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What does it meant if we see a jinn as our boyfriend in our dream?

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I saw a dream last night. i was in someone's house , many people were there but it was not very much crowded also. then suddenly from somewhere a guy came towards me, who was my boyfriend in this dream.. his name was najeel. he kissed on my hand and forehead and then went without saying anything. when he went i noticed my skin was burned in the shape of his lips..

then in the dream itself i told it was a jinn and because he is made of fire, my skin burned.. then i woke up from sleep. this dream was not at all scary and the burn marks in the dream dint even pain. he looked just like a normal human being.. but confirm i saw a jinn in my dream.. can anyone please tell me what is the meaning of this type of dream , as i am really very curious to know.. i will be really very thankful..


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  1. Salaam,
    Why do people don't get it? Boyfriends girlfriends are not a good thing in life.
    Nothing good comes from having a boyfriend or girlfriend it is haram.

    • Nicely and simply said by Sarah.

      We are not qualified to interpret dreams here, but if there is any link to the type of relationship you have with your 'boyfriend' and in seeing jinns and fire etc in your dream, it should serve as a strong reminder that boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are totally forbidden and will Anger Allah.

      SisterZ Editor

    • What makes you feel from this post as she has a bf? @ Sarah :/

      • Ah Karmela,

        I understand now. From the way the post has been written, it was unclear as to whether the writer actually has a boyfriend in real life or just in her dream.

        @ drtaher: please clarify.

        SisterZ Editor

  2. Assalamualaikum drtaher,

    I believe you are like me when it comes to letting your imagination go places. lol.

    Many years ago, when I was still a kid, I used to wrote down in a book I had, what I wished from Allah. Once, my mother happened to read it and asked: what the hell is this?

    One of the wishes was: a friend from anong the Jinn. lol... This is not possible in reality except if a person chooses the dirtiest Kufr and makes Allah Angry. May He Forbid.

    It is not possible to have a jinn boyfriend but a Jinn may lust for a Human Being. I can not interpret your dream, nor can anyone else on this forum. I am suggesting that it could be a meaningless dream.

    Dreams are of three types: one from ar Rahmaan, one from ash Shaitaan and one from the imaginations and daily routines. These are reflections of your life and have no meaning.

    If you had performed Istikhaarah for considering to marry someone, this dream "MAY" have meant that he isn't the one. But here, I believe you should forget it and move on.

    Remember to read all the du'as before you sleep, as recorded by Shaikh Sa'eed bin Wahf al Qahtani in his beautiful compilation: "Fortress of the Muslim - Hisn al Muslim" easily available on the internet. This will keep Shaitaan away, in sha Allah.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

    • a friend from among the Jinn. lol...

      hahahaha I too had a wish like that when I was a kid. I was even told by one friend that if I recite surah Jinn everyday after 12am for 40 days, I'll be able to see jinn loool.

      Anyways, @ drtaher, Do you have a boyfriend or is it only in your dreams ? Whatever your answer is, it might make sense.

    • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

      I know having a friend among the jinn reeks of sihr and is clearly not something anyone does. But there are good jinn right? Won't we be friends with them in Jannah?

      • Wa Alaikum as salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu,

        Allah Knows Best if we will be friends with the obedient Jinns in Jannah. It is a matter of Ghaib and I do not know any Quranic Aayah or any Hadith that confirms this.

        Abu Abdul Bari Editor

        • Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

          Better to stay silent and not think about it then.

          • even thou it was jinn, and she told herself in the dream that it was a jinn??

            just ignore it?? Have you ever heard of black magic and jinn?

            I think she should definitely talk about it, and do ruqya just in case.

            Please, don't tell people to have dreams like these disregarded.

    • um what makes you think she's a kid from her post? She's talking about having bf in her dream that is. So, I dont think it's her imagination.

  3. It's simple.

    You dream of Jinn(ie?).

  4. Sister,

    please. Understand that there is no such thing as boyfriend and girlfriend. Why? Because love does not come before marriage. Those butterflies you might feel, those feelings you "boyfriend" might give you, and only from Shaitan himself.

    Love comes after marriage.

    This dream you had, was a way of Allah tala trying to help you understand that.

    Ask Allah for strength, and guidance to help you end you relationship with your boyfriend, and be thankful Allah gave you that dreamed.
    Because, there are people out there who date, end up doing haram things, then get thrown away like mere pieces of trash, and they end up lonely and feel even farther away from Allah than ever.

    Shaitan wants nothing good for you, and the more you let him get into your head and play with your feelings like a toy..You are that much closer to being dragged into the flames of Hell with that creature himself.


    your dear sister,


    • umm her boyfriend in dream appearded as human, but i am not sure if you were paying attention to her writing she said she told herself in dream after seeing the burns that "it was a jinn." So when shaytan comes in form of men in dream , it's just a man it does not appear as jinn with "burns" just as regular man. And her confirming it was jinn tells you something. And it was not "scary dream at all"...

      So Please stop talking about boyfriends, I am pretty sure she knows they're haram based on her post.

  5. Why is everyone talking about boyfriends & girlfriends?
    who was my boyfriend in this dream..drtaher

    The post has nothing to do with boyfriend. Read post, like details on it carefully and then haram ..haram things.

    I am sure this sister knows what's haram and what's not. It shows in her post..

    Now, since I got that out of the way...

    If it has nothing to do with men, I wonder if she gets these dreams often?

    I have dreams as these and of intercourse often but I am have confirmed I am under black magic and getting treatment for it.
    Don't we all know about jinn and how they can attack/affect our bodies by help of sahir(black magic/magician)

    drtahera, do you often dream like this??

  6. this could be some sign from Allah s.w.a that you need to check yourself with ruqya specialist. As you said you did not feel scared at all, this could be dream from Allah s.w.a to warn you.

    I can't tell you how often I get dreams like this, but I wanted this to stop cuz I was afraid so I started getting cure and trust me it helps with zikr before bed. But , you still can get dreams like this even with zikr , but like you said it wasnt scary dream so Allah didn't make it scary for you so you can be informed.

    Sub'Allah I think there's something about this dream.

    Please do lots of zikr, and please do ruqya just in case.. it wont hurt nobody to try..

    Please check yourself, cuz I think this dream means something to you.

    Good luck,

    Wa Salaam, Karmela

  7. oh btw if you want to advise this sister, besides telling her that boyfriends are haram (which all of you are just assuming she has) ,
    advise her to do zikr before bed & gets ruqya read to her, so she dont have to experience dreams like these anymore.

    Thank you

    • Karmela, Assalamualaikum,

      I believe you are exaggerating a little. People are aware of Jinn/Sihr. But just dreams need not be translated into the effect of Sihr. She should ignore this dream, except if any other signs show up. The way you have spoken about Sihr; I am afraid drtaher will suspect it, which is not good.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

      • Wa Alleykumu Salaam,

        The image in her dream is very graphic. This is not the dream that's just from shaytan, but also has message in it, as she had confirmed.

        I still think she should do ruqya just in case.

        • She doesn't confirm any meaning for her dream. She just asks what it may mean.

          She should make sure she recites all duas of day and night and even before sleeping. She should not be thinking about Sihr at this stage. This would be speculation and make her suspect wrongly and worsen things. There is no suggestion of Sihr in her post. A dream does not mean it is Sihr; though it maybe a part of the effects. There is no point in saying it is Sihr without any further details. We should remain silent and not say this and that could be Sihr.

          She had this dream once and this could be a result of daily reflections or any random dream. Even if it has some meaning, it is not known because interpretation is not possible by people like us.

          Abu Abdul Bari

  8. Drtaher

    Do not ask for the interpretations of ur dreams randomly. Interpretation of dreams is not done by anyone and everyone. Kindly talk to some1 who is an experienced Alim of that level, so he could tell u if this dream is a positive one or negative. Im not just saying for this particular dream but all dreams in general. Such interpreters r very few and not easily recognized so until then do not share it with any1 and get in the habit of sleeping in wudu and reading quran b4 bedtime. Do not talk after that. As far as i have heard through sources jinns r mischievious beings, not some creatures to b fooled around with. So if he turned into a lover he would b a hell of a lover. U cant run nor hide. Im not trying to scare u but its not exactly romantic.
    Read surah An naas even during day time. In sha allah nothing will hapn to u coz nothing hapns without Allah's will. A lot of people also fancy the company of such creatures coz of thair mythical nature so its quite possible that even u have had such a desire which was otherwise consciously suppressed but lived somewhere in ur subconscious. That cannot b ruled out as one logical reason behind a dream like this. So although u should relax but take precations. Let Al Quran b ur shield.

    • Thank you apple green!

      That's a good way to advise her.

      I am sorry to everyone if I've made the situtation seem worse than actually by adding my own opinion on it.especiall to drtaher.

  9. Interpretation of dreams isnt an easy job to do n u wont find many ppl doing this job correctly...consult some one who is specialist means any religious person n moreover dont tell your dreams this way coz if someone told the wrong meaning of it than it will happen even it was a good dream at first place....Wrong interpretation can turn out the good dream into a bad one...another thing try to recite Ayetul Kursi it saves one from jin

  10. Make sure sister you are praying on time, during your morning and evening adhkars ( and also adhkars before going to bed ( .

    Also read surah baqarah every 3 days in your home as advised by the Prophet.

  11. salaam,

    isn't it that bad dreams come from shaitaan?Good dreams from Allah.As this sister sees a boyfriend in her dream its a bad dream.She should forget it

  12. Dear sister I am not an expert on dreams but I used to remember my dreams in vivid detail and write them down every morning in a book,I would later find that sometimes they were warnings,like najeel could be someone in your future that may pretend to be something that he is not and my end up burning you later,just something to keep in mind,again it's just a thought.

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