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So many problems going on with my parents

Assalam O alaikum
My parents are so tensed and worried about their future.because nothing is going right way.

My brother name Z got married in 2010 after that problems start.
My brother was in government job just after marriage.someone stole ATM card from his desk and used it.all blame goes to my brother Z.He faced so many problems and second day after his marriage there was a big fight between himand my sisters.
He didn't talk like before to my sisters.
Problems are continue

In 2011 my sister S was pregnant and she had lots problems with her family and her husband.she died after giving birth to a son.both mother and son died in 2011.

My second brother N got married in 2012.Now another issues are started and she wants to live with her family only.after one year my brother started living with her family.

Last my third brother S got married in 2016.this was worst.
His wife started fighting with my parents Everytime.even my parents abused by her.
She wants what she says they have to do otherwise she started fighting and language she used......never heard before

Please help my parents plz plz 😔😔

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  1. Straight forward reply

    Ask your parents to kick of all the 2 sons and 2 daughter in laws (Since you said 1 is already off to his in laws place)

    Ask these 2 brothers also to go and stay at there in laws place and see if their in laws accept and tolerate there tantrums. Max to max in 2 days they will come running back on your parents feets.

    Good Luck

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