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Could you please help us choose the names for our twins children that we are expecting?

Twin babies

Hi there,

We are about to have twins. We are both extremely excited but the only disagreement is on our baby names. I wouldn't mind our kids having his last name and I told him it's OK if he wants them to have Muslim middle names. But I want to name my children first name London; should I or NOT?

If I can't then could you please give me some names & their meanings to choose from. Now, because we have different religions; we decided on letting our kids grow up and choose which religion they want to follow.

Please post opinion I really need your help,



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  1. How about

  2. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a astonishing post is this
    first of all sister let me know that what is the sex of your twins and then let me tell you something if u r not a muslim look sister ! just think of it who has created this earth in a beautiful shape and gave it a plenty of beautiful look and created different types of creatures to live in it and gave them too ravishing look and gave those creatures enormous gifts and one gift from those gifts is that he has made u a human being the most beautiful creature and gave five sense organs and the best gift is the freedom to judge what is right and wrong for you and now here what u said is 'we decided on letting our kids grow up and choose which religion they want to follow' now listen you are going to be a mother and ofcourse you will never let your kids to be on the wrong path and religion is not a game to play with. if the father is jewish and mother is christian and kids are buddhist how is it possible now just think yourself if you r a christian you refer Jesus as your God how can he be your God who himself is created or made by his own servants how?how? how? ask yourself i just wanna let you know that ISLAM is the true religion which i follow and you too must follow or else on the day of judgement you will be taken out from your grave blind deef and totally handicapped then u may ask ALLAH that' why r u treating us or me in this way' then He will answer you saying that 'didnt my people come to u to show u right path' you will answer 'sure they did' he will answer saying' then why didnt u follow what they said ??' you may answer' i didnt know that they were speaking the truth' but then he will say that' then taste the punishment that has given to u for your wrong doing ' the place where non muslims will be punished that place is called hell where u will never ever die and the punishment only keeps increasing it will never decrease nor, what will u do then so, thats why its better to get active as soon as possible and choose the correct thing.
    i hope u will take my advice seriously and INSHAALLAH convert to a muslim before you give birth to you twins
    i wish you good luck for your DECISION that is to be taken by you soon after reading my comment.

  3. i would say to you, name your children whatever pleases your husband, he will appreciate this for the rest of your life and will be gratefull

  4. Do you know the gender of the twins yet? I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the name london (islamically). It's actually a nice name in my opinion. It would help to know what your religion is. Here is a list of girl and boy names that I really like:

    Yousuf (Joseph)



    These are just my opinion but maybe you can get some ideas from these. They mostly have religious roots but not just islamic.

    I think you and your husband should both agree on something, as it would be better than one of you dictating the names of your children.

    And congratulations on your twins!

  5. If the twins are a girl and a boy..I would name the girl (Arich) and the boy (Zulqarnain). 🙂

    Otherwise, Boy (Faraz, Farhan). Girl, (Haniya, Alina).

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