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Can I being a Sunni marry a Bohra girl?

Hi ,

I'm a Sunni Guy who wants to marry a bohra girl. She has no problem with doing the marriage the Sunni way, however her people in the mosque say that she is not allowed to marry anyone else but bohra only. Can you please share some light from the Quran that I can prove that a Muslim can marry another Muslim and there is no harm?


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  1. Learner,

    See a similar question that we just answered here:

    I’m sunni girl, and I want to marry a bhora boy

    The Bohras have many deviant beliefs and practices that are not consistent with Islam according to the Quran and Sunnah of Rasulullah (sws). Therefore it is not appropriate for a Muslim to marry them.

    Wael Editor

  2. hi...i have been proposed by a bohra boy for a sunni girl. Before my engagement with him,he says i should go to their priest and convert into a bohra. I dont want to be a bohra and we love each other. I'm in a point where i dont understand what to do. He wont become a sunni. What can i do?

    • girl02, you must decline his proposal. I don't see a future for the two of you, I'm sorry to say.

      Wael Editor

      • I want to ask what if sunni girl will still.remain sunni n boy will still remain bohri after marriage still there is a problem? It their understanding between them

    • Assalamu...m a sunni gal n wants to marry a bohri it allowed in islam?pls reply..m so confused...i need a me a rigth path..he is not ready to get converted in sunni

      • Please read the answers given. A Muslim cannot marry a Bohri.

        Wael Editor

      • Don't do it...these people are backstabbers...they have done number of times now...and will continue to do it again...I have through the same phase...what u going through...that was the time when I realised what this people really were...the family was involved into it...they're good at making false promises...all they care about is there mullah...all the people except there kind are worst than animals to them...ur guy might not be showing it to u but 100% he has it in his heart...cuz that's what they are taught by there scholars...I have attended their bayans urself...if u don't bow ur life is gonna be hell here and here after...ur heartbreak will be with it endure it...'as I did'...I even tried to kill myself...but the I realised these people are just not worth it...never trust a bohri!!!

        • I experienced the same. They are backstabbers. They come with a full plan to cheat. They lie a lot. Never trust their words. First they seek trust and then break it at worst leaving the person shattered to death.

          Never never trust bohra. you may think ur guy is not like this. Trust me I thought the same. I can't write how badly I have been back stabbed/cheated .


    • What does the problem with her backbone have to do with the price of bread? Confusing.

      Anyway, please log in and submit your question as a separate post, be sure to add more detail if you want a helpful reply.

      SisterZ Editor

      • thanks for your response
        back bone problem means her spinal card got fractured
        so how can i marry her can you explain me in the light of quran and hadid

  4. Assalam Alaikum,
    I have been reading a lot about bohris for the last 12-13 years now just because i fell in love with a girl not knowing she was a bohri. Unfortunately i was never able to get over her and to this day i love her very much and she loves me, maybe even more than me. I know this is unislamic which is why we do not indulge in any false practices and have kept our feelings shielded in order to avoid displeasing Allah (swt). Alhamdolillah I am or atleast try to be steadfast on my deen as a muslim and not a sunni. The girl I am talking abt is very humane and loves Islam as a religion of peace and wants to practice it as a muslim rather than a bohri.

    Unfortunately my mother is extremely against this and is concerned abt our generations to come. I know i will not marry anyone without my moms consent, but im concerned, even if im able to move on and marry a girl of my moms liking, abandoning the love of my life will ruin her life as she will not move on. So my question is what do you think would be the greater sin here, ruining someone's life like that who is willing to follow the deen of Allah and marry someone who my mom likes, or displease my mom and be happy?

  5. First of all, love at young age is more physicall than it is spritual. be honest to your self and ask yourself what do you love in her. Her charachter? if her character was so great why did she fell in love with you secretly? havent you read the quran? dnt you knw what Quran says abt women who makes frnds with na mehram in secret? yes brother it is mentioned in Quran. And now about her feelings:
    the way she spends the rest of her life is her headache not yours, you are responsible for your amal, not hers. in qayamat she will be held responsible for her deeds not you. She must understand that loving you was a sin, and that she has to repent and beg Allah to cleanse her heart to make space for her lawful husband.
    I hope this solves your problem,

  6. I'm a bohri girl and i want to marry a sunni boy we are in relationship since 2 years . My family isn't ready for our marriage.. though the guys family is ready for us to get married.. my family is partially bohri we do not follow much.. my father criticises at some points the bohris yet he wants me to get married to a bohri and not to the guy i love . He cares about his respect more than his daughters happiness.

    Please advice me in the light of Quran

    • Please submit your question as a separate post, or see the comments already given on this post and others that are similar.

      Wael Editor

      • What’s borhas? What do they believe? I have seen these ladies wear a long head gown and skirt. They don’t wear the typical head scarf or abaiya.


      Did you get married to him? I am a Bohri girl too and have fallen in love with a sunni boy and I would like to know if you did get married to him. Also my situation is somewhat like yours.

  7. Im a bohri girl and i want to marry sunni boy how can i convince my parents for him

  8. Asalamo alaikum,
    Brother, you both belong to two different sect of Islam, one is shia and other sunni. You two have to keep in mind and understand, that in practical life after your marriage, it would be difficult for you both to carry on at some point. Even there would remain the question whether your children would follow shia or sunni, and there might be lot of confusion and maybe cause unnecessary arguments between you two. Therefore it is suggested to everyone, that fall in love, but only on the condition that you keep in mind the circumstances and you both are able to live a happy life ahead.

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