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So worried and scared. I need advice.

I am a girl from Spain. I am scared of my sins being exposed. Very very scared. Scared of them being exposed to society, future husband, family. Someone found out the sin and I am scared she will tell everyone and expose me. I can’t eat, sleep, or work. I have been begging Allah for forgiveness everyday. I am so scared. I cannot stop crying. I am ashamed and disgusted with myself. I am so ashamed. What if my husband to be found out? I am having to lie to everyone. I am so scared.


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  1. Asalaamaualaikum sister. Firstly I would not be so frantic about the situation that you are in, remember only Allah all mighty can judge you and no other being. Whoever this person is that is trying to expose you, you should remind them that it is a sin what they are doing. You should continue to pray and make dua for forgiveness of whatever it is you have done. We are all human and make mistakes and wrong decisions, it is then up to us to repent for that and try not to commit that again. Maybe this situation will pass and you will indeed meet somebody who will not care or need to know about your past. We should always conceal our sins from others and only ask Allah for forgiveness and also remember that some people cannot be trusted so try to be weary of whom you speak to and even if they should know that there is something bad you have done they will be most definitely be a gossip and slanderer and these are sins because they have no right to expose you.

  2. What type of sins ??
    If you are involved in sins like loot,murder then Allah will expose it so go by the law of land and repent sincerely .

  3. Firstly I would recommend you to go and repent to Allah (swt) for your sin that you have committed. Secondly , just ask the person in a calm manner to not expose your sin as its between you and god. After you telling her. Realistically, she shouldn't be saying a word as it isn't any of her business.

    You don't need to tell your future husband and you certainly don't want to tell his family.anything. It depends on you as a person if you would feel guilty for not telling him. And also depends on what you have committed; for an example, you have had incourse in your previous relationship and that lead you to losing your virginity. Something like this he could find out after the marriage and could possible make him assume that you're a bad girl. Something that you can't hide , I would tell.

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