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Strong feelings of commiting suicide


I wanna commit suicide. I'm sick of this life and crying and feeling lonely. Mentally and emotionally I'm so hurt and in pain will allah forgive me if I kill myself and end this pain????

I can't tolerate this anymore. I'm tired of my loneliness and crying for myself. I'm losing my faith in Islam. I don't find peace anywhere. I feel like allah is not listing to me. I feel like allah hates me. He doesn't wanna help me at all.

I'm tired of praying and being patient. I can't concentrate when I'm praying or reading quran. I don't find peace in praying or reading quran I just do it coz I fear allah. Sometimes I even stop praying and making dua coz I feel like allah is not accepting whatever good deed I do. And hes not answering my duas.. 🙁

I think allah hates me soo much. I really really wanna die!!!!! :'( This suffering is not ending. I hate myself, I hate my life. I don't wanna live anymore.

I posted my problem a few months ago and I still have the same problem and I feel suicidal coz of that problem. Plz plz help me and advice me how to get rid of these suicidal thoughts before I kill myself!!!!! :'(


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  1. Salaam, astagfirulah you cannot say that Allah Hates you or that Allah doesnt hear dua. Is not respect to say that. Allah accepta dua Always but in the right time when it is good for you. If you kill yourself you have to know it Will forever hellfire Allah Will never accept that Because it is not your time to go. You are muslim dont make yourself crazy. This life is all bout test And you have to be strong. If you trust Allah he Will make it easy for you. You Will have peace when you do salaat And Reading quran And avoid negatief things whats in your head, it is shaitan thing. You really have to watch not to do suïcide. Stay strong And do salaat And do dua a lot.

  2. Brother. nooooooo! You don't have to die like this!!!!!! There are better options, like what F said above, just don't suicide!! <:(

  3. Asalaamu Alaikumbrother.

    Please call me. Let's talk

    • It's kind of you to offer, and I know your intentions are good, but we do not allow the exchange of private contact info. It's best for this sister to talk to a qualified counselor or therapist in her area.

      Wael Editor

  4. Salaam broken_hearted
    Please dont do this dhulm(opression) on your slef. You really think that the One who created you doesnt love you? Why?
    If he can provide rizq and air to breathe to those who openly hate Him why would He do that to someone who loves Him, worships Him and fears Him.
    He undoubtedly does. But the question is do you not trust in Him? Do you question His authority over you? He placed you on earth to test you to see if you will turn to Him, if you will call unto Him for help.
    Dont stop praying because that is what shaitan wants. This thought of suicide is not what you want its what shaitan wants. Maybe Allah loves you so much and is cleansing your sins in this world so you dont face the punishment in the hereafter.

    We humans can be very narrow minded and not look beyond what is in our scope. You say Allah hates you because your going through hardship but truth is He loves you more then anything and He wants to give you jannah. The road to jannah is full of hardships and trials. This my dear friend is a blessing. Just imagine life being so perfect no hardship nothing to worry about would you not worry whether Allah loves you then? Because Allah tests those that He loves more then any other.
    I pray Allah eases your pain and gives you strength to turn this situation around and see beyond the box. He definately loves you without a doubt and if you commit suicide you are nothing but a loser for the hellfire. You dont want to have hardship in this world and torment in the hereafter which is eternal. Then that will be a lose lose situation. This world is very short time passes so quickly nowadays before you know it our lives will be over. We rather die knowing Allah is pleased with us and we have done everything to please Him. Dont fall for this trap
    You will get better just start loving Allah talk to Him and one day InshaAllah you will have ease.
    My mum says that time will change things even a rock that is in one position for many many years will move. Nothing stays the same.

    Once a man came to the Prophet  and said, “I love you.” The Prophet  said, “Look at what you are saying.” The man said, “By Allah, I love you.” And he repeated this sentence three times. The Prophet  said, “If you really love me, then be prepared for poverty, for extreme hardship rushes more rapidly towards a person who loves me, than a flood flows towards its goal”

    Sorry if i might have come across as harsh but i say it as it is dont waste your ibadah for hellfire its not worth it.

  5. Assalamualaikom Sister

    I understand your going through some difficult times, and believe me everybody does.
    Allah sees you and he wants you to turn to him truely and wholeheartedly. This life is a test, and it is very SHORT, it is never meant to be perfect or to be a place of eternity.. so keep that in mind. After this very short life , We will all eventually leave this world and go to meet our creater. on what state you want to end your test?

    i will not respond to your "I think Allah hates me" or " Doesn't answer my prayers" part of your question.
    and i am sure you yourself know that you are just saying that because of helplessness you feel, and do not really mean what you said.
    But the bad news is, words like these will only make you feel more down and away from Allah and closer to your worst eternal enemy, the shytaan.

    Guess who want you not to be happy andcontent? Who wants you to kill yourself? Who wants you to go away from your Creater? Who want you to go to hell forever? and who is whispering those ugly words and thought in your mind ?... its all the same person. your eternal enemy, the Shaytaan.
    But the good news is that he is WEAK... he can only whiper, but you are in charge of what you want to do..

    You can choose to seek refuge with THE MOST HIGH from Shaytaan whispers and the negative thoughts .. and ask Allah to give you patience and strength and make you a strong believer. You can choose to show your Creater that you are a pateint servant who belives in Him and trusts His promise. Indeed Allah answers those in distress. All what you need is to clean your heart and call on him in the correct way as the prophet SAW showed us.


    To make things short try these:

    1. Make lots and lots Istighfar ( asking forgivness) by saying "Astaghfirullah" as much as you can per day.

    2. Start your day with Ayatulkursi with the Fajar prayer , and your day wth it after Maghrib prayer

    3. Devote some of your time every day to make Greetings SALAM and TASLEEM on the prophet SAW. One of the best ways to relief distress, and very beloved by Allah SW.

    4. Always take wadua when the negative thoughts come to you and say "Auzubillahi min Alshaytaani Alrajeem" i.e " I seek refuge with Allah from the evil hyataan" and pray just 2 Rakaas.. This is the hardest thing for shaytaan, to see you praying after he tried to give you evil ideas. He will quit if you are consistant.

    5. Make more rememberance of Allah by saying "Subhan Allah wa Alhamdulillah, wa La ilaha illa Allah".

    6. Do not be alone and spend good time with good belivers and friends

    if you do not understand any pary of the above 5 points please do ask and i will explain more .

    May Allah make things easier for you and give you guidance, contenment, and happiness.
    Also ask the people you know to pray for you (brothers and sisters reading this , please pray for her too

  6. Thanks alot evryone for ur kind words and advises. I felt so good while reading them and helped me alot to remember that allah is with me and inshaallah one day he will reward me for all the hardship im going through. I feel souicidel most of the times and the only thing which is stoping me and im stil alive is caz i fear allah and i dont wanna end up in hell foreever. At least i want to have a good life after i dai. I dont wanna suffer in both worlds 🙁 my heart aches i feel lonly and sad all the time. I have no disre of living anymore. Im so heart broken. 🙁 pls remember me in ur prayers.
    May allah help u all and bless u with good health

    • Brother ,

      Please get yourself involved in some good company like mosque ,social services,visiting orphanages etc etc .It will not only divert your mind but also will motivate towards good work to do in your life given by Allah .

  7. @ illogical,
    Im sister not brother. Sorry for not clarifying my gendar. I do try to keep myself busy with somthing but stil my head would be full of thought. I gess i cant ran away from my problams i had to face it. Its just that somtimes i feel so tired and fid up of my life. 🙁

  8. It is hard to remove depression from life, especially if you have low self esteem. Your husband doesnt help with that, he just makes you more depressed. You need someone who can love you and tell you that you are beautiful. If he can't see that then he doesnt deserve you. I know it is hard to make yourself strong when the person your spouse doesnt help you. You have to get rid of the negativity in your life and try to look in a mirror and force yourself to see the beauty you have. Today's world depicts women in a very unrealistic way and we try really hard to fit that profile ourselves, but we never succeed. You have to try and make yourself love you. Suicide won't help, it is a sin in islam and this means that your life may not be ideal for you right now, but punishment in the hereafter will be worse. Try working at your problems slowly and be with people who treat you right and love and support you. It will help fight the depression.
    **I am short too, I can't do anything about it except wear heels when I go out.
    **If you have problems with your weight, then focus yourself on trying to work out and eat healthy. I know its not easy, you have to force yourself. Green tea helps increase metabolism and drinking apple cider 'with mother' with honey helps decrease appetite and also increase metabolism. Limit sugar/sodium/junk food. Drink lots of water!! Try to not eat after 7 or 8 pm, you dont want to eat right before you go to bed. Try working out, start by doing so a couple times a week and increase as you get used to it. I follow Casey on, her blogilates vidoes are really helpful and easy, she also has a app. You dont even have to go the gym you can work out at home. Working out is a great way to relieve stress.
    **As for looks and worrying about your face, have you tried medications? I dont know what kind of spots you have on your face (ance scars or blemishes?) You can try using temporary methods such as concealer and foundation. You can find a lot of healthy skin regimes online, try finding something that works out for you. I used to have really bad acne, I would cry to go to school. Eventually I learned a skin care regime that worked for me and got rid of most of it.
    ***Make dua and pray. It is hard to concentrate at times when you are sad, but praying or listening to the Quran will help ease your heart and keep you strong. Hardships in this life are way better than in the hereafter.***

  9. Please help me I wanna commit suicide.
    I'm sitting here and I can't stop crying, I cry everyday now.

    People tell me I am too sensitive but their words hurt me, they just say trashy stuff to me and expect me to suck it up, I can't stand this anymore!!! They mock me and call me names and I hate it so much. Even though I got sick today, they laughed and thought I'm trying to get attention. What kind of a person laughs at someone when they're sick???

    I want to kill myself I already know I'm going to Hell

    • "ramdom", please read my article on Suicide in Islam right now. Whatever you are dealing with, be patient. Thinks will change. I don't know your situation, but if you are a child living at home and this abuse is coming from your family, then remember that soon you will grow up and can move out of the house and escape this environment. If you are an adult, then do whatever you can to remove yourself from these abusive people.

      Wael Editor

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