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I have a brother, but he is not really my brother.  I wanna know does Islam allow such a relation? I don't do any wrong, or even have feelings about him. I feel him as my real brother. So guide me,  is it allowed in Islam?

-zaraa khan

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  1. OP: I have a brother, but he is not really my brother.

    How old are you both? Why you think he is your brother?

  2. I have a brother, but he is not really my brother. I don't do any wrong, I feel him as my real brother? i don't quite understand. you said you don't any wrong, yet you feel him as my real brother? your are doing wrong and disgusting. if he's your brother than its incest. it is not permissible to do such thing in Islam, it is not allowed at all in any religions/society, let alone Islam. if you really thought this what your doing was okay, i think you need to go counselling.


    • Salaams,

      I think you misunderstood her post. I think she means there is a non mahrem person who she feels close to like a brother, in a platonic and familiar sense, but they are not actually genetically related to one another.

      Sister, it really doesn't matter what you do or don't feel about someone, non mahrem are non mahrem. If the person in question is not your blood brother, then that's the simple conclusion. He's not your brother, he is a non mahram, so you need to limit your contact with him to what is only absolutely necessary.

      -Amy Editor

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