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Sorry for the slowdown

Wael's daughter Salma making cookies

My mother and my daughter Salma making cookies. - Wael

As-salamu alaykum everyone,

In recent days the number of questions being published every day has slowed, as well as the participation by some editors. For my part, my daughter has been ill with a persistent fever and cough, and I've had my hands full taking care of her. One of our other editors has no internet service at the moment. SisterZ has pretty much been carrying the brunt of the work by herself, ma-sha-Allah.

I hope to be back in force by Saturday Insha'Allah.

Wael Editor


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  1. Oh maashAllah Wael, what a cute picture of Salma :0)!

  2. Assalam O Alaikum Brother Wael:)-

    Sorry to hear about your daughter's illness. Masha Allah she is a little angel as I can see. Brother! I always pray for the whole panel including their families and Insha Allah I will pray for little cutie Salma today in Friday prayer and don't worry we all understand your situation. May Allah bless you all for your services toward the Ummah. (Amin).
    I hope you don't mind me asking about the editor who doesn't have the internet. Is he/she in UK or US, if in UK then I personally can buy a wireless internet dongle which will be sufficient for a month if used just to give advice to the people who come here to seek help.
    And, I will be happy to do so as Masha Allah all of you brother and sisters spend a lot of time helping others so this little contribution from me will earn me Allah (SWT) special blessings and it will be a little charity from me. I can top that up every month Insha Allah.
    Please consider my humble request and allow me to contribute in this Kar-e-khair. And keep updating us regarding the health of Salma. I request all other readers to remember our brothers and sisters of this panel in your everyday prayers. May Allah bless you all. (Amin)
    Wasalm MKS1982:)-

    • Mks it's very kind of you to offer to help our editor, but I think she can work it out on her own Insha'Allah. I really appreciate your good will and your kind heart. Maybe in the future I'll add a button or link to donate for the website. I have to think about how that might be structured.

  3. Happy new year, Wael. Your daughter is very beautiul. Keep up the good work.

  4. I held her on my shoulder and rocked her last night like I used to do when she was a baby, until she fell asleep. It's a lot more work now that she's four years old 🙂

    Alhamdulillah her fever is gone this morning. The cough and runny nose are still there, but she seems much better. She's doing watercolors now.

    Thanks all for your good wishes.

    Wael Editor

  5. Your welcome brother Wael;)-. I am glad that your daughter is doing well now Alhamdulillah. Brother, I have so many suggestions but as there are not many brothers and sisters on the panel or volunteers (including myself) who can support all the set-up. Another reason is that we are virtual, which may be another problem. Insha Allah I will try to contribute in future in any possible way that I could think will help our Ummah Insha Allah.
    Donation button is good idea but still you will need resources to manage all that like more people on board who are willing to volunteer.

    Wasalam MKS1982:)-

  6. MashaAllah, your daughters cute! Glad to hear shes feeling better alhumdulilah!

  7. MashAllah you daughter is beautiful and I'm glad to hear that she is doing well.
    I had a question and I don't know how/where else to post it so here it goes....
    I submitted my question a few weeks ago and it was marked as 'ready' on Dec 24th....I still haven't seen it being posted onto the site or if it has been then I can't seem to track it. But I noticed a lot of other questions that are still pending from wayyyy before I posted mine...I understand that things are posted in the order that they are submitted...I also understand that everyone's questions are really important.
    I guess my question is that how long do I have to wait before my question is posted...I'm really in a mess right now and my Uncle and parents are pressing me to leave my husband right now and I DON'T know what to do.
    Please help!

    • Dear Confused Sister,

      We apologise for the delay in your question being answered. We are very busy here at and are doing our best to publish and answer as many questions as possible.

      It could take another month before your question is answered.

      I do not know your situation, so all I can say for now is this:

      You are an adult and a married woman, so should be able to decide whether your husband is right for you or not yourself. If your Parents and Uncle have a problem with your husband, leave that between them and your husband. You just focus on your personal relationship with your husband. Just the way no-one should force anyone into marriage, no-one should be forced or pressured to leave their spouse, that is completely wrong.

      If of course your husband is abusing you emotionally/physically, that is a completely different story.

      We will answer your question properly when it is published, but Sister, you must use your own intellect for such matters and not be pushed around others. Parents and other family can advise, but not 'tell' you what to do.

      SisterZ Editor

      • Thank you SisterZ.
        I know you are busy and it really does help to browse through these questions because then you see that there are so many other people facing hardships (many much worse than mine) and that makes me thankful and helps me realize that I'm not alone.
        I am not being physically abused and I'm not a 100% sure if I'm being emotionally abused- but inshAllah I will be patient and keep browsing through these forums and hopefully see my question on here soon enough.
        Confused Sister

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