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I am Shia Muslim, I met a Christian married woman on the internet

internet wedding marriage

I meet with a girl on a net, she is Christian and married before and still she is not divorced.

She is ready to change her religion. After changing her religion, is it must that she take divorce from her husband? He is also Christian.

So please tell me that she will take divorce from his husband or by changing the religion. Am I able to marry her?

Please advise.

~ Hyder

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  1. Salaam Hyder,

    There are many issues here so will try to break them down:

    Conversion to Islam
    If she wants to convert to Islam, it has to be sincere. It is wrong for her to convert to marry you, the belief in Islam must be in her heart.

    Divorcing her husband.
    Of course the lady would need to divorce first. It is Islamically and morally wrong for her and you to be involved with one another while she is married, it doesnt matter whether she is seperated or not dear brother. So she would need to seek a divorce and get it before she can marry.

    Can you marry her?
    Stricly speaking a Muslim man should ideally marry a Muslim man, but he is allowed to marry a Christian/Jewish woman if he wishes. Whether it's a good idea or not is another story altogether.

    To sum up, I would advise you to stay away from this woman. If she is married, it is not right for you to take her away from her husband like that. Give her an English Qur'an though if she is interested in Islam sincerely and guide her towards some Muslim sisters who can help her. Another point is you met her on the internet which is not good. So I would advise you to cut all contact with her and allow her to work on her marriage. If you are insistent on marrying one another then ask her to get a divorce, give her the opportunity to look into Islam. While she does these things stay away from her to avoid falling into sin. Once these things are done then you can marry her, but make sure her conversion is sincere. I am not sure if she will need an iddat as it was not an islamic marriage?

    Sara Editor

    • I agree with Sara. When a married woman converts to Islam, she should invite her husband to accept Islam also. She should try hard to persuade him to join her in Islam so they can remain married. But you are not interested in that process, because you are only seeking her for yourself. So your part in this is not sincere.

      Wael Editor

  2. Asalaam alaikum,

    I believe that the two previous posters may have taken the question incorrectly with their responses. It is common for Christians to separate, yet not divorce legally. At times, the courts do not issue divorces as quickly as possible or the partners who are seeking a divorce have not taken the proper avenues and paid the fees for divorce, depending on the country she lives in. It is possible that this brother met this type of woman who may have been legally separated for some time, years in some cases, but does not have a legal divorce on paper. I believe that this scenario is what this question is referring to, but the brother may not know that religiously, Christians handle marriage and divorce a bit differently depending on their background.

    She cannot just recite and observe a waiting period for divorce, as would be the case in Islam. I think this is where the brother asking the question is confused.

    Legally and Islamically then, she must seek a divorce before she can marry anyone.

    If she is accepting Islam with true sincerity, then Alhamdulillah! There is no other reason for us to speculate otherwise.

    Because Shia do taqleed of their scholars, I would also advise this brother to consult with his marjae, as well.

  3. hi im christain . i like shia guy . im going to merry soon with him .. and convert going to do right tthing nd right way

  4. i think you seems to be a real liberal minded personality having enough sympathatic ,moral character. I whole heartedly support your remarks. I too belong to shia sect and i respect and obey all other religions but my beliefs lie within islam. Man is mortal,so we must never afflict or pain others because life is too short . Remain away from motivations,following my religon and treating all humans equally is my real advice

  5. make everything legally not to hurt anybody.. divorce is not that easy but we have the so called annulment.. but be sure that she has that paper before marrying her.. God bless us all.

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