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AsSalam O Alaikum

This is my very first time of posting in a website as I've never registered anywhere but I am in a messy situation and extremely depressed since a long time and I really need help please.

So my story is that I got in a relation with a guy 4 years back and he used to be really nice and caring through out the years, he even after a year told his sister and other about me and even they were happy about it but eventually after a year I got to know that he was cheating on me like talking and hanging out with another girl which was his sister's friend as well. Then he begged me and all that for me to not leave him and that girl was a mistake and I believed him, his sister and mother were really nice to me and one day a really good rishta came to me but I rejected obviously because if that guy and I forwarded it to my bf's sister and they got really happy and even gave me a ring that you are our daughter in law and we are going to get you two married, but as soon as his sister got engaged she turned out to be a totally different person. She stopped talking to me and got very close to the other girl who she apparently said was doing kala jadu on her brother and was a bad character girl and she suddenly changed and started family relation with her and totally kicked me off and ruined my image in front of her family and got that other girl close and now wants her to be married to her brother who was with me. Though the guy constantly told me he would only marry me and that I shouldn't worry about that other girl and that his sister and that girl are crazy and all.

We were really close and all but two weeks back I told him it's high time he tells his mother that we need to get engaged as everyone knew we were together and even my parents were fine with it but he just shut me up saying his mother doesn't want it and wants him to focus on his future. Then after a week I found out pictures of him with that girl in his room and that his sister was making them meet alone on dates and wants them to get married and that he was cheating on me since three years all along. I just don't get how he did this and why would he assure me and do so much for me all the time and even meet my family when there on the back he was with that other girl the same way he was with me.

I feel totally shattered and betrayed and his sister played a very big part in this. Turned me into a bad girl image and made that other girl a sweetheart of everyone and all. Like I don't know what to do and that guy now just doesn't give a damn about me. And I keep seeing all of them together being happy and I'm just here all alone. But he never admits he's with that girl but I've now blocked him off from every where but the thing that eats my heart is how can he just get over a 4 year relation with an apparent intention of marriage and the ring and everything he's given me. His family hates me and I guess now he does too.

Is it really that girls black magic or just that this family used me just for his sister's rishta and that he was never going to marry me? I can't get over what they did to me and my family is very upset too and I'm extremely depressed. What should I do?


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  1. Sister kainat, dont get wrong:)
    Dont focus on them, ur wasting ur time:)
    a real guy shouldnt break a girls heart, his heart will be broken in the future dun worry
    this world is not about just boy and girl love its also for us to focus our selves in ALLAH. our parents, good deeds, our faith and extc.
    Forget him, i know its hard but ur hurting ur self more.

  2. Leave him. It was doomed from start. I think he's lying about his mum saying she doesn't want him to marry. You shoul find someone better.

  3. plz leave and move on it is very difficult but do this for best future pray and do dua for forget him and do tawuba you realise satisfy plz do that .

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