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Should I marry if I have this medical issue?

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I hope you are doing good. I'm asking this question because my issue is I'm a hypogonadism patient since birth.

I have a problem in my pituitary glands because of FSH, LH, testosterone-like hormones are not secreted by glands and as a result, the penis size is small and only slightly larger after erection. Ejaculation also happens. But ejaculation is almost colorless, slippery, and small in quantity.

According to one color Doppler ultrasound, both my testes are hypoplastic, but blood circulation happens a little bit too. Because of this problem of mine since childhood, my breast size is a bit more than normal boys' breasts, which is called bilateral gynecomastia, and I'm a little fat too because of this disease.

I'm a Muslim and so can I do nikah in Islam? And what are the rules in Islam for me? What if I get married and can't have any children? Please instruct me about this. May Allah always help you and grant you success and prosperity and may Allah give you happiness. I'll be waiting for your answer.

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  1. Firstly you are asking the wrong question. And secondly, the question should be, do you want to get married??, if the answer is a yes, then it's good because get married completes half of your deen.

    And stop blaming you're medical for your body image issues. You could easily loose fat and become more. Muscular to prevent you from looking like a girl. But you want the easy way and blame the medical for your lack of self esteem.

    Go and see a doctor about your possibility of having kids maybe your medical doesn't prevent sicne you can already ejaculate.

    Trust me small penis size is not what women care. If the woman cares about your size then shes too immature for you and would probably cheat when she gets bored of you. Find a woman and make her aware of your thing and that's it no issie.

  2. Asalamualaykum Brother,

    You write:

    "I'm a Muslim and so can I do nikah in Islam? And what are the rules in Islam for me? What if I get married and can't have any children? Please instruct me about this."

    Brother...there are no rules in Islam against marrying someone as a medical patient or someone with a medical condition. I commend you for your forethought regarding your limitations in that respect...i.e. thinking of whether or not you can have children,etc…. but while it is good to be realistic, there should also be room for faith in your outlook.

    Take one day at a time and one thing at a time. Do not worry about your ability to have children right now. Just be open and honest about your condition with whichever sister you want to marry. If she accepts it, then Inshallah you will be blessed in the future with whatever Allah wills, including children. Remember the power of dua...the biggest gift to the believer from Allah!

    I wish you every happiness and may you and your future wife be blessed.



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