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Salam. I have two proposals and I like both of them in light of education and family. But a problem is that one of them is Shia and I am Sunni ..I am more inclined towards this guy but I am worried about the family issues and also lifelong problems. As I read it that I should be more inclined to the more religious guy and this Shia guy is very religious and I feel satisfied when I think about him. I don't know what's right to do culturally and religiously ...please guide me

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  1. Assalamu alaikum. Following this because I'm in a similar situation. Really nice Shia guy would like to propose to me and I'm Sunni.

    Jazak'Allah khair

  2. WS,
    If you click an icon (Shia Sunni marriage) among Tagged as under your post you will come across a thread with very similar question as yours with suggestions that provide knowledge and perspectives that can help you to make better decision inshaAllah.

    Well if we analyze your post even then it is easy to decide.
    You are more inclined towards Shia guy.
    Shia guy is more religious .
    You feel more satisfied towards him.

    If you and your family are open minded religiously influenced instead of being culturally tainted or divided by sects ,then Shia guy is IT.

    However if SHIA word is big taboo in back of your mind then Sunni is the one.

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