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Sexual Relations in Islam

I have been seeing a guy for a few months and his mom knows. We love each other very much, dare I say we're attached; we have had sex once but we plan to get married insha'allah. Is this still haraam?


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  1. Salam sister , yes its haraam in islam sex before marriage . Plz ask allah for his forgiveness . allah bless u .

  2. Sister in one word it's haram it is zina it's forbidden in Islam ....... Ask Allah sincerly to forgive you.....

  3. Assalamualaikum,

    Sex before marriage is Haraam in every circumstance. Whether you plan to get married later on or you don't, you are a sinner in both occasions with an equal measure.

    What marriage would serve is that you wouldn't be committing any more Haraam with that person by having sex with him.

    You both have breached the boundaries set by Allah and you need to sincerely turn to Him is Tawbah. You should first of all leave this sin immediately, feel guilty for what you have done, and then resolve never to repeat it, except in a Halaal fashion.

    If you wish to get married, then you should probably do so for avoiding any future sin of this nature.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  4. How sure are you to get married to him?.If you are so sure why not get married immediately.
    Any thing can happen . one of You may die,your parents may object ,He may leave you (there any many such incidents on this site itself).Islam has set rules for every aspect of life we should follow them or else be ready for blazing fire ready to burn you. Choice is yours.

  5. Sister you have infact committed grave sin n like brother Harron said, r u sure that u will get married to that guy, infact anything may happen u never know the future is unpredictible.

    sister i am not here to judge u, but let me tell u my personal experience, i was engage to a guy whom everybody said was a very gud n practicing muslim, he even performed hajj too before getting engaged to me, however soon after the engagement he left me. Then i came to knw that he was have a relationship wiz a divorcee and i was so shocked n refused to believe such a thing as he was so sincere n gud, however later on i have to accpet the bitter reality, that it was true he was entertaining a relationship n at the same time got engage to me to please his family. That unpleasant incident taught me a great lesson of life that u never knows whats in a person hearth and mind, he may be acting and abuse of ur innocence and gud faith without any qualms.

    In also make me realise that the boundaries set by Allah n his prophet is for our own gud n protection.

    sister u are a human being though n in ur weakness have commited a great sin however the doors of forgiveness r still open, so turn towards Allah n repent sincerely to him n promise never to return to such sins

    • Mas'allah sister good advice, i totally agree with you 100%. You both committed a sin maybe you didn't realise the sin was major in Islam.

      My advise to you is repent and get nikkiah done and marry if you both sincerely love each other and inform both parents, you deserve respect not hiding behind closed doors.

  6. I want to see my wife's body, is it halal, more so want my wife to please me orally, plz advise

    • Sultan, you can see your wife's body as she is halaal for you. Anal sex is haraam in Islam. And regarding oral sex, you can refer to posts we have already published - search for them in the archives.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

      • Br Abu,

        The wordings of this post could be disturbing especially to younger kids as they visit the site - I honestly think it could have been worded more politely. Can it be modified?
        (the part: more so want my wife.....)

        • I had actually deleted this comment due to that, but then I approved it, because we can not deprive the brother of an answer. I think the wording is fine now.

          Abu Abdul Bari

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