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Swore on Quran not to contact my girlfriend, but I broke it

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Quran Al-Kareem

I hold the Holy Quran and said to my mother that i will not keep any contact with my girl friend because my mother don't want her in my life.

But after 1 month i again started talking with that girl because i love her and want to marry her either first or second, yet i am single. I am lying with my mother that i don't have any contact with her.

I need to know that what i will do now in all aspects? Because i am not fulfilling the statement i gave to my mother when holding Quran and i am also lying with my mother.

Please help me as early as possible.

I shall be very thankful to Team.



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  1. Assalamo alaikum. How about you quit talking to that girl, and start talking to your mother instead..and try to convince her that you love her and want to marry her and it would make you happy if you got her blessing to do so..that way, you would be keeping your promise to your mother, and be doing something productive to rectify your situation..instead of lying to your mom and keeping up a haram relationship and not doing anything to make this relationship a halal one with a future.
    P.S what do you mean by wanting to marry her either first or second?

    • taking an oath on the quran is not a small thing and you broke it.. ask for forgiveness asap repent and cry the prohet saw said do not take oaths and break them and you have brother. but regarding the girl I know what you are going through. my parents do not wan me to talk to a boy I really like but I cannpt help it bruv. we love each othe but I think you should try and get a family member to convivne your mother

  2. Dear Brother,

    You should contact a Sheikh or an Imam and ask them about what you should do if you have broken a promise which you swore on the Quran.

  3. Assalaumualikum Dear Brother,

    First thing, if your age is appropriate for marriage then convince your mother to talk to the girl's parents.

    Second thing, if you intentionally broke your promise then committing a major sin but if you unintentionally went back for example due to over whelming feelings and emotions then you might not have because you had general human reaction.

    Third thing, never make promises which you are not sure, you can keep.

    Fourth thing, don't touch her, don't get physical with her and tell your mother about how much you love her and if both of you are sincere with each other then i think ALLAH will help. If you are talking with niyat that you want to marry her then..... it may be compensated to some extent but if you are flirting or hormonal loving her then you are committing a major sin.

    Watch this lecture by Zakir Naik, this might help you:

    ALLAH Knows Best!

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