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Can we have misyaar/mutah marriage or any other legal contract to enjoy our life in a halal way?

Secret relationships are a bad idea

Not that I'm in the habit of taking advice from church billboards, but in this case they have a point. Secret relationships are always a mistake.


Assalam O Alaikum,

I married a woman who forced me to divorce her after 4 years. Our marriage couldn't succeed I didn't spend much time with her for the reason that I am already married to my first wife and we have kids together. Our main reason to marry was that we loved each other and our sex life was strong enough to satisfy both of us to the fullest. Now my question is that; can we have a misyaar or mutah marriage or any other legal contract to enjoy ourselves sexually in a halal/legal way?

Please reply with any solution.


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  1. Assalaamu alaikum.

    Does your current wife know you were married and would she know if you were married to this other woman in a misyar marriage? Secret marriages are unislamic as one of the conditions of marriage is that it must be publicised. Not kept secret. In answer to your question, I advise you to avoid misyar marriage. It is unfair as you are both sacrificing your rights in marriage. (The right to financial support etc.)

    If you still wish to marry her either divorce your first wife and marry her or marry her as a second wife and give her her rights. Either way please take responsilibity and play an active part in your kids lives. Better yet work on your marriage with your first wife. If there is something missing which is making you feel unhappy work at it. Go for marriage counselling if necessary. This is my opinion - and Allah knows best.

    Please read this link on misyar and marriage in islam (and the links from the link):

    These marriages usually cause misery or end in divorce.

    Sara Editor

  2. no not allowed because it is danger.

    understand pls ok.

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