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Something keeps touching me while I am sleeping

Sleeping in bed, under the moonI don’t really know what it is, its just that sometimes when I come back from university I take a nap and most of the time while im sleeping I feel like something is touching me or trying to move me or I feel like im floating almost like flying.

I don’t understand what it is, I use to get really scared but then I tried to say aozbelah min alshaytan alrageem every time I feel that and what used to scare me more that I have to say it almost 3 or 4 times for it to go away.

One day I was sleeping and I felt like something was holding my hand and hot air next to my face. I couldn’t move, I had to scream aoz belah min alshytan alrageem almost 4 times and then I felt free. Some of my friends told me it could be black magic as this thing been happening to me for a long time.  I kinda got use to it, in the same time I'm still bothered by it.

Alhamdililah I pray 5 times a day and never missed a prayer. I usually pray on time, I read Quran once a while, before I sleep I read quran on my hands and rub it on my body. I do everything I think I could do for now but I don’t know why this thing keeps happening to me. What made me fed up was today, I was sleeping after I came back from university I had a very bad dream when I tried to wake up I felt like something was sitting next to me and had it’s hand on my face while I was lying side ways. I screamed inside the dream la elah ela alah and aoz belah min alshytan alrageem and tried to wake my self up while saying them. When I woke up I almost cried because I really need help.

I'm done acting like nothing is wrong. I'm a very happy person alhamdililah, im always smilling, I don’t have enemies that I know of, so I really don’t want to be stressed out about this.

Please provide me with help, salam alykom

- mon

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  1. Salaam, I would recommend seeing a doctor. My father used get dizzy and fall over, and he too thought it could be magic or something supernatual, but it turned out to be an inner ear inbalance of fluids which they rectified for him and now he feels OK. I know that your experiences are different to being dizzy and suchlike, but there are medical reasons for such symptoms dear sister, and it would be well worth checking them out.

    • Hello muslim friend

      Iam a christian english lady, to introduce myself, my name is ann.
      I understand how you are feeling about this thig that is happening to you.
      I feel sorry for you. Iam a sufferer of this condition, believe me it is not black magic, it is the chemical make up of the brain whilst sleeping.
      What you are suffering from is sleep paralysis, and it feels like some evil entity is in the room with you, i can assure you that it is a he mind wakes up but the body is still asleep, most people who are afflicted by this problem are people who sleep at more unusual hours, oh and please try not to sleep on your back or your side, where you have the chance of rolling over onto your back, as this is when it feels like something is making contact.

      This condition can be cured by the way, please see your doctor, and your doctor will be well aware of it, as it happens worldwide.

      Some people have gone to sleep laboratories so they can be watched whilst having an attack of sleep paralysis, this is often assessed and watched closely by whoever is present and studying, they can give you sound advice and you will no longer be afflicted of this horrible problem.

      May allah bring you peace

      • Great advice Ann, I have had this happen to me since I was 5 years old. I never saw a doctor about it as I manage it myself. I found once I refused to be afraid of it the hynogogic attacks and sleep paralysis lessened. I try to get straight to sleep and not think of anything else but that. If I wake up and cant move I just wiggle a toe or finger and that snaps my body out of it.

    • Salam,
      I recommend saying ayat al kursi before going to sleep as it will not let the jinns harm or disturb you. Also I think that because the jinn isn't harming you it just wants you to move out of its place because that is where it sits while you are away from there and you are unintentionally disturbing it. It has probably been there before you arrived and if it continues to happen then pray to Allah to help as he will listen for he is the all hearing and all knowing.
      Ramadan Kareem

  2. Dear Sister i recommend you better meet a scholar and share your experiences with him. And i also recommend you to read aytal kurse before you go to sleep and you can also keep a copy of quraan or taweez with you so that you feel safe and Lastly do bandeesh to your house so that any evil spirit will go away. May Allah bless you . Allah Hafiz.

  3. Slaam
    Funny you should mention this, but I had exactly the same problem as you, some good many years back. I am ok now. It went away by itself but not without a lot of screaming and yelling and fighting in my dreams. I think I put it down to stress. Because I was working very hard in them days as well as coping with family problems. The feeling of being touched by something was so real, and I used to hear loud peoples voices, words were not eligible, and I used to feel or know that there was someone/thing else in the room with me. I basically make sure I get my full sleep now, this is the only thing I could put it down to 'lack of sleep'.

    • Hello,
      I am 35 now, but many years ago when I was twelve through twenty years old, I would begin to fall asleep and I would feel something crawling up my bed and also feel multiple hands all over my body, and I would feel almost paralyzed. It would scare me so bad that I would close my eyes and pray for it to end. I was raised catholic and have a deep faith in God and relationship with him as well. This happened to me in another state as well not just in the home I was raised in. When I came home on military leave it happened again. I was twenty. I was so scared and I said aloud Jesus save me. I heard an unhuman like cry for a split second almost like it was sucked away in a heart beat. This was the last time this ever happened until today. I was resting on my sofa and just as I was falling asleep I felt movement on the sofa and felt my blanket sliding away from me. I woke and nothing. I started to fall asleep again and it began again also with a dragging sound on the carpet near the sofa. I know this sounds crazy. I am a mother of four and happily married. I pray to God everyday and there is no negativity in my home unlike I had growing up. I teach my children to love all people and we always talk about being kind to others and set high moral standards for our children. Maybe today was my mind playing tricks on me, but it doesn't explain my experiences as an adolescent. Any serious thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

      • Google Hypnogogia and sleep paralysis. It is a sleep condition. See my other comment below. I've had hypnogogic attacks since I was 5 and Im now 38. Like you, mine have lessened as I got older. I learnt to 'fight back', mentally when it happened. I used to think it was a ghost or evil spirit haunting me. Many people get it. There are forums on the web dedicated to people talking about their attacks and sleep experiences.

        • Listen it’s not what you think it’s a something I just hold it’s hand today and it was breathing really hard on my ears cold breath and when I touched it’s had it was cold and like rubber. Know you explain that to me cause I been having that for many years and am 28 know

      • Im sooo spooked by reading this! Aarrgghh! Lol

      • This is happening to me what can I do I'm do I'm so scared .i turn round and nothing is there .i feel what ever it is hold me down and thrusts on my back .i shout out to my partner but nothing comes out.can any one help me

      • Melissa,

        My name is Melvin Werts and I having identical problems you had such as multiple hands touching me and someone trying to get close to me in bed I cant sleep at night. I tried God and did extensive research I cant come up with anything.

        • melvin, please read some of the medical advice given in the comments. Also we do not allow posting private contact info, sorry.


      • My name is Pamela. I am a single mom of 5 kids. I believe in God, however, i took a turn in the wrong direction in my spiritual journy and have had a hard time coming back to him. The last time i try, I was having alot of emotional issues so my doctor put me on sedatives and tranquilizers. The last medication i was given messed me up to where i have not been the same every since. I now believe i suffer from depersonalization and derealisation disorder and connecting to others and self has become a problem with me. It is like i am trap in my own in a part of my mind like a prisoner or like locked out of the skating ring. I know everything is going on, on the inside but i am stuck outside the ring and it is lonely and hard to do things daily. It affects everything in my life. I have had sleep pralizes before but now they are so much worse. Sometimes i can feel is touching me seconds after i wake from one. I have gotten kinda use to having these sleep problems but really who can say they have gotten use to something like this. It is unsettling and makes me not wanna go to sleep. After reading alot of the comments on here has been helpful. I am not the best sleeper and i do drink them energy drinks so ima try to lay off of them.

        • Salam Pamela,

          It sounds like you do need to be on some sort of psychiatric medication, but that the one the doctor previously gave you was not the right one. Remember that psychiatry still depends heavily on trial and error. I urge you to go back to your doctor, and if you don't trust him or her, to find a new one. Inshallah everything will be ok.



  4. hahaha u shud feel lucky,no its not black magic and it happens to alot of people even to me,it started when i was 8 yrs old i use to be scared same story like u but u stil scared and im grateful that this happened to me coz now im stonger then ever i cudnt stand being alone or walking and sitting in the dark but after that i got gutts for almost everything.they are called jinn they are the other creation bored and just want to scare u some go after the beauty of humans but dont let they control u coz wen u get scared they enjoy just ignore them.but keep making dua for Allah to let them leave u alone be patient it takes time inshaAllah.and do keep reading surahs or ask ALLAH'S help the moment they attack coz that is the way out.

    • i'm only 13 and its happened for the third time today i tried fighting it while my eyes was shut in my 'sleep' and started reading duas etc. its affecting my mental health my parents know but i don't know what to do. it also said something 'dirty' to me the last time i slept and now i'm lost

  5. As-salamu alaykum. This is a very disturbing phenomenon and I can understand why you are worried. I have a question. Being that you are a university student, is it possibly you are sleep deprived? If so, this could very well be sleep paralysis.

    Read up on sleep paralysis here:

    It sometimes occurs during daytime naps in people who are chronically sleep deprived. It would explain many of your symptoms.

  6. Asalaamualaikum Sister,

    As well as the above advice, also make it routine to at the least, recite Ayat-ul-Qursi and the last three Surahs of the Quran - Surah Ikhlas, Falaq and Naas everynight before sleeping. Blow in your hands and wipe over as much as your face and body. This is the practice oh Muhammed (saw). Some narrations say he(saw) would do this three times.

    I have a book called Fortification of the Muslim: There is a dua to say 'Upon experiencing unrest, fear, apprehensiveness and the like during sleep'. The dua in English is: 'I take refuge in the perfect words of Allaah from His anger and punishment and from the evil of His servants, and from the madness and appearance of devils.'

    To see the dua in Arabic, see:

    This dua was also the practice of Muhammed(saw) as narrated by Abu Daawud 4/12 and Saheeh at-Tirmidhie 3/171.

  7. As salaamu 'alaikum,

    I sincerely believe that what you are experiencing is none other than Shaytaan jinn bothering you and making you miserable as this in their very nature.
    I had a very similar experience in my past and with diligent and consistent prayers, wudu before sleep, recitation of all the required surah and dua for sleep, with the help of Allah I was able to successfully over come this battle with the evil shaytaan.
    These links will insha Allah help to increase you in knowledge and make you sleep in peace and comfort.

  8. Assalamu Alaikum
    i am 14 years old and i get something similar to this, mosts nights. i feel as if something is holding me down and i cant move, i feel paralised.

    i will appreciate any advice

    salam alykom

  9. assallam alaykum.Yes,that is probably a jinni,here in africa we call that jinamiz.The only thing that is guaranteed to stop that jinn from bothering you is taking UDHUI before you go to sleep,make sure you take a proper udhui and don't just rush it as this might make your udhui unsuitable.This is bound to help you as it helped me for a few years now alhamdulillah.Even if you wake up in the middle of the night go to the bathroom and take another udhui as the first one wont be counting if you sleep again,i hop that will help you inshallah.

  10. ive had the same thing happen but i don't believe it is anything bad. quite the opposite. if it bothers you too much ask it to go away firmly. it freaked me out at first but now i believe it is a spirit sent from allah
    peace be to you

    • "Allahbepraised"

      Please bear in mind, that spirits are invisible. Allah puts 'Spirits' into our Human bodies to make us alive. No-body can see them, they are not tangible.

      The other beings are: Angels(Always Good) and Jinns(Good and Bad).


  11. Assalamu-alaikum,

    I used to have experiences, where I would feel totally paralysed and desperately try to call out for help, but no sound would come out. I could see the room as If I was up and moving around, though simultaneously feeling immobile. I also sensed a weight upon me as if something was sitting on me. One time I saw a black shadow with long black hair, wearing my sisters dressing gown, but it had no feet.
    My only remedy was to recite as much as I possibly could. I do recall one awful time struggling to even complete Surah Al-Fatiha, thus I kept repeating Bismillah, until I woke up.
    I used to also be scared of the dark or even being alone in the house during daylight. Sometimes I feel a little edgy but I am alot better now.
    I was convinced that it had been a jinn that was disturbing me. Now I endeavour to recite as much as possible. As mentioned by other comments, by reciting Ayat Al-Kursi an angel will guard over you and recite in morning for protection in day too. Also Allahs Beautiful Names, each name has its own remedy.
    I did read hear of another perspective on this subject, that when we are in REM sleep, our bodies will undergo paralysis to stop us acting out our dreams. However what happens here is that, we become somewhat conscious although the body is still under paralysis. The article also advised to avoid lying on one's back. I also read in a dua book, that we ought to sleep on our right sides. Thus this should stop this from happening.


  12. I've had a very similar experience. I use to sleep on the couch a lot, every night. and I use to feel this hot air blowing on my face, almost every night, it felt like a blow dryer. i use to wake up in the morning wondering what it was, or who was doing it? i never thought it was a ghost. Then one night i woke up to what sounded like feet running on the tile around the couch. My eyes were closed, but when i fully woke up, the foot steps stopped and i felt a strong prescence in front of me. I didn't look but then i felt that hot air on my face, and my body started shaking as if someone "shook me" to wake me up. So i decided to open one eye, and there it was, a ghost-like girl in front of me face. i shut my eyes and i didnt move i was so scared i was just there thinking what do i doooo?? but i eventually fell back asleep/passed out. I've read a lot about sleep a paralysis, and its the only explanation, but my question is..WHY did i wake up in first place, unless there was really a noise? And why would i feel that hot air so often yet never have sleep paralysis other times? It leads me to believe that SOMETHING is waking you up while ur in REM sleep to cause the paraylsis, at least in some of the cases. I feel like there can be many reasons why you have sleep paralysis, whether it be, someone who wakes u up, stress that wakes you up, or something evil waking u up. I really don't think that theres anything that can change my mind about me seeing that ghost. It had to be real. Another time i woke up, i felt a tapping on my head, and my head started to shake, and i felt something jump on the bed with me. i didnt look cuz i didnt wanna have an imprint of another ghost ha. Does this still sound like sleep paralysis?

    • I woke up to some invisible force holding me by the sides and shaking me violently. I remember looking around the room to note details to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I layer there and watched the clock tick two minutes by as this thing shook me violently. We also used to hear unearthly howling come out of our speakers at night. One room mate also said he saw an old man watching him play guitar for a whip in the same house. I oddly wasn't as scared as i should have been... Almost thought it was funny it was so strange... I was thinking are you done yet. I am a Christian and was sure it had to be God trying to tell me something, but I almost smiled thinking I have no clue what that was supposed to tell me

  13. alsalamo alike my name is mahmoud 24 y o from libya am having this since was 14 am sure that my case is the worst I went twice to men who deals with black magica I know that was a sin but its ok if it will go away the 2 men told me the same thing and they don't know each other they told me that I am loved by an old jinni female some times I think that I don't want that thing to leave cuz I kept that and I can't imagine my life without it and its screws my life up I noticed that I can't keep any job and I can't keep any girl am not a loser person atall am graduated from college and a cool guy plays rock music and I don't know what's happening to me am soooo confused and I always think about that a few dayz ago same thing started to happen to my best friend after he got me a job and that freaked him out the strange thing that we get that in the same time and he sees a blonde girl bleeding from her eyes tellin him for get about mahmoud don't get him the job then he even lost his job I didn't sleep at night since a long time I started hate night but my friend met a man who deals by black magic and jinni and told him that he has the cure for the by something like the exorsicem and am waiting to see the result so far my friend says that every thing gets better.

    • W.salaam. Thats freaky! May Allah save you from whatever it is causing this! My advice to you. Completely avoid these men which deal with black magic and exorcism. It is a sin to visit them, with some hadiths saying its shirk, and others saying it may even be kufr!
      "With Him are the keys to the unseen and none knows it except Him" [Soorah al-An`aa,m 6:59]
      I"Whoever approaches an oracle or fortune-teller and believes in what he says, has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad." [Reported by Abu Hurayrah and collected by Ahmad and Abu Daawood (Sunan Abu Dawud (English Trans.), vol. 3, p. 1095, no. 3895).]

      Make sincere tawbah, and open your heart to Islam. This in itself InshaAllah will be a protection for you. Do five salat a day. After each salat recite ayatul kursi, and surah Ikhlaas, Falaq and Naas.

      Do Night prayers. Make wudhu before going to sleep. Then recite Ayatul Kursi.
      Recite surah Ikhlaas, Falaq, and Naas three times each before going to bed. Build your relationship with Allah, stay away from sin. Make sure any ties you have with any girls are halal.
      MOST IMPORTANTLY - seek Allahs protection, if Allah ordains something good for you none can prevent it and vice versa. Make dua for Allah to remove this thing from your life. Recite/ even put a recitation of surah Baqarah in your house - it will remove any evil jinn for 3 days InshaAllah. May Allah protect u and us all . Ameen

  14. Recite daily sure Al-baqrah, satan will run away.

  15. AA: No doubt this is Jinn; are you saying ayat al-Kursi? That would be my first recommendation. My second is to get a few good books on them at, then listen and read the extensive Jinn section. Anytime something is holding you down; its Jinn. The downloadable books can tell you all the precautions you need to take to rid your room; home and life. Maybe Allah swt wants you to increase your worship through this test, May Allah guide you.

  16. My brother,

    I was born into a Roman catholic family, but was taught early on by my father the history and respect of Islam and Judiasm as we all share a great history. Unfortunately I feel my church and people have failed us greatly. I now don't considered myself a catholic, instead I simply respond I am a believer in the God of Jews, christians and Muslims and through His grace may we one day find peace.

    What you experience I have experienced for the last 15 years. Make sure you are getting proper sleep otherwise it could be a number of sleep issues the most notable and seemed many people have mentioned is sleep paralysis. I have had many priests tell me, its nothing, I'm hallucinating, its stress, I don't eat and sleep properly, etc.

    I did however find a late Franciscan Friar who was interested in my story once I wrote to him, unfortunately he passed before we could speak. His predecessor however did talk with me and mentioned a number of things. He first said see a doctor to clear up any medical issues, and have a sleep study done. So I did. He said if I was clear and it persisted then to pray. It would be my only salvation.

    What we experience is a great gift and a curse. The friar told me how Satan would do his worst to disturb the ones most loyal to God. He told me of saints in the catholic church such as Padre Pio who experienced a great torment of these nightly and sometimes daily visits. It is our gift as we are made very clearly of the demons, and evil Jinn that inhabit this world, so we may stay close to God and profess His existence. It is our curse as their is no real physical proof of our nightly issues and we must carry this burden for mankind.

    I have taken what the friar has told me and continued to grow closer to God, I now have honed this gift/curse to the point I can feel when I'm not alone. At night, I can feel someone walk into my room, and before the Jinn/demons can do harm I force myself awake. Stay close to Allah, He most assuredly will grant you peace.

    • Laurence,
      you have good ideas and moral values,and you are quite knowledgeable too i would like to add why dont you accept Islam whole heartedly with full sincerity you have faith somewhere in Allah,once you'll come to know abt the Islam then nothing else will be required,Theres One God Allah,the Allmighty if you have queries about Islam you can ask the editors,as i am not so very prepared to answer your each and every query just wanted to come to a true religion Insha allah you'll be in peace.
      I hope i didnt hurt you anywhere.
      May God bless.

    • Subhanallah Laurence you amaze me,

      You have proper islamic aqeeda (beleif), and the Friar is absolutely right. The are different types of jinn/sheitan , one who come because they fall in love with you, some to harm you, some to scare you, some to stop you from warshiping, some to cause separation with people. Important, they all have a mission, they took a promise to god to try their best to mislead us especially the ones who are loyal to their lord. The more you are close to god the more he will try to disturb you.

      He (Iblis) said, "By Your misguidance of me, I will lie in ambush for them on your straight path. Then I will come at them, from in front of them and behind them, from their right and from their left. You will not find most of them thankful." (Surat al-A' raf: 12-17)

      Same surah Al A'raf 18 . (Allah) said (to Iblis) "Get out from this (Paradise) disgraced and expelled. Whoever of them (mankind) will follow you, then surely I will fill Hell with you all."

      When the affair is decided Satan will say, "Allah made you a promise, a promise of truth, and I made you a promise but broke my promise. I had no authority over you, except that I called you and you responded to me. Do not, therefore, blame me but blame yourselves. I cannot come to your aid nor you to mine. I reject the way you associated me with Allah before." The wrongdoers will have a painful punishment. (Surah Ibrahim: 22)

      Sheitan will try his best to destruct you, but you should be firm with your beleive as Laurence said, He is just want to scare and misguide you.

      listen to Baqarah regularly , read ayatul qursi and mawaidhatain (Falaq, Nnass, ikh-las) and wudhuu before sleep.


    • Very interesting. This is happening to me - and has been happening for the last three nights. However, I am lying Awake....I am A follower Of Jesus Christ...The Holy Book is by my bed side yet even when the light is on - I can still feel intense heat behind my back as though some one is lying against me. It hits me in the back, trys to grab my cross from my neck, sits on my chest and holds me down - I stress most times I am lying awake. When it has finished its 'fun' with me my dog asleep in the room wakes up snarling and showing his teeth, attacking an invisible force. Night terrors may or may not apply to me...But how can you explain my poor dog's reaction? My dog was also thrown down the stairs and I witnessed this. No amount of praying stops it......This has been happening all my life, I have spirits in the house that are passed family members and knowing they are with me is an Honour. But this evil touching me at night and touching my dog I don't understand and I don't know what to do to make it stop. I also feel that it is connected to the house next door that I'm linked to...when they are away the energy is peaceful and I feel so much better and have no trouble - my dog is also so much calmer. I had a family member that was Catholic, I was born Jewish raised Christian and I know God is with me but don't understand Why he allows this to happen. Please, any one reading this, what ever God you pray to (I believe there is only one God but we know him/See him by a different name) Please pray For Me & My dog Rudi.


  18. I have had this problem as well. I very highly doubt it is black magic. I also don't recommend just doing your daily prayers alone as that will do nothing. It might correct itself in a long period of time, but I recommend seeing a doctor. It is probably an inner ear problem.

  19. try reading ayat ul kursi three times before u go to sleep have faith in allah all will b well

  20. Assalam o alaikum everyone

    I have had similar experiences. Though I didnt see girls with bleeding eyes and all. But I have had been lifted from my bed and thrown and something got on top. This worsened that whenever I slept some hand came from the wall and shook me. But every time I took a stance to it. Because I knew I had to take a stand. In beginning just changing the bed position helped alot. But slowly it gave me strength. The last time when I was almost half awake. something just jumped on my bed. And started shaking me. As in the moment I put my blanket on my head. This events taught me that being bold about it works. I recited the Qalima loud and tried to throw off the blanket while the entity was weighing me down. I succeeded in barely a millisecond and it ran of. I saw in the dull light that I could hear steps running towards a blind end. It was the last ALHAMDULILLAH.

    In the sunnat of the Prophet (peace be upon him) I have read that after Fajr and Maghrib if you recite the last 3 qul 3 times before having a conversation with anyone. Then you will be safe from every kind of worldly bad things.

    Similarly reciting ALLAH HO LA ILAHA fully at night before sleeping keeps away all evil things.

    Whenever faced with this situation just recite kalima or ALLAH HO LA ILAHA.

    Since I am a doctor so would like to say that yes that in some cases when you lie down straight, it is a response to get your brain activated and wake you up partially so that blood starts circulating. Emergency response you can call it.
    For this sleeping on the right side as in the sunnat is a good option. It keeps your heart working better than in the left or straight positing.

    But if its jinn. I have told how to take care of them 🙂 ..

  21. This is not black magic. This is a condition called hypnogogia and sleep paralysis. Please google it as you will stop be afraid and understand your condition.

    I get it too. I have had this happen to me since I was 5 and Im now 38. I have had hearing, seeing, moving, touching hallucinations as I go to sleep and sometimes as I wake up. Sometimes I cant move and I feel there is a presence in the room with me. I have seen creatures in my room, felt a hand at my throat, someone standing over me, sitting on me, lying next to me and have spontaneously felt my body being left behind and my 'consciousness' lift out and float away. It can be terrifying if you don't know what is happening. You can stop them from happening. Or if it does happen you do not have to be afraid because you know what it is. It will not hurt you. You will be fine. It happens to many people but some more than others.

    Im not sure how much it happens to you but you should google it and find out more. It does not really bother me anymore as I know what it is and as a result my hypnogogic attacks have lessened.

    God bless you! You are not being surrounded by black magic, believe me!

  22. Hi, I guess ill start off by saying my names Matt, I am 25.

    My experiences started when my girl friend moved into her new condo. One night i fell asleep on the couch, and I had felt , what i thought was my girlfriend climbing over top of me to come sleep with me. I opened my eyes, and i realized no one was there, but i felt someone sitting on my back, and then poke my sides. I was wide awake at this point trying to comprehend the situation when i felt the "person" get off my back. Needless to say it startled me, but thinking it was just my mind playing tricks on me I ignored it and went back to sleep.

    Every so often when I'm sleeping at her condo, something will touch me and scare me sleepless. recently i was sleeping and I felt someones had brushing up my chest in and "S" pattern, i quickly opened my eyes and As i did i saw my Blanket in between myself and my girlfriend shoot up and then slowly fall back down. I'm trying to make sense of all this. i don't know if this is my mind playing tricks because it feels so real. I know for a fact i saw that blanket shoot up and fall back down, it feels like I'm loosing my mind. It only happens when I'm at her condo no where else.

  23. Asalam Malikum

    i am an afghan woman i got married about three months before i love my hasband and he also but i ahve sexual problem i not let him to have sex with me becasue it hurt me and i feel hurt and also i not enjoy my life with my hasband i dont know what to do

    i cant go to doctor becasue i shame if i say this my hasband like baby but if we not have sex how we will have baby may i lose my hasband please help me int this situation and give me advice i am from afghanistan and i live here in afghanistan

    before of married i not have sex we are muslim so what is my problem i kindly request u plz help me and give me advice as soon as possible


    • Dear M123,

      Sorry to hear you are having these difficult problems. Sounds like you are very fearful and ashamed.

      A doctor can help you. Many women experience pain during sex and it can be cured.

      Your problem will not go away until you see a doctor. Your problem could be fixed very easily, but until you see the doctor you won't know.

      Good luck.

    • Salaam alaikum khwahar MW,

      Firstly dear sister stop panicking (waarkhataa nasho). Your problem is not something new and many women experience this.
      It is painful for a virgin to lose her virginity and even after that, sexual intercourse can remain painful for quite some time, depending on how often you have it of course. Running away from the pain is not going to help, as you have said and realise, you are a married woman now who should be having relations with your husband.
      Is your husband gentle and considerate? The mans approach can make a huge impact. He meds to arouse you and make sure you are ready before intercourse. Foreplay is very important in order for a woman to get stimulated and release fluids that will make intercourse less painful. So if that's not happening, you need to make sure it does and then see how things go from there.

      If there is perfect foreplay and performance from your husbands side and it is still painful then I can only think of two scenarios. One, you haven't allowed it to happen enough in order for your body to adapt to something so new to u did mention that you don't let your husband have sex with you. So if in these three months you have hardly had intercourse, it won't be helpful as your body isn't getting used to something it should with the painful side of it gradually disappearing over time. You Ned find ways around it to make it as little painful for urself as possible and not leave it completely due to the fear of pain.
      The second scenario is, if you have been quite active sexually in these three months but still it hurts excessively and the pain is not going away, then you need to see a doctor as that's not really normal. But. that's only if you've actually had intercourse enough times. So if that is so, go see a female doctor..I understand it can be embarrassing for you but I'm sure you won't be the first or last lady that the doctor will see with such a problem. They can help by prescribing certain ointments etc to make it less painful

    • slm its not a problem... its normal it happens to many women dear sister ...the more u keep away from sex the more u prolong the pain....when u having sex for the first time ur virginity has to brake this is painful but i suggest u just to be patient and let ur hubby break it once its over then it will be over just stick with the pain let him break ur virginity....after that sex will bge painful for a month but after that it will be enjoyable.... its normal just stick with the pain stop running away otherwise it will stay thr for a loooong time...

  24. salam

    u shud recite SURAH Al- BAQRAH 3 times.

  25. What's going on? I'm scared. I was sleeping this is early in the morning about 9:00 a.m With light in my room, I'm sleeping on my back suddenly I fell this deep pressure on top of me pushing me down the bed, like of it was chocking me worth massive pressure I can feel those medeals things under my bed just squeeze down. I'm terrified I see black until my vision come back my body felt paralyzed i couldn't talk or move. Can someone please tell me why does this happen!? This is probably my 3rd situation.

    • Rene, read the answers already given. It is probably sleep paralysis. See your doctor.

      Wael Editor

    • Dear Rene,

      Do see your Doctor.

      At the same time, make it a habit to recite:

      1) Ayatul Kursi every night before you sleep, as the Prophet(sws) said agreed it. This story about 'Ubbay bin Ka’b and the jinn' explains:

      ~ Ubbay bin Ka’b(ra) stated that he used to have a room of dates. He suspected that some dates were going missing. Thus one night he stood vigil and saw an animal like a young person. Ubbay(ra) said: “I greeted and received a reply”. I asked, “Who are you? A man or Jinn?” He said, “Jinn. I said, give me you hand”. He outstretched his hands. I noticed that the hand was like that of a dog. Its hair like the hair of the dog. I asked, “Are Jinns created like this?” He said, “The Jinns know that there is none among them who is stronger than me”. I inquired, “Why did you steal?” He replied, “I have come to know that you love to give charity so decided to take some of your food.

      “Ubbay(ra) said: “What will save us from you? He said, ‘Ayatul Kursi which is in Surah al-Baqarah. He who reads it at night will be saved from our evil till the morning and he who reads it in the morning will be saved from our evil till the night’. "Ubbay(ra) said: I went to the Messenger of Allah(sws) in the morning and told him about my story. He(sws) said: “The evil one has said the truth."
      [Nasai’/Ibn Hibban Tabarni/Al-Hakim] So Rasul(sws)’s approval of this made the reading of Ayatul Qursi
      every morning and evening a Sunnah.

      2) The Mu’awwithat - The last 3 Surahs: Surah Ikhlaas, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas every night before you sleep and blow over yourself as instructed by Rasul(sws), as these hadiths explain:

      ~ Aisha(ra) reported that whenever the Prophet(sws) went to bed every night, he used to cup his hands together and blow over them after reciting surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Nas and then rub his hands over whatever parts of his body he was able to rub, starting with his head, face and front of his body. He used to do that three times. [Bukhari]

      ~ Abdullah bin Khubayb (ra) said: “We became thirsty and it had become dark while we were waiting for the Messenger of Allah to lead us in Prayer. Then when he came out, he took me by my hand and said: 'Say’. I was silent. Then he (sws) said again, ‘Say’, so I said, ‘What should I say?’ He said: ‘Say, He is Allah, who is One’ and the two surahs of refuge (al-Falaq and an-Nas) when you enter upon the evening and the morning three times (each). They will suffice you against everything.” [Abu Dawood/Tirmithi/Nasai’/Classified as Hassan by al-Albaani]

      ~ The Messenger of Allah(sws) said: “O! Ibn Aabis, shall I tell you about the best protection used by those who seek it. He said: Yes, O Messenger of Allah. He(sws) said: “Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of the daybreak.” and ‘Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind.’ It is included in these two surahs.” [Abu Dawood/classifed by al-Albani]

      Reciting Ayatul Kursi and the last three Ayahs have much protection in them for us all insha'Allah.

      SisterZ Editor

  26. it is the jinn they are just bored and troubling u .....ive had it since i was 9 scary at first but now its normal key word out of such a dream is la haw la wala quwwata illa billahil aliyyil adheem THERE IS NO POWER AND MIGHT EXCEPT FROM ALLAH ul will wake up immediatly...hmmm mine even went to a stage where i went into their world well the unseen world there i would be me i can as i like just like how i want to do what i do on earth got me thinking why do i experiance this so i realise its a gift from Allah he shows me the unseen to increase my believe that he is there that he is mighty that he can create everything and anything he wish to its really amazing actually it makes me realise that the body is just a test aswell but our soul is who we r coz id go weekly into their world well my soul and there id be me and i can choose to stay in the dream for aslong as i want to and do as i like aswell....there was even this once that a jinn female asked me abt islam and i taught her a litlle ....sometimes they wud attack me all i read was the above what i told u is the key to the exit id wake up immediatly well still do....immediatly wen id enter they wud stare at me like wow wat r u doing here u shudnt be here they wud look at me asif they wer scared of someone well not me just like they knw they cant communicate with me otherwise it wud be like a sin and the kids well most of them aint harmful but the parents wooh u better read and get out lol they are some mean beings who dont like humans to enter their world,,,,id ask this girl on another occasion are u jinn? she answered yes .... but i feell the jinn world is a world of its own so is ours and wuever messes with the other world they will answerble ....i read once in the quraan smthing to this effect that we shudnt waste time with the jinn coz its no use they are not apart of us and its just time waste wueve happens to be well aswell as me if Allah connects us with them its only to show his greatness and increase our belief and then we wake up and increase our ibaadah wen u encounter a jinn moment immediatly read the key word and get out it aint for us its their world ....well when i was ignorant i use to speak with them and stay their for how long i wished i use to walk around check the place out....but now i knw its not for me so i get out when i get drawn in....i must say to me its a beautiful experiance different feeling different world and all that matters is the soul ....

  27. o and not to encounter such at all read four kuls mrning and evening and mrning and evening duas ask Allah to make it stop ....he surely will

  28. I experienced something similar. For about 1 yrs I kept on having encounters with something wanting me to know that they were there. The first time, I was laying in bed closed my eyes when I fr something caress the left side of my face. I quickly openedy eyes thinking within that short period my mom had walked into the room ( which would be impossible considering I had my eyes closed for about ten seconds). I then had secular occurrences from there on our several times a week. One in which I was in the shower home alone, and something bashed my shower curtain. Then is we're I realized that the other hundreds of times
    They where not a coincidence. I asked my sister and brother in law (which are very string Muslims) of advice of what it could be? They told me that it was a jenni. I had a hard time believing this, but after moving out and still having the same issues I figured it was very much true. And no one can judge unless they have been through it. So do not let anyone tell you it's in ur mind, because I strongly believe that they ate well aware of all the chaos. O and to top it off, my sisters husbands cousins came down to live in ax for a bit. Well guess what? They moved into the same complex and things happened to the wife! Hers was more abusive than in live, but it was only the cherry on top of the Sunday for me to believe that there is much more out there than that we think.... Finite people

  29. I used to have this problem from when i was around 10 years to 15 years old until i spoke to a muslim scholar about this situation he didnt tell me much all he said was to me that when this problem occured that i should simply move my small muscles in my body such as rolling your eyes around, moving/wiggling your tongue and moving your fingers around. so the next time it happened to me i did as he told me to and it worked and i have never experienced it again (praise be to Allah swt)

  30. When am sleeping i feel like someone is touching me and when i wake up and search the whole house no one is there. even when am awake i feel like someone is touching me and this is uncomfortable. I have tried everything but nothing is helping. Need help as this is making my life unbearable/

  31. Salam,
    I've had the same experiences - something pressing me down when I am asleep and I couldn't move or breathe. I shout and scream in the sleep but no sound comes out. I would struggle and struggle until I really wake up, breathless and exhausted. I've had it since teenagers up till university.

    But i ddidn't know the cure so i suffered a lot and had panic attack whenever evening comes and when everybody sleeps. i wasn't really religious back then and do not know about islam and quran that much though i pray five times daily. as i learn more about Islam, I read about the hadith on sleep ettiquette and started reading the ayatul qursiy and the 3 qul before sleep, blow and wipe over my body. it works and i have peaceful sleep most of the time.

    However, once a while the experience comes even after i read all those. so, when it happens, i usually try to read alfatihah but realize that i always couldn't complete the whole surah and the thing really made me so breathless and i forgot the lines.

    then one day, a friend (a religious teacher) told me about her experiences. somebody had done black magic to her and every night, she will see coffins in her house and an ugly lady in white attacking her. she, being a religious teacher, often fights back with the use of verses of the quran. she told me of a dream she had when the lady attacked her. she was almost losing the battle. then in the midst of it, she saw the words 'Allahu Akbar' written in Arabic in front of her. So, she tried one last thing, she said 'Allahu Akbar' loudly, blew air onto her palm and threw it at the jin. It worked and the jin exploded. (Subhanallah, when everything else fails, Allah came to her rescue.) Since then, whenever I've had the experience, I will always read 'Allahu Akbar' a few times and I will wake up immediately. I will then go and take wudu, read the necessary ayats and go back to sleep peacefully.

    So, do try it. When you have bad dreams or something pressing you, read 'Allahu Akbar' loudly with conviction that Allah is Great and you are not afraid and that the jinn is the one who should be afraid of Allah and Allah will destroy him. It will scare the jin away insyaAllah.

    I had another experience after I got married. A Christian woman fell in love with my husband and I believe she did black magic on me and my family. My son often see black faces on the walls and curtains. He will have bad dreams all the time. Once when she came over, (my husband hired her as a tutor, he seemed not able to stop contacting her although he said he tried)., something strange happened. My son was seated opposite her at the dining table while they were having tuition. He saw, on the wall exactly behind her, a black face just like what he always see in his room. It was smiling at her.

    Then, another day, both my son and I saw a huge shadow, reaching the ceiling walking past our windows. Ironically my daughter didn't see it. My son said 'mama' looked at me and i said to him 'i saw it'. And I will have strange nights. Once, I was asleep (alone - my husband was not home yet). It was a very hot night and I slept without much clothes on. The fan was on full blast. I woke up suddenly feeling so hot and sweaty. I found the fan closed and I was wearing my night robe (which I remembered I saw before I sleep, hanging on the clothes hangar on the wall, and wrapped in my blanket. I was shocked and confused and I knew something is playing with me. I looked at the clock and it was 2 a.m. I took wudu read the necessary verses and slept again.

    Then, on another day, it was a very cold night and it was raining heavily. I sleep with the same robe on and pull a blanket over me (again my husband was not back yet) and the fan was off. I woke up, shivering and teeth clattering. I found my robe and blanket on the floor and I was in my lingerie only and the fan was on full blast. I was very shocked and confused again. I looked at the clock and scarily, it was 2.00 am.

    Then, one night, I had a dream. I dreamt of that Christian woman, she was wearing a lingerie and beside her was a very big, black jinn. He was so huge that I only saw from his shoulders down. His head was above the ceiling. The lady told the jinn to pull me out of my bed. The jinn pulled me by my left arm. When I realized I held on to the bed pillar with my right arm. He was so strong and I was losing my grip. The lady kept on laughing and telling the jinn to pull me out of my bed. I read all kinds of verses but nothing stopped him. Then I remembered 'Allahu Akbar' and read it out loudly I think 3 or 4 times and both she and the jin disappeared. I told my husband about the dream and told him she is doing black magic so that she can take me out of my bed and this marriage so that she can have you. I told to myself - I will fight her. I never go to any person to help me fight her though many people say I should seek help from somebody. I don't believe it other people - I believe in the power of Allah and HE will help me. I don't need intermediaries. So, I do all the necessary precautions myself.

    Until now, sometimes I do experience it, especially when I fall asleep without reading and it still works alhamdulillah. So, remember, before sleep, take wudu, read alfatihah, ayatul qursiy, the 3 kulhu, blow on palms and wipe over whole body. have the quran (wrapped up in cloth because you might touch it when you don't have wudu) at your bedside table. if you still have the bad experience in your sleep, even after reading all those, shout 'Allahu Akbar'. After wake up, take wudu if possible, read the same things and sleep again. if you are still scared or your heart thumping (like mine always does after each experience), take the quran and hold it close to your chest. it works for me all the time, alhamdulillah - it really calms me down and i can sleep again. So, do try the method.

    also, read surah albaqarah in your house, if it's too long, turn on the audio loud enough for the whole house. if not possible, read the last 2 ayat (285 and 286) daily. these beings like to disturb us. we have the power to chase them away with Allah's permission by the use of verses of the quran and the conviction that Allah is greater than them and that they should be afraid of Allah and we are not afraid of them.

  32. I feel something touch me but it happens in the daytime too and I get plenty of sleep so how could it be sleep paralysis? I am so confused and it freaks me out. I try to ignore it most times but it's so hard to do that and once Isaw a silhouette of a man standing outside of my dads bed at 7 in the morning it was so strange, I was wide awake but it's so wierd and after that I kept feeling touches. I am so scared, I need help!

  33. Assalamo alaikum

    Some strange things had been happening to me for a long time now. I dont remember a time without these occurences. I am 22 yrs old and i pray though not regularly. I feel warm air at my hands and feet when i am fully awake, i feel an invisible hand which feels just like a man's hand. In school i had really long hair which i got rid of just because i used to have nightmare about a completly black or white cat combing my hair with its claws and then to find a cat entering from my window right after i awoke from that dream. According to my mother I had invisible playmates until i was 5. The imam of a masjid told my father that i was liked by an entity when i was 3 months old and i would not stop crying. I dnt feel afraid of going on the roof at 3 a.m. I have seen a floating tree on the wall of my house and i even had a broken branch of that tree in my hands when it fall at my feet right before it vanished in front of my eyes. My house is right in front of a park but the strange thing was the leaves of that branch didnt match any tree nearby.

    It is completely common for me to see invisible beings playing with marbles, to see someone invisible hitting my brother across his face and dragging him by his collar when he was bickering with me, listen to whispers at my ear when there is no one around, feeling someone brush by when i am alone in my room, to see my bed dip with weight of someone who is invisible to me, feel a small cyclone around my body, to get things i want after i wish for them aloud. There are so many things which if i start writing about, it wud take an hour or two.

    There is one more thing that bothers me. I can see real events happening even when i am asleep. Its like my body is sleeping in my bed and still i am witnessing several things right on the monent they are happening like i can see things in my wake. The only difference is that i can see people in my dreams whom i cannot see while i am awake. The dream start from somewhere else and ends right at the present moments which i can continue seeing when i open my eyes. Sometimes it dznt feel like a dream. It feels like i was watching things happen all around me even when my eyes were closed and i was lying in my bed. No one believes me. May b i am making a fool of myself but if sonebody has any answers related to what i experience plz reply.

    • Sister Asma, it's very possible that you are suffering from a mental illness such as schizophrenia. It might be easily treatable with the right medication. You need to see a mental health professional right away.

      Wael Editor

  34. I've experienced similar I don't sleep much anymore the first time it happened I woke up feeling a poking sensation in my butt I thought someone was messing with me I regarded it as normal but the next time it happened I saw a flash in the room followed by poking sensations on my chest I wanted to move but couldn't I'm so terrified i make sure i pray to God before bed Im a Christian struggling with sexual sins. It happened a third time I was having a vivid nightmare I woke up frozen and paralyzed feeling a negative presence in the room I screamed but nothing came out it felt like I was vibrating I had no control over my body it all stopped when I said Jesus protect me in my head I gasped for air and sleep was back to normal that experience happened last night now it's 12:17 and I'm scared to sleep

  35. Hi Jake,

    You know you are writing and asking help from an Islamic site, right? Anyway, you said you are struggling with sexual sins, no matter you are a Muslim or a Christian, just stay away from it, repent in front of Our Creator, Allah, ask for his mercy to stay away from any tempting situation. It sounds easy but you need to do it sincerely. Do not attempt to ask for forgiveness one day and the other day goes back to your sin. Cut the pattern. Do not abuse God's mercilessness. We, muslim do not ask help from Jesus.

    Regarding your situation, here's my questions: are you on any medication? Drugs taking? Or any mental health issues in yourself or your family? Are you stress lately? Besides, do you drink any coffee or strong tea before sleep? (2-3 hours before sleep?) Have you contact with spirit or black magic, e.g ouija board, etc. All the above may affect your sleep. If situation persists, check with your doctor. If it is related to dark spirit, I am no expert here to advise. You may need to speak to your Pastor or a priest.

    Take care.

  36. Salam wa alacum mon. I agree with anne but i also believe in a jinn aspect. I used to be poked while i was sleeping between the age of 12 to 20 yrs. I used to do the same duwa but with no effect. Around the age of 30 i had my my first sleep paralysis which continued for around 2 yrs, on and off and i stressed like u and prayed. i spoke to my doctor and was refered to a therapist which taught me to get out of my dream state (mostly works) it was a life changer. But since combating sleep paralysis every now and again when im just dozing off or waking up i get a massive slap on the back of the head which no one can explain. But i must say a knock in the back of the head is better than sleeo paralysis cheers laila

  37. It might be sleep paralysis but my friend had the sane experience and they later found out that there was a jinn that was in love with her. She would make herself look pretty at night without knowing it and it would touch her, her temperature would rise and it would wake her up sometimes. So a sheikh told her to read surat Al baqara every day for a week. Including praying on time. And then her problem was solved alhamdulilah

  38. I lay down on my bed it shakes i say suraha and it doesn't go away even I apply Surah Aytal kurchi it helps a little then it starts happens again I put the Quran on YouTube it works but it would start shakes near my legs please help. I don't know what's going on

    • AOA,Recite sura Baqrah daily for 41 days and blow it on water. Sprinkle that water on all 4 corners of your house on every floor. Drink that as well. Also play sura Baqrah as loud that it reaches almost everywhere. There should be no gap in these 41 days. May Allah helps everyone who is in trouble. Ameen

  39. Remember to say your athkar, read Surat Al-Falaq, Surat An-Nas, Surat Al-Ikhlas (three times each, then blow into your hands after each time) and Ayat Al-Kursi (once, blow into hands).

    Run your hands over your whole body, then, sleep.

    Also always remember to say after Fajr and before Maghrib (BismilLahi al-ladhi la yadhurru ma'a ismihi shay-un fil ardhi wa la fis-samaa, wa huwwa as-samee'ul 'aleem).

  40. Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Brother and Sisters in Islam,

    I had this experience just 1 day ago. Trust me, if you feeling the pressure on your body, and you can't move or say anything out loud, it can not be any sleeping disorder. I've experienced the same thing now about 4 times over 12 years. I'm very sure that this is not medical related. The best solution is to read. You win the battle once you recite Aoothubillah, continuously. And also read the 3 Quls and Aayatul Kursi, or read whatever comes to your mind, coz you are in a battle here and you need to overcome a power with your mental state of mind and not physically. It is not a dream that you experience, because when you are finally released, you are wide awake. You know that you've actually experienced something.

    I don't feel scared anymore, I know what I have to do.

    May Allah Azza Wa Jal grant us all the faith to become steadfast and true believers of Islam. Aameen.


  41. Yea I have sleep paralysis and what helped me get through it are these:
    1. Don't sleep on your back.
    2. Recite Surah Al Ikhlas, Al Falaq, Naas.
    3. Search dua for protection from evil and recite it.
    4. Read Ayat ul Kursi.
    5. Sleep on your right side , it's a Sunnah.
    6. If you ever get attacked again , wiggle your finger or toe or just scrunch your face.
    May Allah protect you. Indeed Allah knows best.

  42. I can very well understand your condition, coz, I myself is going through the same.... Mine is worse, am sexually harassed and nothingvseems to work.... It won't let me even sleep.....i need help and don't know from where.... After reciting the surah it goes away for the time being, but it returns....

    • Sister play surah al baqarah for 3 consecutive days or nights. Don't give in. Keep praying and recite the 3 quid always.

    • Peace Nazrana!

      I know what you mean. I've been there before.
      At first it was just the sleep paralysis thing, feeling held down in bed, feeling awake but unable to move or speak, but then I started feeling movement on my private parts. It was hard to wake up from that, but I found that the best thing was to try reciting Surah Al- Fatihah. I would wake up relieved but still spooked, breathing heavily.

      After experiencing this and other hard-to-explain occurrences over a long period of time, I reached a breaking point and ended up going to a few different sheikhs, who are learned in the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him). They each believed that I was under jinn possession. That a jinn was in love with me. This may seem abnormal but jinns are beings with feelings just like us humans, and they can chose to do what they please. But we all have to remember that we should not harm a fellow living creature, especially not for our own pleasure. Otherwise, we must come to terms with the consequences from the Creator of all things.
      Remember, Allah has ultimate authority over all.
      He is the Most Just.
      And He will not let the oppressors go unpunished.

      And with that notion in mind, I went to a center for Ruqyiah, which is the reciting of specific ayahs (Quranic verses) that work to repel the jinn and black magic. I was advised to read as much of Surat Al-Baqarah as I could and say the morning and evening adhkar (prayers of remembrance of Allah). In addition to eating healthy and exercising so that the jinn doesn't exploit my physical deficiencies and cause me to have an unexplainable disease.

      This was nearly 2 years ago. Alhamdulilah I am much better now. I might get this feeling occasionally but I know how to deal with it. I remember that Allah is in control. That He allowed this to happen and only He can make it pass.

      Ok so all in all, if this happens to you again.
      Firstly, do as the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) used to do:
      Read ayat al-kursi (the verse of the Throne) which btw shows how high Allah is over everything else and how He has complete control of everything that happens. Then, lightly spit on your left 3 times.
      It helps to stay safe by doing these things BEFORE you go to sleep:
      - reading ayat al-kursi
      - reading Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al- Falaq, and Surah An-Naas, blowing into your palms and wiping as much of your body as you can. The Prophet (pbuh) used to do this 3 times.
      - reading the last 2 ayat from Surah Al-Baqarah

      If it happens often, then you may want to talk to a sheikh about it. Maybe the Imam at your local mosque.

      Also it is good to have medical check-up to make sure that its not some kind of physical or psychological problem, which could very much be the case. I did and there was nothing unusual so I had to search for another explanation.

      Throughout it all, keep praying to Allah. Build your relationship with your Creator. He is the only who can truly get you through what you're going through. Of course that is true in any case, but we feel it more when we're dealing with such supernatural issues.

      And remember what Allah says in the last ayah of Surah Al-Baqarah:
      "la yokallifo allahu nafsan illa wis'aha"
      "Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear"
      Whatever you are going through, Allah gets it. He knows. He knows how tough it is, but He also knows how you're going to make it through. Everything He does, He does for a reason. Maybe this will make your heart grow stronger. Maybe it will be the oppression with which Allah will erase some of your sins. Maybe it will be the sort of struggle you have in the Dunya (this lifetime) that will be a way for you to enter Paradise in the Akhira (the next life).

  43. Go to a Mosque near you, they will surly help you. It happend to my sister as well. May Allah keep us safe. It also helps reading Quran before bed and waking up.

  44. This keeps happening to me to also last week a man appeared in my bed with his arm around me and wouldn't let me up. I said what I spoke more than a few times when i thought about it. Only thing i can think is I wanted a man. But i don't have1 so who is this in my bed I can feel his arm around me his whole body on mines he even whispering in my ear I was scared

  45. Asalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, it happened to me this morning 545am to be precise I was laying on my stomach and awoke I felt like someone is climbing on top of me while getting close to me in a sensual way I thought someone came in to my room while I was sleeping.
    While this started happening I totally freaked out .
    I began to recite aytul kursi and as I began reciting i felt the weight ease off of me, I then recited bismillah hilladhi la yadurru -ma -usmihi -shay un -fil' ardi -walaah-fis-samaai wa huwas'sameeul' aleem.
    In the name of Allah with who's name nothing can harm in the earth nor in the sky . He is the all hearing and the all knowing.
    I also said the adaan out loud and Alhumdulillah I was fine after that .

  46. Assalamualikum,

    As soon as I read this situation, I knew it had to be a Jinn or a family of Jinn. They have the ability to touch you and mess with you while you sleep. Ayat-al-Kursi definitely helps before going to bed. While it's happening, if you can wake yourself to say "audhu bila..." that will make it stop, but the issue with that is you harm the Jinn. For some, they will never return, while others come back for vengeance. There are good and bad jinns. Some may be having fun and ignorant, while others choose to disobey. They will always live among us, but if you cannot communicate with them to find out what they want, an imam with this specialty can do so without harming them.

    For the meantime, all the tips on surahs and recitations made here are super helpful. I would ignore the mental issue comments. as in Islam, we know what causes that and no medical doctor can cure the root cause. They will only give you medication for the symptoms.

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