love Allah and approach him, instead of running away from him.

      Paranoia of Allah / Scrupulosity, all anxiety related nonsense that cripples you.

      Please join my community:
      I seek to have a solid support system for those suffering with anxiety issues from a muslim perspective. I look forward to seeing you over there.

  3. Assalaamualaikam

    My experience has been that everybody goes through periods where their faith is strong and periods where it is shaken, but that nobody really likes to talk about it. My advice would be to try gentle ways to reconnect with your love of Islam; for example-
    - make sure you keep up with your prayers,
    - listen to Islamic lectures,
    - try to read something Islamic every day - a few ayahs of the Quran, a few Hadiths, literature about the life of The Prophet (peace be upon him), history, academic studies of Islamic jurisprudence...
    - join a class or course to study Islam
    - if you listen to music, try replacing it with nasheeds or Islamically-inspired songs (remember to keep it halal!)
    - walk outside in a park or the countryside, and actually look at the beauty of the world around you, and say Alhamdulillah
    - try to do something to help other people - voluntary work, helping homeless people, donating money or old possessions to charity, helping an elderly or unwell neighbour
    - try to keep in touch with people who you know are a good influence on your deen

    May Allah help you and us all grow in our faith and love for Him every day.

    Midnightmoon editor

  4. Dear sweet sister, the reason that you don't feel Allah in your heart is because your heart is broken 🙁 your heart feels numb rt now.but I guarantee that you have Allah in your heart you just can't feel it right now.takes the heart time to heal and it wasn't long ago that this trama happened.your not giving yourself time to heal,depression,and anxiety can cloud your ability to think clearly.don't let your mind go idle,keep your thoughts active,cause when you let your mind wonder it will just keep playing the same thoughts over and over again like a broken record,and that can make anyone have a breakdown, take control of your thoughts,you have the power over your thoughts ,don't let them control you,whenever you have a negative thought in your head,like you were not as good as she is,or that you will never find someone as good as him,get rid of the thought as soon as it enters your mind,counter act the thought with,Allah saved me from him,even if you don't believe it now,sister it is the truth,and have faith Allah will bring you your true husband better than him,and personally I don't think he is so great,think about it,he must have known all along in his heart that he was not going to marry you,and was only going to marry someone from his own culture,stringing you along this whole time,leaving you heartbroken and devastated!!! I think that you are too good for him,you are genuine,true and honest.may Allah heal your broken heart ,give you strength and courage,and faith to carry on,and also give you a wonderful loving husband that deserves you!!! Be careful with your heart,it's a fragile thing.

  5. Dear Brother/Sister (?)-Starclusters


    First of all, please be at peace knowing that there are hundred of Muslims both men as well as women, who have , had or are feeling this way. I am one of them; my situation is somewhat similar to you. Therefore, I can understand what you feeling and how painful and frustrating it is all. Trust me, I do understand. Even I have posted a similar question which is yet to be published but I am thankful to you for having this posted, so I may also be guided by fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters. Simultaneously please bear with me as my response is going to be lengthy.

    You know it’s like I am having this motto in my mind all the time– I WAS BORN AS A MUSLIM BUT I WANT TO BECOME A MUSLIM.

    I must brief you about me. I have been curious & hyper sensitive by nature since childhood and that’s why at a very young age, I started having questions and queries in my mind about Islam . for instance, why Allah (swt) made us, why we offer Saleh, why some people worship other God(So called) etc. when I tried to put up those questions to my parents/siblings/muslim friends/ I was shunned. My queries and questions remained unanswered. I must mention here that I was born and brought up in non Islamic atmosphere - belong to a family wherein we had no formal Islamic teaching nor had any religious atmosphere as such. Today I have realized that my unanswered queries and questions have affected my personality as Muslim quite a lot.

    During my teenage, I tried to learn about Islam through internet but it confused me more in one way or another. Most of time, I was unable to understand the stuff being too young at that time. I used to have queries one upon another but not all were answered by internet. I had wanted to have someone who could teach me about Islam and answer my queries/queries in person but unfortunately I had got no one.
    I tried to practice seeing other Muslims around but I felt dejected and disdained when I found those Muslim who on one side were religious offering all five times prayers and doing dhikr but were doing or involved in Haram things in one way or other. On top of this, whatever little efforts I had made to turn to Islam were not encouraged by my family especially my mother as such. I had wanted to wear hijab but my mother rejected my idea of it.

    Simultaneously what happened was that when I started offering my saleh or learning about islam through internet, I started having negative or evil thoughts about Islam and God (Astaghfirruah). They used to be so evil that I could not bring them on my lips. I felt so depressed and guilty and in hope of getting some help (since I had no hoped from home) so I consulted some scholar online. But in turn, by just some preaching words, he actually scared me further and increased my guilt. I felt so scared that I left using internet for learning Islam. The guilt was so high that I could not dare to tell anybody around. Soon I got away from my prayers and forgot about Islam as such, with this, those evil thought went away (though) temporary (I realized this today after years).

    Simultaneously certain things happened in my family due to which I went far from them we well as from my deen and I got into a haram relationship with a non muslim man. When I realized that I was doing a sin then I took myself out from the relationship and feeling guilt over not practicing Islam(for many years) and for doing a grave sin (haram relationship) Since then, I rushed to improve myself as Muslim and trying to offer my saleh regularly , this was my first Ramadan that I offered all my five times prayers (including nafl prayers like Chasht) without miss and kept all Rozas. But since then, those evil thoughts and whispers are back to me as well. Being heart broken, I felt complaining to Allah (swt) that why he turned my life this way, why he didn’t guide me, why he prohibits suicide etc. I am really having a tough time fighting with those Shaitani thoughts and whispers.

    To give some exmples, sometimes i feel that i am no longer a Muslim, I fear to meet non muslims fearing that i might not become as they are. If i read on internet like a question that someone is willing to convert from Islam to Christirainity , my hearbeat go faster and i feel scared of this. İ afraid of having this idea within. You know i keep on reciitng Shahada many times a day to save myself but the guilt reamains as it is. İ often hear a whisper which tells that you say bad for your relgion and even God, you are no longer a Muslim. Sometimes, i get a thought within that i am turning to Allah (Swt) when i committed grave sin, how hypocriet i am and Allah will never forgive me. When i think of reciting holy quran, i get thoguhts like its a man’s written book, no use of reciting this (Astaghfirruah).., i feel guilt when i see peple loving Allah (Swt) i feel i am not like them, i curse myself for not being like them...blah blah etc (some of which i cant even put here) Astaghfirrullah

    I have been struggling at my own and have researched about this aspect from possible mediums – Internet, TV, People around. So I am going to advice based on that & my personal experiences till date.

    Whatever you going through ( like I am), the reasons could be as follows :-
    1. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of Islam
    2. You are pushing yourself towards Islamic duties likes offering saleh etc out of fear of hell and you yet don’t feel like to do it out of love for Allah (Swt)
    3. When you decided to be on right path, its now Shaytan who is trying to mislead you
    4. If you are heart broken (this becomes a psychological reasons)
    5. If you are neglected by your family in any way. (this becomes a psychological reasons)
    6. If you have been affected seeing some Muslims doing haram things or opposite the teaching of Islam in disguise of true Muslim or in the name of Islam (like some Terrorists) (this becomes a psychological reasons)
    7. If you have had any prolong medical problem/illness. (this becomes a psychological reasons)
    This is what atleast I have felt is applicable in my case. May be in your too.

    You must know that so far I have learnt that this is completely normal, its mostly Shaytan who causes these doubts and evil thoughts in our mind and heart. So you can have some peace knowing this.

    İ read on internet that from time to time, we hear similar whispers which are caused by feelings that are out of will such as curiosity and fear. Since it is really difficult to control these feelings, they sometimes cause involuntary thoughts that our mind and heart do certainly not approve of. At this point, Satan interferes and tries to make man think that these thoughts have damaged his faith and that he has nearly lost his faith. People who are especially apprehensive and sensitive (like me) may fall into Satan’s trap, and although they still have faith in their heart, they think that they have lost it.

    İ thought to consult some psychiratirst but i havnt for two reasons 1. There is no good MUSLIM psychtriast around me who can understand my problems in light of Islam 2. I am uncomfortable to open up my life with someone in person. Tharefore, I am left with the option of self help.

    Now the question is how to overcome feeling/thinking this way.

    The thing we should do is to listen to the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) recommendation and accept that the suffering in our heart is a proof of faith. Since we do not accept the misgiving with our heart and our mind, it is nothing more than a whisper of Satan, perhaps just a reflection of a whisper. Just as a snake’s reflection in the mirror cannot bite and the image of the fire does not burn; similarly the reflection of a whisper does not damage faith as long as it is not accepted by the heart and mind.

    Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said:
    “Verily Allah forgives my Ummah for the evil thoughts that occur in their hearts until they don’t say it verbally or act upon it”. (Sahih al-Bukhari & Sahih Muslim).

    Not to verbally say it: Such as; “Lately I feel Islam is not the right way” or “What if there are several Gods” etc, Naudhubillah, May God protect us and never allow us to have these thoughts from Shaytan!
    Not to act upon it: Such as missing prayers because of the thoughts, making a thought into a reality such as killing a person, beating your wife severely, raping, leaving Islam, etc!

    I had this question in my mind why people of other faith do not suffer this way. I got my answer as follows : What about the Christians, Hindus and Jews, why are they not suffering from this?
    It was once said “The people of the book claim that they do not get satanic whispers”
    The reply was “They are truthful (about their claim), what would Shaytan want to do in an empty house”

    So the point is our circumstances (external as well as internal) affects our faith from ood to bad, from high to low. And if we have poor knowledge about our religion then things become difficult. And if we pay too much attention to those negative thoughts/ideas/whispers, they double and affect us severely.
    Does it happen to you if you are not offering saleh or keep busy yourself in worldly things like watching Tv etc, those evil thoughts do not come, but when we try to get close to Allah (Swt) by offering saleh or when we try to learn about deen, such thoughts become frequent.

    I would like to assure you that you are a Muslim and you love your deen and Allah (Swt), trust me you do, may you are not able to feel it but you do. Your concern about it all and the way you have put up your question confirms that you have your eemaan. So do not bother much, pay attention to what I have stated above. I am an example to you. Irrespective of what evil thoughts or whispers I get, I know one thing that I am a Muslim and Allah (Swt) is only God (as you too said that you find Islam in logics), but I am just a human being who makes mistakes but Allah (Swt) will forgive me if I repent to him.

    I often remind myself the following -
    Hadith Qudsi:
    "O son of Adam, as long as you call upon Me and put your hope in Me, I have forgiven you for what you have done and I do not mind. O son of Adam, if your sins were to reach the clouds of the sky and then you would seek My forgiveness, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, if you were to come to Me with sins that are close to filling the earth and then you would meet Me without ascribing any partners with Me, I would certainly bring to you forgiveness close to filling it."

    One of the Sahaabah complained to the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about waswaas during prayer, and he said: “The Shaytaan comes between me and my prayers and my recitation, confusing me therein.” The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “That is a devil called Khanzab. If he affects you seek refuge in Allah from him and spit drily to your left three times.” He [the Sahaabi] said, I did that and Allaah took him away from me

    Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
    “And if an evil whisper from Shaytaan (Satan) tries to turn you away (O Muhammad) (from doing good), then seek refuge in Allaah. Verily, He is the All Hearer, the All Knower”
    [Fussilat 41:36]

    Some of the companions of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and said to him, ‘We find in ourselves thoughts that are too terrible to speak of.’ He said, ‘Are you really having such thoughts?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘That is a clear sign of faith.’” (Narrated by Muslim). (Narrated by Muslim, 132 from the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah).

    Apart from the above what I am doing now
    1. I have realized that in my case its due to my lack of knowledge about Islam and my guilt of grave sin that I had and I have getting these thoughts/ whispers. Do you have any such thing as I listed above?
    2. Now I keep on performing my saleh regularly irrespective of having evil thoughts/ whispers.
    3. Whenever I get an evil thought or whisper during prayer or otherwise, I just say A’uzu billahi minashaitanir rajim (I seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Satan) and continue with my prayer or whatever work I am doing.
    4. I remind myself about the good things I have in my life, how blessed am I. I avoid thinking what that I don’t have, I didn’t get…I prefer to think whatever Allah (Swt) does, does for our betterment..this makes me feel thankful to Allah(Swt)
    5. I try to do good deeds to feel spiritual happiness and to overcome my guilty of past sin.
    6. I am learning about meaning of the surah I use in my saleh. This makes me sense of what I am reciting, I feel close to the words, I feel much focused during my saleh.
    7. I try my best not to skip any saleh. Because if it happens, it fills me with guilt and the guilt soon turned into negative thoughts/whispers.
    8. I try to keep myself busy in works, when I am busy I don’t get such thoughts as such.
    9. I try to feel happiness with whatever I have around. I am trying to get rid of complaining thoughts or feelings.
    10. I am trying to learn about Islam slowly but steady so I could answer my queries and questions.
    11. I try to do dhikr like recitation of Aytal Kursi, names of allah (swt), daily duas etc.
    12. Whenever I feel low or get nasty thoughts/whispers, I remind myself of Allah(Swt) words and saying of our prophet (pbbh) as mentioned above.

    My struggle is not over, I am still going through but I have made it a point that I will not surrender to evil thoughts or whispers I get. This is enough to save me (or say you too) from Allah’s wrath/ Hell. He knows what is there within us. He knows everything. I pray to him to guide you and me and all those who experience this. I hope for his mercy and guidance. Aameen.
    Keep going- don’t surrender to Shaytan, help youself and Allah (Swt) will help you.
    Your sister.

    • Gosh ! i really need to talk or call u .. !!! gg crazy man

    • It really helped me

    • I just want to thank Allah swt for giving you knowledge and for getting you to write this and for bringing me onto this website/this thread. What you wrote, with the hadiths and all from the Prophet pbuh, you won't ever know how much that affected me and helped me. Thank you!!!! InshAllah Allah swt blesses you and helps you with your troubles and forgives all your sins and all the other Muslims struggling with this and all things!!!!!!

    • dear sister my case is 100percent same as ur's. it's nice to know that im not alone. And ur reply to the question was very helpful. may Allah bless you and reward u and guide u to the straight path and keep u steady on the path.

    • Dear sister your reply has helped me so Much I have been suffering from this problem since I was sixteen now I'm about to turn nineteen and I feel like I'm starting to lose my emaan.. May Allah protect me I wasn't like this before I felt that I had so Much conviction and now I don't feel that anymore and that really scares me I keep on wondering whether this is a trial or punishment because thoughts can get really bad... your reply has helped me a little plz pray for me this problem has litteraly made my life academics and other things a mess because I've lost the focus and drive I used to have

  6. Hello,

    I am pulling an all nighter tonight to complete my work, and I suddenly remembered your first question, so I searched for your post on zawaj, as I had changed my email address not long after I had replied to your first post.

    I know it has been almost a year since you wrote all this so my reply is not as important as knowing what has been happening in your life. How has everything been? Any updates? Improvement?

    Try to follow midnightmoon's advice. I know it may seem like a cliche but it is exactly what you need.

    Whatever you do, just don't sin. Even if you can't bring yourself to do good deeds at this point in life, do not fall into sin. Remember, the opposite of doing a good deed is not committing sin, it is not doing a good deed. Similarly the opposite of committing a sin is not doing a good deed, it is not committing a sin. I want you to understand this middle position, and let it be the farthest you get from good or doing good. Not any further!

    I have been in your position, and exactly the same thoughts went through my mind as they are going in yours. I had been through heart breaks and heart aches before I faced this situation so I have to agree with Senna. Oh how I wish I knew back then what I know now. I have realized now that there was nothing wrong with Allah, or Islam, or Hadith or our traditions, and that all the questions I had about Islam were silly. The problem lied with me, not with Islam. I was taking out my anger, frustration and depression on Allah and Islam because I didn't know what else to do and whom else to take it out on. So please, don't make the same mistakes that I have made. Sooner or later you will come to have a strong, stable and unwavering faith in your heart, and you will come to know and understand all the answers to the questions that your mind is asking right now, but if you do anything wrong at this stage in your life, you will regret it for the rest of your life, and you will hate yourself for the rest of your life for leaving Allah, His prophet and His religion. Trust me. What you are feeling right now will seem trivial if you leave the path right now and return to it later.

    Start/keep offering your prayers even if you don't feel a thing while performing them. Trust me, not performing them will only make it worse and it will waste your time because, sooner or later, you will feel just fine and then you will hate yourself for skipping your prayers, plus you will have to make up for them.

    If you can, enroll in a proper, well respected, full length, widely accepted and accredited, Alima course or a proper university degree in Islamic Studies.

    Stop worrying, stay happy, take care of your self, eat good, exercise, read a good novel, work, study, learn a new activity, keep offering your prayers, recite a verse or two of Quran and read a Hadith or two daily,live a normal life. When you are living a normal, healthy, productive and busy life, you just don't have time in your life to think, procrastinate and worry about silly things.

    • how long it took u to recover?

      • Years...

        • Gosh . i am suffering this for 6 month now . waking up everyday with a heartache. i cant see any non muslim people. i kept thinking how is it fair for them to be born that way. People who were like born in India , europe , africa etc . They were not born muslim so its very hard to accept islam that easily. Many other questions on my mind playing on and im very paranoid . I really dunno how to recover this and is there any way. i hd alot of answers from ustaz and scholars . Its just very hard to accepted by heart. I just hope this qns that became a habit from my mind just go away and my faith in islam will be strong like before.

          • I know exactly what you mean and I used to be bothered by same sort of questions (what would happen to non muslims etc). Thank God that period is over.

            Since then, I have realized that I need to pay more attention to my own self and correct my own beliefs and actions, and care more for my own family and society than worry about other people. E.g I can never be sure that I will go to heaven just because I am a muslim or read Quran pray etc. So I don't have any time or energy or cause to worry about other people's salvation when I can never be sure of my own.

            Besides, the world and the religion are so vast that it takes years for your brain to collect facts and knowledge, and then it takes still more time for your brain to integrate all of these facts into one coherent and logical concept and idea about how it all works.

            Just be sure that millions of people before you have grappled with these same sort of questions, and if Islam (and other religions) are still here then that means that there must be some truth in them.

            "Keep calm and carry on"

    • Teach me what to do . Im just very paranoid to see this non muslim people . it will remind me of my problems . What is your daily routine .

      • I am still struggling with my daily routine... keep breaking it... It depends on how old you are, who you live with, if you have any family responsibilities, where you live, what you do at the moment and what you plan to do in the future, what job you have, what skills or interests you have, what you like to do.. etc. etc.. there can be many possibilities and each person can make their own routine around the standard Islamic routine...

        You should consult proper Ullama (Islamic scholars) near where you live and over the internet. They would be able to guide you in almost every matter better than anyone else.

  7. I agree with a repenter muslimah as well.

  8. dont lose hope!

    • I too also feel d same situation is also same as d brother mentioned above,pray fr me also gyz..

      • Best thing is to stay away from sins and repent often and know that Allah is Oft Forgiving Most Merciful and shaaitan will always whisper to the believers to weaken and mislead but we should remind each other that the plot of shaaitan is ever weak and Allah is the best of planners also when truth is hurled at falsehood falsehood perishes because by nature falsehood is bound to perish. Ponder over the book of Allah take one verse and think about its meaning/s Allah asks in the Quran what is wrong with these people that they don't ponder the verses of Allah are there locks upon their hearts? Are there locks upon our hearts? What's wrong with us?

  9. when I was younger I had that feeling of imaan in my heart, that love for allah. After all the sins I commited my heart started feeling numb the only way to bring it back is to understand the heart, allah, his rasool sallalahu alayhi wassalam slowly im starting feel that love again and its only because ive started reading my namaaz and I listen to lectures everyday. Imaan means faith and if you believe in the creator and believe muhammad peace be upon him was his messenger you are a muslim and you will go to heaven. Stop worrying start making your heart stronger and ignore the shaitan plaguing your thoughts about allah. Remember allah loves you and he forgives all sins all you need to do is repent and try your best not to sin.

  10. Dear Brother/Sister,

    You can just try to stop and think.

    What I mean by stop is that what is the point of worrying if that gives me no benefit? So, stop worrying.

    Then know that this is only caused by the shaytaan. The point of this is, why not the disbelievers get these whispers? Because they don't have iman for the shayateen to spoil. So, this is a clear sign of iman.

    Some of the companions of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and said to him, ‘We find in ourselves thoughts that are too terrible to speak of.’ He said, ‘Are you really having such thoughts?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘That is a clear sign of faith.’” (Narrated by Muslim). (Narrated by Muslim, 132 from the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah).

    So, don't consider yourself a kafir, but rejoice in the fact that Allaah the Most High has granted you iman. But, you need to do something. Hold steadfast to the religion. If whispers come, don't follow them. Allaah will not punish you for something shayateen are doing.
    Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said:
    “Verily Allah forgives my Ummah for the evil thoughts that occur in their hearts until they don’t say it verbally or act upon it”. (Sahih al-Bukhari & Sahih Muslim).

    What you should do is simple. And always be humble to Allaah. In shaa Allaah you will find yourself in the path of truth.

    And I am in a similar state you are in. Please pray to Allah for all of us that have been in this situation.

    "O Allaah, forgive us for we are weak. Indeed you are extremely forgiving."

  11. The fact that you are afraid seems to me that you have faith however little it may be.

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