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Should I just give up on marriage and a family?

All I want is to marry and have a family of my own... but it seems impossible now.

All I want is to marry and have a family of my own... but it seems impossible now.

I am a reverted muslim but my family are hindus. Alhamdulillah I am a hafiz and am seeking a muslim girl for marriage but nobody is accepting as my family is hindu.

I am searching from 5 years and I am of 30 years now so I decided not to marry and leave alone - am I correct in my decision???

Please advise me. I want to have a muslim family of my own but it seems impossible. I became too old and not married. Please advise me regarding this. Jazakallahu khairun


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  1. Asalam o alaikum. My dear brother! First of all let me congratulate you on seeing the light and the right path. You in my eyes are better than all the muslims like us who were born in a muslim house hold. MashAllah I am honoured to advise such a fantastic muslim. May Allah give you jannah tul firdoas ameen.
    Now coming to your problem. Its really is necessary to marry a muslim girl to keep your gaze down and keep yourself chaste. You say that your relatives are hindus so no one would give you their girl. My brother you are a muslim and thats enough for you and to us all. we dont care about where you came from or what your family is. So why should you? You want a good, obidient muslim girl who would make you happy and obeys you right?! So here’s my advice... go to some muslim orphanage. There are hundreds of innocent and deprived, hard working girls just counting their days in this world. If you give your name to such a girl, Allah will reward you endlessly and she will obey you and be greatful to you all her life. There is eidhi homes in Pakistan with well mannered and crafty, obedient girls.
    Consider my advice my brother. All are equal in the eyes of Allah. you are not too old to get married believe me. Its the right age.
    Wasalam. May Allah grant you with all the happiness and peace in your life. Ameen.
    "Allah never puts a burden on any soul that it cant bear" al Quran.

  2. Salam alaikum brother,

    I understand how depressing life can be sometimes when it seems no one wants you. But think of these things first before giving up your search: 1) Allah swt always wants you, no matter if you are old or ugly or whatever you may think. 2) It is not obligatory to get married, so relax yourself. 3) For a man, no age is too old to get married, because men do not get pregnant, so there is no age limit. 4) You are not fact, just last year you were only in your 20's. 5) There is no reason why a woman should turn you down because you have converted and your family did not. As long as you can provide a stable, caring, Islamicly guided home and financially support your wife, then that is all you need. Men do not need to rely on momy and daddy once they are married, especially if that family is non-muslim. If someone approaches you for marriage, just remember to point out these things and inshAllah you will have no problems.


  3. Asalaam Walaikum.

    Its sad that the whole community be's soo happy when a person reverts yet they are not willing to let their daughters marry them.

    Simply hypocrites and we will all have to face Allah one day.

    My Brother, please don't let these people deter you, you keep trying and Allah won't let you down. I'm sure you have but keep speaking to Imams and Brothers ... let everyone know you marry and Insha'Allah something will come from it.

    May Allah Bless you with happiness in this life and next! AMEEN!

  4. How are you brother,

    Subahanallah are hafize are a role model for fellow muslim brothers and sisters.I would really want to know about your will help other users especially for me to do hifz.

    Coming to your problem.Every person goes through a tough stage finding a right spouse.No matter they are born muslim or revert.Its all a test from Allah.How patience we are ? Are we giving up and loosing hope?

    Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA) has related so many hadith and he used to say that neither he had a family or trade which kept him away from learning hadith from Rasoolullah(PBUH). He suffered a lot in his time due to hunger . Sometimes people saw him lying on the ground and they used to think he is insane.But Hazrat Abu Hurairah says that i was lying down due to hunger.

    This great scholar had such a tough life,but now the whole muslim ummah is benefiting through so many hadiths which he as related. So there was a reason behind is difficulty.Only Allah knows the reason.

    Trust in destiny because that is Allah's wisdom.Ask Allah and dua will change all the situations.

    May Allah help and guide you....Aameen

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