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My sister mocks me for doing my prayers

Muslim woman praying at the Blue Mosque in Turkey

Hi, what should I do.. I like to look up namaaz for special nights (Extra namaaz not the obligatory namaaz lool) and it takes some time to you know copy and paste all the instructions and stuff and finally print it out, and my sibling gets extremely mad at me and she wants me to spend time with her, but I don't feel like watching tv when I can be doing something which is soo much better (pray).

She always says youre just trying to do all this just for show, all of this is going to do nothing for you. Or she says you're doing this 24/7. And when im praying (the extra namaaz) she says stuff like, "Hah you did it all wrong." And I got fed up and said why the heck do you prevent me from doin this!? just because u dont want to be on the right track doesnt mean i have to follow you? and she got extremely mad at me!

Sometimes I feel like just living somewhere else where I can be as religious as I please... what do you think about this?

- violet

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  1. Dear Violet, Asalaamualaykum,

    I believe you can be as religious as you want to while living under the same roof as your sister, because:

    - Everything that we do, can be 'worship' if it is a good deed and done for the sake of Allah;
    - Being tested is part of being a Muslim, and your sister's behaviour towards you is a test. So it is your challenge to find a way to respond in a good manner even if you disagree with her;
    - Keeping good relations with family members is very important in Islam and everything we do should be balanced as everything has its due time.

    So: Try to read your extra Salaah in private, while spending time with her too, doing something you 'both' enjoy, as it is very important to keep family ties. If after your efforts, she still says hurtful things to you, ask Allah to forgive her as she does not understand and make dua for her heart to be enlightened with the truth. And this is also your time to excercise patience. Being patient is not easy, but being able to excercise it, brings Allah's Pleasure and great a reward for.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. BismillahiRahmanirRaheem!

    Salaam Alaikum sister.

    First I'd like to congratulate you on your determination and
    perseverance on maintaining your relationship to ALLAH (swt).
    Performing extra Namaaz (prayers) is a Sunnah of our beautiful
    Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAAW).
    In fact it was even Wajib (Obligatory) on him (SAAW) to perform
    Don't EVER let anyone deter you from the right path.
    This holy path of Islam will lead you to eternal peace in the
    Remember that this life is temporary and there may be
    people who ridicule and even abuse us for being
    so religious. As ALLAH (swt) says in HIS Holy Qur'an

    "And We will surely test you with something of fear and
    hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient,
    Who, when disaster strikes them, say, "Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return."

    Holy Qur'an (2:155-156)

    Sister I would advise you to stay on your deen
    Keep performing your prayers.
    Ignore your sister's insults and ridicules and
    perhaps maybe even sit down with her one
    day and
    have a long discussion with her
    about this matter.
    Maybe she does this because she also wishes to
    be as religious as you are but can only poke
    fun at you to feel better about herself.

    And if you WERE doing these prayers just
    for show would you do them in private and not
    in public right?
    just ignore her ridicules sister.
    May ALLAH (swt) bless you and I PROMISE
    these mustahab sunnah acts of worship
    will help you
    in the hereafter. Remember that! =)

    Salaam Alaikum

  3. You need to convince your sister about the extraa namaz, she may not have proper faith in namaz thats why she is doing such things. Dont leave your sister she may divert from the right path, Tell her about the benifits of namaz and islam over other things ( 5 times pray may be considered as exercise, it energies our body and cleans the body by waju).
    khuda hafiz

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