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Can a muslim girl be the sister of a non Muslim boy?

Step Children

Step Children

i have made a religion sister. she is Muslim while i m non Muslim. my heart and mind is much too clean and prosperous about this brother and sister relationship. i have accepted her my real sister with the core of my heart and also i pray for her happiness all the time. she is my office colleague and she is also very religious girl and she also accepts my relationship and considers me as though as her real brother and pray to Allah for our relation. i consider her my real sister and always show affection to her as a little brother. when she gets angry to me i fell in great difficulty and problem same when i m upset so my sister also worries.

now we have got a problem in our relation that her female cousins get jealous from our relation and they taunt her and tease her and say her that a non Muslim can not be your brother. you have gone mad and our religion does not allow us to make an Hindu your brother. now my sister is in hesitation that m i not doing a sin (making a brother). even her family and my family accept this brother-sister relation and she is engaged too.

the relation of humanity is the father of all religions now suggest me what should she reply to her female cousins to satisfy them. plz

Sumeet Kumar.


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  1. Hello Sumeet,

    Islam does not recognise relationships between men and women other that that by blood or by milk or by marriage (I am including relationship by paternity and with spouse's parents in this for this post). The relationship between a man and a woman other than these, is considered haraam, whether the person is a Hindu, a Muslim or even an Atheist.

    The relation of humanity does not necessitate that people of the opposite gender get along with their non relatives without any restriction. Allah Created us and set some boundaries for relationships. Being a Muslim, the lady in question must abide by the law and never breach the boundaries.

    This involves cutting contact with you and considering you a stranger like any other man with no special consideration to you only. Every other man is also her brother in humanity and this gives you no special place except if you fall in any of the above three categories.

    Islam forbids such relationships for prevention of sin, prevention of disobedience of Allah.

    I request you to let her be and not be a reason for her to disobey Allah.

    Lastly, I suggest you to learn about Islam; which is the way to the Pleasure of your Creator. If a person is not Muslim; there is nothing that can help him in Allah's Court. Allah Said in the Qur'aan, which means: Save yourselves and your families from the fire. If a person has no Islam, there is no destination but the fire.

    Allah Said about Himself:

    Surah al Ikhlas:

    1. Say (O Muhammad): "He is Allah, (the) One.
    2. "Allah-us-Samad (The Self Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks).
    3. "He begets not, nor was He begotten;
    4. "And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him."

    Also read artcles from this website:

    All the best.

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  2. Salaams,

    You cannot make someone a sister or brother if they are not already related to you. It doesn't work that way. If you really have respect for this girl you will leave her alone completely, because it goes against her faith to be having friendships with men like this.

    Just to answer the converse of your issue, if a family (mother and father) have children, some of whom are Muslim and some of whom are not (let's say the brother is muslim but a sister is not, but they both have the same biological parents), they will still always be brother and sister despite their religious differences strictly based on their blood relation.

    -Amy Editor

  3. Hi . I won't sat a lot . I will make it fast and quick .

    Yo are capable to fall in haram with her . She didn't grow up with you and in deep if your heart you know very well that she is not your sister . You love her but you can't get her because she is older and engaged . So you consider her as your sister against your will because you can't consider her as something else . The result is stop being a part of her life and it's the best for you and her . And according to what you said I see that the problems already started .

  4. Things can get complicated. I have seen in chat rooms most Muslims call each other brothers and sisters. Things change after they start chatting one to one.

    I think you should cut it out. Most muslim men will have hard time with their wife TALKING even with their cousins.

    I read in a recent News ( website Emirates247) an Egyptian man had sex with 8 of his women relatives. Finally his sister reported him to police. So when it comes to sex looks like anything can happen.

    For her sake, let her go, you can still respect her in your heart. She should not even mention you to her husband. He may even think some thing else is going on.

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