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Should I give my son up for adoption after I leave my husband?


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Ive been on this website before regarding my son and marriage to the father of my son due to having him out of wedlock. I did get married a few months ago. The baby is now 11 months Alhamdulillah. I am studying at college and my marriage life was going fine until someone in college told me they saw my husband in his college days, which was when i fell pregnant, with another girl. He told me she was his best friend, it did not matter to me but this person in college told me they would hold hands under the table and he would feed her and she would sit on his lap. Also, they would be found hugging walking in town together with no fear. My heart broke and shattered into pieces which I dont think can be put back together. He hated people seeing him with me never mind holding my hand or even walking with me in public. Its like he's ashamed.

Although this is in the past it has killed me inside, i feel as though i have no feelings for him anymore. I would not mind if he did that if we were not together but he did this during the time i was pregnant. He let her swear at me and send texts about me and my son when i was pregnant, he also swore at me because of her. Anyway, i forgave him, but when i heard him holding her hand and stuff i was shocked as he has never told me this. I lost faith in him, and texted him today that i do not want to be with him. I hate the fact I have a innocent 11 months son stuck in this but i believe I should get a divorce and give my son up for adoption as i dont think i can cope with this pain and I also believe my son deserves proper parents and a good life as he is the most amazing thing, he deserves all the love in the world. I feel as though there is a barrier between me and my son due to his fathers presence. I would like to keep him on my own, but I know his father would use him as an excuse to come back into his life and my life.

What I heard today killed me today, and i do not want him hurting our son, therefore is it right if i give him up for adoption for his sake. He is so beautiful and deserves all the love from two loving parents.  I feel as though my husband hates me for who i am and the fact i cant be as pretty as he wants me to be, although i try my best.

He is amazing and also deserves everything he wants regardless of the fact he hurt me, i love him so much and would love for him to have a good life without me and inshallah Allah swt will grant him this. He tells me he loves me, i dont believe it because how can you love someone if you left them the minute you got them pregnant? I forgive him even now but i just want to know what i should do and how i should deal with this matter? should i give my child for adoption?


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  1. Salaam sister.

    I am sorry to hear about these difficulties you are going through. In answer to your question, do not give your child up for adoption dear sister - this will only add to your pain. Your child needs you, whatever the circumstances - whether you are divorced or not. Do not doubt yourself and your ability to care for your son. Yes if his father is absent it may impact him, but how do you think your son would feel growing up if his mother was also absent? Even if you visited, it would always be in the back of his mind.

    I understand you must be feeling lost and helpless due to these marriage problems, but do not forget that you are strong, even if you do not feel it - and must continue to be strong for your sons sake. You got through all those difficulties, Alhumdulilah so please do not give up now.

    I do not know what to say about the issue with your husband. His behavior is terrible! I do not know exactly if these are past events or if they are current events? You said in your original title I can't forget his past - so I assume its his past. Is he still around this girl? Does he seem sorry? Have you spoken to him about the wrong he has done without getting upset/angry?

    If the situation is that you can't forget his past and he has reformed mostly then I would advise you to take some time out, but not to divorce. And then try to work on your marriage with whatever means possible. Let him no that such behaviour in future will not be acceptable and ask him how can we make this marriage work - (if he is serious with you) InshaAllah involving him in this rather than running it will make it a team effort.

    If however he is still playing around, then you could consider divorce or speak to him if you think you can get through to him- but do istakhaarah first. If is not changing and you have tried then divorce him but do not give up your son! This will haunt you for the rest of your life. If you divorce your husband your feelings for him will fade - but your love for your son will remain and you will most likely be left with the pain of a hasty decision and regret.

    Be strong my dear sister, if his father uses it as an excuse and you are divorced, he has a right to see his son, but you do not have to take him back. There are ways around it. Dont forget your son is innocent in all this so do not let his fathers unislamic behaviour be a barrier. Bring him up to respect women more than his father does and to be a good Muslim boy. Bring him and instill love of Allah in his heart. Let your son know how much he is loved by his mother.

    If you need anymore advice/support - your welcome to write on here my beloved sister.
    I pray Allah swt guides you to the best decision, guides your husband, and gives you and your son strong emaan, and happiness in both this life and the next!

    Sara Editor

  2. Assalamu alaykum Sister,

    I have heard recent cases of affairs done by guys when their wives are pregnant. I do not know what happens to them that instead of loving their wives, being around them in pregnancy, just by more calls from work than usual to make their wives happy they do other stuff like talking to other women, meeting them, going out with them and may be having more fun with them. May Allah guard us from Shaytaan.

    One of the person in whose office I am sitting write now typing this reply, his wife is also pregnant and he was talking to another married woman on the phone in front of me, a couple of months back, that woman's husband is not here but in USA, so she also was calling him all the time and talking to him.

    He told me about this, and I explained to him much about this, hwo his wife would feel, what could be the possible consequences of the action, and when I went to Makkah I prayed to Allah that he leaves this. And when I came back and met him, he said her husband was back and this guy and the woman had some arguments and ended it. Alhamdulillaah.

    The day I warned him about the woman, he listened to me about Islam for 5 hours continously, so much so that I did not realize I had missed my asr prayers. May Allah forgive me. But I will Insha Allah try and explain to him more about Islam.

    Sorry for going out of the topic. Yeah, so what I was saying is that men do tend to have affairs when their wives are pregnant, it does not mean they do not love their wives. If your husband says so, probably he is true. Shaytaan was heavy on his mind and he forgot Allah is seeing. So remind him of Allah.

    My advice to you is make him realize how much he hurt you, be kind with him, tell him what he wants to do? Does he want to be faithful and love you? Or he wants to continue his extra marital flings? Read some Qur'an with meanings at home, if Allah wills, so that he may have fear of Allah, Insha Allah and he may repent for good.

    Explain to him that you have a kid and your lives would get disturbed and most affected person would be your kid. So let him respond to you and show his responsibility.

    I do not advise divorce now.

    Start peace process, give it a "big try" , get loyalty back from your husband, just try. Insha Allah, if you both have a common objective for making this marriage work and love each other, Insha Allah, Allah will make it happen and all things will be fine.

    It requires lot of patience and controlling emotions. I know it is hard, but try and get him on the path of Islam, show some love and kindess.

    I know it hurts and something disgusting has happened, I can make du'aa for you and say this for now.

    And yes, do not give your son for adoption. Keep the little child with you. Raise him up as a good Muslim, Insha Allah, Allah will help you.

    Pray Tahajjud, read the Qur'an much, make du'aa to Allah as Prophet Ayyub did:

    83. And Job, when he cried unto his Lord, (saying): Lo! adversity afflicteth me, and Thou art Most Merciful of all who show mercy.
    84. Then We heard his prayer and removed that adversity from which he suffered, and We gave him his household (that he had lost) and the like thereof along with them, a mercy from Our store, and a remembrance for the worshippers; - Surah Al Anbiyaa.

    41. And make mention (O Muhammad) of Our bondman Job, when he cried unto his Lord (saying): Lo! the devil doth afflict me with distress and torment.
    42. (And it was said unto him): Strike the ground with thy foot. This (spring) is a cool bath and a refreshing drink.
    43. And We bestowed on him (again) his household and therewith the like thereof, a mercy from Us, and a memorial for men of understanding. - Surah Saad.

    I hope you will turn to Allah, read the Qur'an with meanings, speak good with husband, try to work and Insha Allah love your son and make a happy family. I have hopes from Allah and feel this will happen if you try, Insha Allah.

    Your brother.

    • As salamu alaykum, brother Munib,

      I feel you are very passionate and you won´t to solve all the problems, but be patience yourself, don´t try to change others, open their eyes but let them walk their own path, give them Light but don´t pressure them to see it.

      You are in their paths for a reason, but to be the most effective you have to let them come to look for your help, let them know you are available for them, when they need you, at this time they will be ready to receive, accept and learn from your advice. Even when you can be talking for hours, don´t do it, they need to think about it, to digest all the information you are able to transmit, and they need to know you have priorities and your priority number one is your appointment to Allah(swt), the act of respecting your duties will impact them more than a day of talk. Thoughts, words and acts, acts are thoughts materialized, your acts must show that you are one in all directions, then what you do will have more impact that what you say, or what you think in fact, we will be judged by our acts and our words, but being conscious we will even care about the quality of our thoughts (at the begining the conscious ones and with time we will care even of the subconscious, I believe you already care about them, not watching TV or listening music).

      Children test us, they watch us closely to see if our words and our acts go in the same direction and they will tell us, you told me but you don´t do what you say, try it, older people the same but they won´t tell you, they only will watch you and will get their own conclusions. To be conscious of this may help you, insha´Allah.

      All my Unconditional Respect,

      María Editor

      • Waleykum assalaam Sister,

        If you are talking about 5 hours of explaining about Islam, then he was listening from me about the life of the Prophet and how Islam marched on from the Cave of Hira to the victory of Muslims and conqeust of Makkah.

        It was like I was getting up, and he would say, sit down, tell me more, then I would get up he would say wait, tell me more, then what happened next, it was not me "hammering" Islamic thoughts, rather he was asking me for more and more.

        Other than that, I did not understand what exactly you want to say by your post. It would be nice if you could make the point clear.

        Your brother.

        • Wasalam, brother Munib,

          Brother, in any moment I think you hammer, I love the way you talk about Islam and your own experiences, I understand someone can spend hours listening to you, please forgive me because it seems I couldn´t make you understand my point.

          My point is related to this: "I did not realize I had missed my asr prayers", if you stop him and you say, forgive me I have my duties, we can talk later if you want, this will cause on him stronger impact than talk.

          And even when he is terribly curious, don´t give them mashed potatoes, give them some chunks to bite, they need to make efforts, they need to think and digest and have doubts that guide them to go deeper.

          Did I explain it better now? If you don´t understand it I will try again, insha´Allah.



          • Jazakallaah sister.

            You are 100% correct.

            The masjid where I pray is about 15 mins from the guy's office. So I thought okay, now I will leave, now I will leave, then the time for jama'a went away, then I thought, okay I will pray at home in some time, then he made me sit again and again to listen more about Islam. I felt : Warning of Qiyamah, saving the trust of a pregnant wife and telling about the Prophet of Allah and the sahabas' sacrifice is also very important and Insha Allah I will pray before time for prayer ends, but somehow magrib came and I missed the time for Asr. And I am still feel bad about missing it.

            Anyways, Allah is the Forgiving, the Merciful. Nowadays this does not happen. When I am in offices of Non Muslims, when it is time for salaat and Masjid is far I ask their permission and pray in their office on the floor. After all the world is a masjid for us Muslims, Alhamdulillaah, all clean places.

            So nowadays when it is time for salaat I pray wherever I am Alhamdulillaah. Mostly I try to be at home during prayer time so that I can perform salaat with jama'a but when I have work, I have to go some distance and then I cannot reach Masjid on time, so I pray wherever I find place and I hope this continues Alhamdulillah and I hope I pray with jama'a more and more and miss them less.

            Thanks for reminding about chunks. You are right and I am aware of this, but that day was "destined" for him to know all that. I must have got up so many times and I never saw someone forcing me so much to stay just to hear about Islam, so I thought By Allah, it would not be good on my part when someone wants to hear about Islam and I stop myself from telling it.

            In my past couple of visits I prayed Dhuhr at this office. So yes, actions do speak and usually whensoever time for prayer is there, I ask leave of any person I am meeting and I go to pray, Alhamdulillah and I hope Allah helps me continue it with all humbleness and fear of Allah.

            Regarding tv, music, poetry and other entertainments, I do not take part in any of them and avoid entertaining and amusing myself as much as I can, because "others see me", my character and also some verses of surah Najm, which is always in my mind when any entertainment or amusement is going around me:

            57. The threatened Hour is near.
            58. None beside Allah can disclose it.
            59. Marvel ye then at this statement,
            60. And laugh and not weep,
            61. While ye amuse yourselves?
            62. Rather prostrate yourselves before Allah and serve Him.

            You are right with all you mentioned, it is clear now and I understand what you wanted to say.

            Your brother.

  3. As salamu alaykum, sister muslimah16

    I am really sorry to know about how your situation has developed, being so young you have already being through so much.

    My beloved sister, I think you are forgeting here the strongest point of all this matter, you are a MOTHER,
    I know you are young, but to give your baby in adoption will open the biggest scar you will have during all your life and won´t ever stop bleeding, this is the emotional issue.

    Talking about facts, to give your baby in adoption to stop all kind of relationship with your husband is not the solution, you fought with your family to marry and have your baby, now fight for your own family, insha´Allah.

    About your husband bring forward all the issues be as clear to him as you have been to us and let him know, and I let you know that you are a MARRIED COUPLE with a baby of your own, this is a responsibility you have taken and you have to try your best to solve all the problems you are facing. If you need help ask your Iman or someone that can guide your husband to walk straight and you don´t throw the towel at the first obstacle, life is not a game, married life is not a game, divorcing is not a game, parenting is not a game,giving on adoption is not a game.

    I know you are young but you have chosen the tough way to learn and to grow up in a very short period of time. Your baby was born with mother and father, you fought for him, as a mature woman, now be mature to solve this issue with your husband and don´t make of your baby the focus of your future pain, he doens´t deserve that charge, you cannot use your baby to get rid of your husband, I know you are only 16, but stand on your feet and fight for your baby and for your husband, pray Allah(swt) on your knees to look for guidance and help and stop playing games, take responsibility for your acts, PARENTING AND MARRYING.

    Love doesn´t need to be said, needs to be shown.

    Remember that your son was born with a mother and a father that fought for him, where is that love now? Don´t let dark whispering confuse you and lose the straight path. I would like to see the young woman you are full of faith, hope and light, insha´Allah.

    All my Unconditional Love, Respect and Support,

    María Editor

  4. As salam alikeum,

    I totally agree with the advice of brother munib and sister maria. Although I am not as wise and knowledgeable as them, yet I would like to make a comment.

    It is a common tendency among we muslims to blame and complain Allah more in our distress than thanking him for the blessings which he has already bestowed us with.

    A very beautiful SMS I had got from a friend of mine. It read:

    "You curse your fate and complain Allah during your distress that He has made you ill fated?
    Is it not your good fate that your born as the ummati of Prophet (SAW)?"

    Sister muslim woman 16, I really am saddened by the infidility your husband has shown. But do you realise what bliss of motherhood is? Ask your mother if you have not yet realised. You tell your son deserves a good life, from two loving parents? But, where do you want to leave your son? In an orphanage, so that anybody can come and adopt him? If so, do you think the orphanage will consult you before it has given your son in adoption, so that you can examine the prospective parents of your son? And.... what if he is adopted by a non muslim family? He is the luckiest having born muslim. Bring him up as good muslim. And about your husband, bring him up also as a good muslim. This is what good muslim wives have been doing these days - leading their husbands on a right path. Be patient and try to amend the things if possible than thinking of divorce or of your son's adoption. And please don't separate your blood from you.

    How can you think of separating your son from you for no fault of his? A part of your's who you nurtured for 9 months in your womb, dreaming each day of his arrival.

    Let Allah descend His mercy on you.

    As salam aliekum.

    • Assalamu alaykum Sister Fatima,

      Masha Allah you wrote with heart. Knowledge is required to remove ignorance and truth from the heart is required to put the knowledge in to practice.


      P.S: I tell you the truth, I have very little knowledge, I almost know very less about this beautiful Deen of Islam.

      Your brother.

  5. ASA sister:
    Im sorry to hear about your situation!
    But sister think about this for a second: How would you feel 5 or 10 years down the road knowing you gave your child away because you were not strong enough to get back on you feet and move forward?? You are totally correct when you say your child needs parents who love him, but who can love a child better than his own mother, you had him inside you for 9 months (i assume) and now you just want to give him up? Its not about you or your husband anymore!! Its about this baby... WHO NEEDS YOU! dont give up please!

    When you say you dont want to keep him because that would be an excuse for your husband to come back into your life and his life, it seems to me that YOU are thinking thats what will happen. So what if he wants to come back? You say NO. He can be part of your son, but he does not have to be part of you, if you so choose to.
    Another thing: Have you thougth what would you say to Allah on the day of judgement? What will your reasons be as of why you gave your son to adoption?
    Sister this is hard but this is a lesson you must learn from it and move on!

    Best of luck,

    Sister AMIRA

  6. Salam,
    your story was so ridiculous...okay you say you have no more feeling for him, that he hurt you, then you say you love him...make up your story. Your husband obliviously doesn't want to live his life with you \, so why are you putting yourself in this situation. I bet your a beautiful women, so don't let him put you down. Also what hurt the most....I'm a mother of 2 and I don't care what ever happened between me and my husband I would never put them for adoption. When your mad look at your son and your heart will smile. Please reconsider the adoption. Your son depends on you now. Your his everything <3

  7. Let me get this straight.

    Your married to a guy, who is the father of your child.

    Now someone told you that when he was in college he would hold hands with a woman that you already know about. And on the basis of this you texted your husband that you no longer want to see him. While your at it you reckon you might as well get rid of the baby as well by putting him up for adoption.

    Sister take a good look at your life. First of all, you are a married woman now. You're prepared to throw a marriage away on a flimsy story like this from some third party. They back bited about your husband and it shattered your heart etc etc. Makes you sound like a bit of a drama queen and very irresponsible.

    Second you are a mother. You are responsible for you child. To make sure he has a stable home with loving parents. Which is what you have right now. Right now you have in your hands everything a you say you want for your child.

    Stop jumping around from one thing to another without thinking of the consequences and stop looking for excuses to break up your child's home because it's not what you thought it would be and now you want your freedom.

    You can't divorce your husband by text message. And if you give your child up for adoption, you'll have to answer for it on the day of judgement.

    • Salam Laali..and all

      Are you a women??? if so are you married??? it hurts when a good girl gets hurt from a man wen she doesn't deserve it. She doesn't sound like a drama queen. Put yourself in her shoes. I wouldn't be wanting my husband holding an others persons hand either.

      • He wasn't her husband then. Just her boyfriend who she was pregnant by.

        Now he has changed, married her and is trying to make a home for the three of them.

        But this woman is making snap decisions on future of her marriage and her child on the backbiting of a third person.

        She is so heart broken due to gossip she wants a divorce and to give her child up for adoption. I'm sorry but it just doesn't ring true. Most women when they get divorced fight tooth and nail to KEEP their children.

  8. Salammalaykum sis
    i dont know where is your mind.....Giving your baby in adoption is not a solution to your problem this is the BIG BIG BIG mistake that your going to do in your life and i think this is big sin also...See ok your still young but for me age is not alibi i know your whole story that your husband can not give marriage paper coz he is married.and now he is lied with you....Sis what do you expect more to this man dont focus your self to this man you have baby. Can i ask you this baby do you think she cannot give happiness with you try to look to your baby try to hug try to kiss him give more time to your baby.You know sister your so lucky because Allah give you happiness by means of little baby happiness that you did not find to your man sorry if i address your husband as a man because he did not deserved the word husband with you and to your baby...
    Your lucky in the sense that your baby is with you in your side,you can hug,you can kiss,you can spent time playing to him but me no a big NO!!!! i can not hug i can not show my love to my youngest son because Allah take him to me 2 weeks ago. i spent my love and care to my son just only 18days after 18days he died Allahamdullillah but for me with out my son my life is a mess really until now every where i go in the street,market any where if i see little baby really i cry all the water in my eyes come out even i cannot accept the his death because were playing 4 am then my husband make video call at 4;30 then i close my eyes just a matter of 5minutes i see my baby in the hands of my mother dead.See the life sisterno one can tell why my baby died coz a day before he die we go to his pediatrician and the Doctor told me everythng is ok nothing to worry your baby is healthy...see this when i see your post i said staferolla where is your hearth you carry your son to you belly 9months then all of a sudden because of the mistake of both of you then the baby will suffer for that...
    And dont tell me my dear that your still young that you can take care of your baby...and so why you allow your self to got pregnant?Im trying not to be harsh to you but sister do you think when your baby will get old and one time you met him do you think he will said Mommy thank you for giving with another person thank you for not takecare me or do you think that this parents that adopt your baby is much better than the real mother..
    Sister for me keep your baby with your care Insha Allah ( SWT) will provide any thing with you food, shelter,or even happiness ok maybe Allah did not give happiness by means of your man but you did not see that Allah give happiness in return by means of baby..
    I will tell you this coz everyday i play this CD by Sheik Ismail Ibn Musa Menk.this is a collection CD the best thing i want on this he said we keep on Sallah 5times a day we make Dua everytime that Allah please give me this give that happines with my husband but Allah (SWT) did not give exactly what we want to have then we wil ask Allah (SWT) Allah why until now i did not have it or why you give me this i cannot see the reason why this not what i want...see Subhanallah Allhamdullilah Allah know what is the best for us.Maybe thats why Allah did not give a good, honest,and straight husband but he give another you another one your baby but you did not see the reason behind that only Allah knows that...Or maybe Allah want you to test if you will be a good mother to your baby even your young then Inshaallah he will turn the head of your man that he will realized that even you young lady you "ven a good mother to my son maybe he will see his mistake and he repent back to Alla(SWT) then will married you..Or even hi will not married you with certificate dont make sin takecare of your baby find happinness with him.
    Inshallah sister Allah will provideeverything for you and your baby....Inshallah
    I will include you with my prayer and dua..
    please dont let your baby adopt please im begging you.....
    please just said Allahamdullilah i have my baby....
    one more thing what ever your decision please let me know....
    here is my e-mail if you need someone to talk im just here ok
    (Editor's note: Email address deleted by editor)

  9. dear sister you are acting like the world has ended, simply because you found out that this man you so dearly loved but have managed to get over, has been in other relationships, "supposedly" meaning "there is no proof" all you have is hear say, what some body else heard from someone else, know even if this brother did cheat and he did treat you like he was ashamed and did leave you when you were most in need of his shoulder. what did poor child do to deserve you rath. Its not like you were considering this while you were with the guy, fear Allah stop acting the world revovles around this guy, i feel bad that you child may one day fined out that u even dream of giving him/her up, know that if you give up your child and he or she ends up in the hands of a kufar, that it will be on you on the day of the hour.

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

  10. Salaam. I am sorry but I just re-read your post and it seems that this did happen in the past. Moreover, it was said by someone else. Sister, I understand his behaviour was hurtful but please look at him now rather than what he did. You are a wife and mother my dear, with responsibilities so you cannot be so impulsive. Is he still in contact with the girl, has he repented etc. Is he a good husband now?! It is not right to hold someones past against them IF they have repented and amended their ways - so without a good reason it is wrong to divorce.

    If he is still messing around its another story, but whatever the situation keep your son with you!
    Sara Editor

  11. I have 3 fabulous children from my previous marriage.
    He did worse things than your husband did believe me.
    They are undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened to me.

    I raised them myself and I have the credit to Allah and me after for how they are my biggest achievment.
    Would I go back and erase them?
    If time went back and I had a choice I would find thier father and remarry him and bear the abuse just to make sure they are in my life again. Raising and loving them is the most profound honour in my life.

    Did I always feel this way, no , did i ever feel how you feel , i cant say i have, but it has been hard.
    And I understand hurt more than anyone can imagine.

    I just lost a baby a month ago from a marriage I thought would be the best thing after all i went through.
    Not a day goes by that I dont regret it and you will too.

    Your bonds with your baby are not dependant on your husband, you are a mother and inside you is strength you never imagined you have and love you will need to give your baby. It will gnaw at you and any life you think you will move onto will be an empty shell of lonliness when you realise you want your baby back.

    Your pride is hurt and your heart is broken, let you baby heal you and let Allah take care of the rest.

  12. I got involved with a muslim man last summer. Nine months ago he stated that I possessed all of the qualities he was looking for in a wife and that if I was muslim, he would want to marry me,and have me as his first wife. I moved out of state, for what I thought was going to be a temporary solution to my homelessness and joblessness. I have not moved back to where he lives.

    Six weeks after.....

    (Remainder of question deleted by Editor)

    • Dear Needa, Asalaamualaykum,

      I am sorry for the situation you are in.

      However, please submit your question as a separate post and I will publish it as a matter of priority. Do not despair, we will try our best to help you inshaAllah.

      SisterZ Editor

    • Assalamu Aleikom,

      I am a little less of a " mess " right now after reading some Hadith and reflecting on Qur'an. Allah is truly the Forgiver, the Merciful, the Creator, the Sustainer and so so so so so much more. In Allah, I must put my trust.

      • Dear Needa, Walaykumsalaam,

        Let me know here when you have submitted your question. I will push it to the top of the queue inshaAllah.

        Just something for you: Before we start to read Quran, Allah tells us to seek refuge with Him(swt) because 'our understanding' of the Quran can either guide us or misguide us. If we do not understand what we are reading or the context in which it was revealed, we may derive all sorts of distorted meanings. Then instead of us gaining guidance and comfort, we will only frighten ourselves and move futher away.

        Let us help you Sister,

        SisterZ Editor

  13. Many thanks.keep up the good work

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