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Self esteem of being a Muslimah

Confident Muslimah

I just want to ask how to know if one has low self esteem being a Muslimah and how can a woman avoid it. Jazak Allah


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  1. It's hard to advice you when you have not provided us with more than one sentence of information.

    I don't quite see hos being a Muslim matters when it comes to feeling more confident. If you want to increase your confidence, it's important to know your worth and set some sort of standard for what you will expect from yourself and other people. Take care of yourself, look your best, try to be the best person you can be...defend yourself and treat yourself with kindness.

  2. Personally I find reading English quran boosts my self esteem because when I know my purpose in life better then I am more confident person

  3. Assalamu Alaikum Sister,

    Hope you are well and in good health, self-esteem is one thing that is frequent when it comes to not only a Muslimah but just an average human being.
    Always remeber Allah, do dhikr keep yourself happy by reading the Quran keeping up with salaahs and believe me sister you will feel good inside. I am a practicing muslimah living in the UK and self-esteem is something I've always had trouble dealing with as well so I know what you mean well I hope i do anyway. But It has nothing to do with your religion only you can help yourself. One thing that helped me was to keep myself around positive people, peopple who are motivating me to do good this will help you in many many ways.

    You haven't given much information but i hope i somehow helped you in the little way I possible can inshallah, and I pray that you overcome this obstacle.


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