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I saw in my dream the holy place, i didn't saw clear khaana kabah but only saw place of tawaaf where my (ex) and his family were sitting there. What does this dream mean? I was only looking to him!

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  1. You need to provide a bit more context. You say your ex I need to know how your marriage ended.

    Seeing your ex and his family praying at the kabah means they were in the right and you were in the wrong when it comes to the ending of your marriage. The kabah represents holiness/righteousness.

  2. When seeing dream like this with your ex it means you ex was not wrong you might have thought that him and his family were wrong but seeing then in your dreams at Kaaba means that they were right but you need to clearly provide how your marriage ended with him are you married now because they are 2 meaning of dream one that what ever situation was when the marriage ended he was not wrong other seeing him in your dream he could come back to your life again has husband because you saw him in Kaaba meaning. He was not wrong hope that message has helped

  3. Shaitan comes In many ways ..regardless what do you want people to say that your pious...think about it...Reality is that muslims in general are so weak in the world with somany problems ,unmindful of there 5 times a day ,keeping to what is halal and understanding the very basics .most of all we turn to online help to people who are not scholors...the simple eg. is do we go to a regular dude or somewhat intelligent person for a medical condition...We obviously go to the person who school for 10 yrs with a professor who is guided him.So dreams will always be good or bad just know if you are pious we keep it to ourselves

    • Salaam Raul Ali I’m not fully Almaaa yet but got 3 years more to go was social worker first now becoming almaaa sorry to say but in your reply you said Shaitaan comes in many way
      But just to let you now I’m becoming allmaaa done my 3 year shaitaan can come any where in dreams But dreams like seeing Kaaba or do ziyraat
      Seeing prophet peace upon him in your dreams
      Reading Namaz or Quran these dreams shaitaan Can not be. In these dreams, because shaitaan stops you doing all these things. Sometime our own don’t help us if we are alone we have to turn online everybody gives suggestion but it’s up to the person weather they follow or not it’s true a lot of then are not scholars but they do have nowledge hope you didn’t mind

  4. Means nothing, your trying too hard to read into something that's not there. Its just a dream.

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