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supernatural spirit disturbing me at night

Jinn & Human sickness


I don't know how and where to start because it is truly unbelievable. I started putting faith in ALLAH at a very young age; I was not too regular in prayers but I used to do namaz very rarely. Within 4 years all the things in my life started to change.

when I was doing my undergraduation in chennai, I stayed alone then. Day by day I felt like I was waking up at the middle of the night [2:30] and also feeling very hungry and thirsty. Days past and then I noticed that someone was near me and trying to talk to me at night, but I thought it as just illusion. Then I noticed that whatever I wished was coming true without effort. I don't need an alarm to wake up at any time [day/night], somehow the unknown forces [spirit] will wake me up.

I was fed up because it really started to disturb me at night [2:30]. Another interesting fact was I was able to predict the death of my grandfather, and a lots of predictions could be done by me from the dreams which I SAW in the night or even day. I was able to get solutions to all my problems through dreams. I was amazed, and by this time the unknown force really started to get to me in dreams and wake me up at any cost, but if I ate something I would be able to sleep. Initially I thought it may be just hunger, but even if I ate my dinner by 11:30 pm I would feel hungry by 2. I was really curious and told to a friend, he suggested to write the alphabets and few words on a paper and place a coin on it (I guess it is called a Ouija board). I did it with courage.

I started to communicate with that spirit and he told a lot of good things, like do namaz regularly etc. It also told me that I  have to eat something at night so that the spirit can convert to an angel and if I didn't then it would become evil.......[many things-very long]. But i think it was my soul itself, and so I went to see a muslim imam.  He told it may be some shirk, and if I did as he told me to do (many thing like reading al-falaq,an-nas etc) finally I could get rid of that night communication, but the hunger continued.

I didn't mind much. I failed one exam in college because of some verbal fight. I did a special namaz and asked ALLAH for a solution (because I never fail in exams, I was innocent) and to my surprise that faculty member got mentally ill!!! I could prove my innocence like this and many, many incidents took place all in favour of me. I got a solution for all my things.  I got more faith in ALLAH and started to do regular namaz etc. and to my surprise again someone (unknown force) started to communicate with me. Even though it used give hints and communication through the subconscious (it never spoke), one day and only one time when I was in semi-sleep (I couldn't move) I could clearly feel someone near me but I couldn't see it. I did pray and say some surah, but it was no use. Suddenly I felt an arm around me and someone telling me in my right ear something about Prophet moosa (sorry I don't want to tell publically on topic, but I can share very personally) and about ALLAH. I was amazed and I didn't tell it to anyone because they will think  I am mad (it was truely unbelievable even to myself).

It is again trying to communicate with query is: is it fair to communicate with such spirits?What is in the Quran about it? As far as i know, it is not good and it is similar to black magic, but can you give some information about it?  How to get rid of it? How does it want to use someone  exactly? Is it my mind itself? But then, how can it predict things? It is a well known fact that some jin and angels do talk, but how can we distinguish whether it is an angel or an evil?

Can you please give some advice...anyway whatever happens I will never lose my faith in ALLAH...the one and only.



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  1. Assalamualikum!

    Just donot listen to this spirit its Lying no one can ever become angle its an eveil jinn trying to corrupt you .Go get professional help as soon as possible start reading quran and say audubillah and bismillah... before doing any thing the more you delay getting help more difficult it would to get rid of this thing And also knowing the unknon(gayb) from jinn is haram , a big sin . As a first step start reading manzil morning and evening and download and listen to ruqya both avilable free on line .

  2. Salam,

    When I was 16 years old, I also had an incidence whereby I was in bed asleep. I felt a presence sit on my bed and could even swear I felt the mattress move. I could not move and felt as though I was being suffocated. Although I could not explain it at the time, I believe my experience was that of Sleep Paralysis. I am putting a link for Sleep Paralysis from Wikipedia here for you to read:

    Sleep paralysis has been linked to disorders such as narcolepsy, migraines, anxiety disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea; however, it can also occur in isolation. I definitely think it is worth taking a look at. It may not explain everything that you are going through but as brother Abdullah says, don't entertain whatever it is that seems to be calling to you. Ignore it and read Quran. May Allah protect you and keep you safe, amin.


  3. salam this has also happen to me i personally think it is the jinns power were ur unable to move your body or cant open your eyes and the jinn starts annoying you or even hurting u this has happen to me to escape this just recite ayatul qursi loud in your sleep and the jinn eventually goes away easily thats what i do when this happens.

  4. i have actually seen the hands of a jinn.there nails are like long needles and they have horns thats all i know about a jinns feature.

  5. Assalamu'alaikum wr wb,

    May be you are one of the person who called as "indigo children".

    It's normal for an Indigo to hear voices.
    This voices supposed to guide them to get closer to Allah.

    In Islam, there is something called "conscience".
    People who having a clean heart will be able to hear his own conscience.
    This concience will talk to him when he do/did something wrong (not good ibadah, hurting other people, etc), or to remind him to do ibadah.

    Is voices that often heard by the indigos (whom they called as guardian angel) is coming from their own conscience? - Allah knows the best.


    What is in the Quran about it?
    I found some interesting verses such as:

    "Allah - there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills. His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not. And He is the Most High, the Most Great."(QS 2:255)

    my question:
    Some indigos whom closed to their God - will experience things that has relation with Islam knowledge.
    This knowledge can make people understand why Allah make the rule.

    Is those knowledge are included in the knowledge that written in this verse? Allah knows the best.

    For examp:
    one of my friend suddenly see that people who died waiting for a food on their grave.
    And recitation of qur'an whom send to them will be their food.

    When we try to connect it with Islam, which sending surah/ayat for people whom die is one of the sunah, then we can understand it.

    Another interesting ayah is:
    "[He is] Knower of the unseen, and He does not disclose His [knowledge of the] unseen to anyone. Except whom He has approved of messengers, and indeed, He sends before each messenger and behind him observers ."(QS 72: 26-27)

    The interesting part is, when you read the tafsir ayah 27, you will find that the observers in here is people who are close to God.

    Relating to Indigo's. Most of them are people who are having special relation to God.

    Are they will be/ can be the obeservers that mentioned in this ayat? Allah knows the best.


    As far as i know, it is not good and it is similar to black magic, but can you give some information about it?

    As a moslem, we are asked to believe (have faith) in ghaib (things that unseen).
    The biggest trial of moslem is to believe that Allah is there. Which in dunya, Allah can not be seen.

    Your experiences are experiences in ghaib. And who knows ghaib is written in the QS 72: 26-27.


    Black Magic is really hated by Allah as it written in the QS Al-baqarah.

    Black magic and indigo are different.
    People who learn Black magic will have bad character, they will happy to have other people in trouble. They happy to see other people dying and hurting each other. He doesn't like to see other people happy, etc.
    Black magic need to be learn
    People who learn black magic doesn't close to God

    The other way around, Indigo are people who likes to see other people happy and very helpful.
    Indigos born with those ability (without learning).
    Indigos having special relation with God.

    How to get rid of it?

    Whe you are an indigo. I am not sure if you can get rid of your ability.
    But if you want to get rid of the voices you hear, I suggest you to not give any attention to them.
    Don't ever talk back to them.

    Beside, ask Allah to always guide you and guard you from evils.

    How does it want to use someone exactly? Is it my mind itself?

    Allah knows the best


    But then, how can it predict things?
    I believe that indigos ability is nothing special and absolutely not magic. They only able to use more of human nature intelegence system.

    Let's say, they intelegences are build in more advance system/quality than mayor human.

    Maybe it's like:
    mayor human has windows 98, and indigo's has windows XP.

    Or let's say, if all human (also indigo's) has windows 98.
    Indigo's can use the programs maximum more than the other human being.

    In fact, many things that looks like magic - from present research founded it's not magic.
    It looks like magic because you can not see the proses of things happening with your naked eye.


    It is a well known fact that some jin and angels do talk, but how can we distinguish whether it is an angel or an evil?

    Will we be able to communicate to angel? Allah knows the best.

    But what I know. They who (let's say: angel), normally do not talk often.
    They just talk in necessary time in important things, and mostly to remind you to ibadah or doing good things.

    And Evil or what ever what it is, they will talk often, and they will whisper to you bad thoughts and tell lies to you without you recognize.

    You will able to hear the good one when you are not having any communicate with them both.

    Can you please give some advice...anyway whatever happens I will never lose my faith in ALLAH...the one and only.

    My advise are:
    1. Don't listen to them
    2. Don't talk to them
    3. Don't give any attention to them
    4. Ask Allah to help you always, and guide you, and show you the right thing as the right thing and the wrong thing as the wrong thing clearly.
    5. Do ibadah. Make a good relation (close relation) to Allah
    6. When you going to look for info about indigo children, don't get too deep in it (otherwise you will loose your way).
    Because the need to read it only to show you, that you are normal, and those ability are normal ability that may Allah gives to whoever He wanted.
    7. YOu will know what else to do by the time - but increase you ibadah and make close relation to Allah is something really really important!

  6. Brother ignore this jinn. Who is trying to communicate with you. This is not an angel.

    Guard your 5 prayers strictly. Pray in masjid as much as possible.
    Do morning and evening azkar prescribed in sunnah.

    Do your azkar before going to bed. You will find them on same website.

    Read surah baqarah every 3 days.

    Stay away from any haram in your life and do not indulge in ouija board or try to talk to jinn.

    Do a LOT of istighfar daily. Preferably at the last 3rd of night before fajr azan . And sleep early.

    Also eat 7 dates as per sunnah first thing EVERY morning. And read and blow surah fatiha and ayah kursi and surah falaq and nas into water daily and drink from this water.

    If possible try to pray duha prayer daily.

    May Allah protect you. The best protection against shayateen is holding onto Allahs deen and increasing worship and connection with Allah and putting trust in Him.


  7. For goodness sakes', brother/sister, you are not in communication with any spirit. All the things you mentioned are easily explained.

    1. You can wake up without an alarm. - Most people can do this if they try. The human mind has a natural awareness of the passage of time. If I set my mind to wake up at a certain time I will, even without an alarm.

    2. You get hungry at night. - If this is a sign of a spirit, then I must have a whole army of them. I almost always have a craving for a snack at 2am or 2:30. Nowadays I resist it because I'm trying to lose weight. Here are some strategies for controlling those late-night cravings.

    3. You pray and good things happen to you. - That's wonderful, but what does it have to do with a spirit? To believe that a spirit is answering your prayers is shirk. It is only Allah who hears dua' or salat and responds.

    You mentioned in your post that maybe the thoughts you have are coming from your own soul. That's exactly right. Certainly Jinns do exist, but I don't see any evidence in your post that a spirit is around you. Continue doing what the Imam told you to do in any case. May Allah guide you and clarify matters for you.

    Wael Editor

  8. assalamualaikum

    I totally agree with brother wael.Its all our minds playing games with us.there are times when you want to do something and it goes into your unconscious mind.and when do those things ,we think someone is making us do those things.

    Al i would advice is pray salah regularly and make dua to Allah SWT.And is such spirits come to as you thinlk read AYATul Kursi.

    secondly,a spirit wont ask u to read namaz regularly..and ask you to read surahs from the Quran.try to make sense out of your incidents brother.

  9. Assalamu alaikum my dear friend,

    You dont have to worry.
    Do not force yourself to communicate with the spirit; though it didnt force you to do anything wrong.
    If it is guiding you to do something good; keep doing it; nothing is wrong with it. It will help you more and more.
    Always do your prayers on time, read Quran and lead a normal life.
    Ask guidance from Allah during prayers.

    May Allah guide you and help you in all your deeds.

    Allah Malik.

  10. Dear friend. Many years have passed, I hope you are not in trouble any longer and have found right help.

    Being honest, what it sounds like is that you are visited by evil spirit and you are fighting against it with not much power. You need to ask who do they obey and who is authority over spiritual realms? Allah is general answer, there is a name every other name will bow down. Find that name and truth shall set you free!

    PS. Im so sad that noone else has written it here before! Seek and knock and you shall find!

  11. Please can you tell me what he told you about prophet Moosa, please i want to know.

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