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Assalam O Alaikum

I really need help. I am 15 years old and doing olevels right now. This year i will give my first olevel exam. I am a very good student and in the previous grades (class 8 7 etc) ive been achieving positions. But this year, i am suffering from depression and anxiety. I feel like i just cant do it. I feel like i wont be able to make it. I cant understand anything. All i feel is to give up. I have thoughts of suicide. I keep on crying all day night. One month has passed like this in depression. I am completely giving up on life. I pray to ALLAH SWT and offer my prayers. But i feel like suicide is the only way to escape this depression. Please help me!


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  1. AoA

    What is causing the tension/anxiety. Once you deal with that you would be able to cop with it. I have once suffered with anxiety and had to take 12th grade exams. I can totally relate to your feeling.

    If you would share, why you are feeling anxiety - it will resolve half your problem. If you can't share in the public forum, then share it with a friend, elder, or anyone you trust.

    You should talk to your elder or at least make this read that if the anxiety or depression is persisting then you need to get proper medication and therapy.

    On the positive note, it is totally normal and part of life. You will brave this, trust me inshAllah.

    • My father killed himself, he was 60. Now he Is a rotting corpse in the ground. Despite the hardships of his life he is now no longer able to laugh, eat, sleep. He cannot enjoy the simple pleasures of life: family, friends. He spends His days alone in a grave yard, dead. If this is really the alternative you seek then go ahead but I'm sure you will regret it. Also to contemplate suicide so young is stupid, you have your whole life ahead.

  2. Do I sense that expectations from you are very high? I also had to live up to really high expectations during my O levels/boards and guess what I fell short by a huge margin! And I have never ever come up to what is expected of me ever in any of the competitive exams! But, I am still alive and not doing too bad either!
    Reason: I don’t take myself too seriously. I may have the capability but I know results are not in my hands. It is only effort that is in my hands.
    I think you must go for counselling sessions. You are under extreme pressure to perform well. Once you relax yourself, you will be better able to cope with the anxiety.
    All of us have to go through challenges all our life. You have been blessed with talent and ability and you are a position holder. Just do what you do with all your heart. And leave the rest to your Lord!

  3. Dear sara ..
    Ap aisa kbi na socho k suside is a relief from this stressed out life. Actually living life is better then suside. Becoz u have a option of praying to Allah. Just keep on praying. ALLAH will surely help u.

  4. Asalam Alekum
    My little sister stop worrying you have a long life ahead of you. I am 26 years old and have no qualification, I dream of becoming something one day should I be worried about it? Of course not because like the commenter above me said 'result is not in my hands It is only effort that is in our hands'

    Do you think your mind will not grow before the retirement age? We all have abilities but different from one another, you fail this year, next year you will have the top marks in the class or even your school. You may even become a well known person (famous) of your career.

    Only God has the power to give you knowledge don't lose hope 🙂

    May Allah make it easy for you.

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