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Can a stepfather be a wali?

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I would like to request clarification on a particular issue. A boy and girl are in an arranged marriage. Later the boy comes to find out that the girl's father, whose name is mentioned in the Nikahnama, is not her real father. The girl's mother had remarried when the girl was of very young age. The girl does not recall her real father, and she knows her stepfather as the real father. The stepfather has an affidavit to show that he had taken guardianship of the girl.

Is this marriage legal as per Shariah?

-Mahabubul Karim Khan

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  1. AsSalaamu Alaikum,

    It would have been better if you provided much information regarding the girl's male siblings if any (whether they have reached complete puberty and or not?) and her uncles (or her uncle's male children if they have reached complete puberty and known?). If those are not available or have not reached the complete puberty, then the Muslim Jurist or Imam in that town is her wali since there is no male relative closer to her--however, if her stepfather has taking responsibility of her, and she has agreed or chosen for him to be her wali, then there is no problem in that, and the nikah would be valid in that case. And Allah knows best.

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    If a sister got pregnant 1 month before her wedding. And then he get married to the same guy that got her pregnant. can that guy be the wali when their kid are getting married in the future

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