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Should I give up?



I am 22 years old girl. I want to marry a guy who is also a practising muslim. He sent his proposal last year and still my parents have not respond to his proposal - my father is against out of caste marriages. He performed istikhara for 7 days and he didn't get any clue. Recently some molvi has told him to perform a wazifa. For some reason he is not feeling content or satisfied from this proposal. I really want to marry this guy but I also don't want to hurt my parents. I am heart broken. Please guide me in the light of Islam. Should I give up?


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  1. Wsalam,

    Please read the link on this page on how to do istikharah and do it yourself too. Even though, your father is against out of caste marriages yet he has taken the right approach of doing istikharah. His being uneasy means something definitely. You do Istikharah yourself so that things become clearer to you too, with Allah's mercy. If it is not meant for you, it will wind up on its own.

  2. Wallaykumassalaam RA24,

    I agree with friend's advice.



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