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Imagining my future husband and our life together...

Imagining my future husband and our life together...

I am Muslim girl and very committed to five times prayers. On Friday I love to spend more time in the prayer of Allah.

I am fed up with my bad habit which disturbs me a lot - that suddenly sexual thoughts can come in mind and I assume my married future life with my husband ( even I am not engaged yet) that desires him to see or touch my body specially breast part .

I try to control it too much but no avail and in worst scenario I touch my breast. I don't masturbate and don’t want to do any more, just during these sexual thoughts I feel attraction to see or touch my breast. Please help to get rid of this further.

What is its status in Islam - what Islam says about this? Please help me if you could tell any wazifa or dua to get rid of this. I have too much fondness of worship and love to spend free time in His prayer.

But I don’t know why I have this bad habit and why these thoughts come in my mind. Please advise.


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  1. Salam Sister,

    Sexually thought is something normal. whether you perform 5 times prayer daily.. sexual thought have nothing to do with it.. Touching your breast or any part of yourself is not a sin as long as you are not letting someone else out of nikah to touch you.

    What do you meant status in islam? islam have no status or can say islam is peace. or may be you want to know what type of people you become when you perform this act right? you are still a normal person sister.. just to have to control yourself in a way that you will not let anyone to touch you as long as he is not in nikah with you..

    if this thought is giving you stress.. i would suggest you to find someone you can love and do nikah (marriage) and for sure you will be free to enjoy each other as you wish.

    Out of nikah is a severe sin so be careful


  2. I agree with Uzzy. Sexual thoughts are normal and healthy. We are all born with a sex drive. As long as you don't enter into a non-marital relationship, you are fine. You will be able to satisfy your drive when you get married, or, your sex drive will naturally diminish when you are in menopause.

  3. OP: I assume my married future life with my husband ( even I am not engaged yet) that desires him to see or touch my body specially breast part .

    Nothing wrong with that, you just fantasizing about your future sex life with your husband. Don't obsesses with it too much. Obsessing too much could push you to seek a boy friend and that could really mess you up.

  4. AsSalaamu Alaikum Sister,

    It's normal to have sexual thoughts. However, if you would like to control it, one option would be to read the Holy Quran, or at least listen to it with translation while reflecting on meanings of the ayats (do this frequently, especially when the thoughts start to approach you)--inshaAllah that will divert your thoughts to somewhere else.

  5. dont put your heart in a headcase

  6. I have a friend who is just like me we share same interest..same dreams.and now even if he is not committed to me I feel sense of belonging towards him.we know that we can never get married due to caste barriers and so he has started keeping distance from me.Now I feel humiliated at times I am week and approach him,I fear I will propose him due to my strong love towards him,but I do not want to do this,and be patient for Allah s decision to take place.plz help for Allah sake

    • Fouzia, there are no caste barriers in Islam. Caste is an artificial construction created by the Hindus. It has nothing to do with us. If the young man is interested in you, let him approach your family with a proposal. If he is not willing to do that then stay away from him and stop all contact. In time you will get over him.

      Wael Editor

  7. sexual thoughts are natural but dont let the overcome your mind. Control ur hands to touch your parts. It will make u addicted to it and u'll bcm habitual of it. U must get married if not, try to control ur feelings they are from shetan and seekh refuge from him(ASTAGHFIRULLAH-La Hawla Wala Quwwata Ila Billah).
    Their is dfntly wrong in touching your parts, DO NOT TOUCH.

  8. Having sexual thoughts is natural for human beings. This is how Allah made us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having such feelings.

    To sate your sexual desires you can imagine fantasies and even masturbate. Its no problem.

    If by doing this, it calms you down then it is Halal.

    If doing this leaves you wanting more then it is not preferable because these actions will push you towards haram.

    The problem starts when you make an intention of sating your desires the haram way(out of marriage).

    Then every act done with the intention of haram is also haram.

    For example, say you are at home doing something and out of the blue these thoughts come to you and you feel aroused and become lustful. Its okay for you to fantasise and even masturbate as long as doing this calms you down but it's not preferable if it only increases your desires and you intend or resolve to actualise your fantasies. If such a resolution or intention is made, all your actions to actualise this fantasy are also haram.

    The passing of thoughts through your mind is not in your control but even then there is reward for all the good thoughts that pass through your mind and no punishment for the bad thoughts pass through until you act upon said bad thoughts.

    For example the thought of helping someone or giving sadqa is rewarded like you actually helped them or gave sadqa but say, the thought of killing someone is not punishable until you actually kill someone.

    Hope this helps. Although, most appropriate advice - It's tricky to always keep your neeyat or intentions right, best get married.

    Good luck.

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