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Symptoms of herpes simplex virus causing emotional stress

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Assalaamu Alaykum.

Firstly thankyou for all readers reading my post and for replying back to me for any help or advice or to share there opinion, may Allah swt bless you all Inshallah, and give you sabr and patience for any problems you or your family/friends may be going through. Amin.

I am a young adult, who will be 20 years old soon inshaAllah. I am thinking and making strong plans towards marriage inshallah, having a nikah this year at least to keep it going halaal and away from haraam acts.

Due to this, I feel emotionally and I am psychologically disturbed. Here is how my story starts..

About a year now its been I have found symptoms of Herpes Simplex Virus, type 1 and 2 (not really sure) but I am infected around my mouth. I get cold sores and I have symptoms on my genital areas. (Sorry if i am being disturbing do forgive me please). I have also searched that HSV 1 and 2 does not have a cure to it, once it enters the body cells it remains/settles there permanantly, yet there are treatments for the pain to relief or to avoid it spreading to other cells. Plus I have a slow immune system caused by this reason.

What scared and worried me the most is, and lead me to a breakdown is, it spreading on to my future partner, this makes me feel very uncomfortable, although he is aware of this, and tries to comfort me and says things which makes me feel better yet again I don't feel comfortable even the thought of it makes me feel away and emotional makes me cry.

This morning what made me cry the most is, HSV in woman during pregnancy is high at risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and problem during the fetal growth. Also during birth the baby is at a risk of having the infection, and then the baby will also have the virus, which is why doctors recommend for a C section, although it is not a guarantee that the baby will not be infected.

This is how I feel and what I say to my self and cry about: 'I have no right to spread a virus to my baby like this, he or she does not have to go through what I am going through' and sometimes I say 'it is my fault if my baby is born premature' or say 'it will be my fault if my baby does not grow and develop due to my HSV'. I feel very emotionally stressed and psychologically disturbed about it.

I also feel disturbed when I think about getting married and (excuse me for this line) being in a relationship with my husband, when I know my body has faults!

Yes I could consult a doctor, be given treatment or what so ever, but is there any wazifas, any duas to recite. I want a cure from my deen Islam as I know our deen has all the cures for every problem. please help, any advice?

PS- I feel alone at times, I feel as if I'm not a 100% woman (I know this may sound weird) but thats how I feel. I feel as if I'm just full of problems and illnesses, plus I have recently recovered from a illness called Bel's Palsy its half of the face being paralyzed, alhamdulillah im better now.

(I am alhamdulillah a virgin - so please dont question me for having sex or anything like that due to the HSV)

Wa Alaykum Salaam


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  1. i'm sorry i can't help you, i dont have any knowledge abt it..i dont know what to say.. but insha'allah everything will be fine.. dont be sad. Allah is all powerful!

    ummm i read somewhere that reciting "la hawla walla qu'ata illa billah" cures every disease.. the most minor of it being sadness.. ( i think i made a grammatical error here)

    and please also consult the doctors..

  2. Salam sister,

    You need to relax. Herpes virus is very common around the mouth and people call it a cold sore, but it is herpes. 85% of the population is infected. Some develop it some never show any signs some have it only once in a lifetime while other have more frequent breakout. It depends on your immune system.
    Now this virus can spread easily. It can spread on the eyes, and on the genitals if you touch the blister with your finger and then with the same finger you touch yourself down there. Or you wiped your face with a towel and you used the same towel to wipe your private part lets say after a shower .
    I have heard of two sisters, virgin and muslim who developed it down there. So you see it doesn't mean that you are dirty or promiscuous.

    The most important thing is that your future husband knows and he is supportive mashaallah so don't worry and be happy.

    All my duas go for you

  3. Oh yes and as it was said earlier, consult your doctor
    Also black seed oil is a cure for every disease and remember , medecine do not cure you Allah cure you through the medecine

    (By the way I studied a bit of virology so this is were I got my informations from. I hope I gave you some relief and hope.

    Good luck. Maa salam

  4. Salam,

    You have it since one year and you have not consulted any doctor yet?! As you said "you could consult". Why you have not yet? Are you ashamed ? Doctors are used to, you should go ASAP .

    Good luck

  5. Assalamu Alaykum sister,

    I am so sorry for your health problem!
    At first, the nerves control human body. When you see all those sores on your body, these are giving you stress,insecurity,depression,anxiety. And because of all these you do not have appetite to eat healthy food on time. And then your immune system goes low.
    Dear sister, if i were be you, I would totally try to forget and not to pay attention all of these and put everything on Allah's(swt) hand.
    My advise to you,do not pay attention,have a faith to Allah(swt),pray as much as you can,recite surat al Yaseen, pray salatul Tasbeh,stay away from family problems,meditate, go to the beautiful nature, go to gym,because it helps to cerculate your blood stream and gives you positive feeling. If you have a job,take a vacation and go to beautiful places, buy nice clothes for yourself which makes you happy, get some therapeutic massage.
    Sister, believe me all these problems are IN YOUR HEAD. You keep thinking,thinking and thinking. And its giving you more stress. Of course you have to go to the doctor. Buy all medications and take them regularly.
    And besides that take some nice organic Vitamins. Try to eat healthy food. Say to yourself " I am healthy beautiful girl" Allah Akbar! You will be okay my sister Inshallah! I will pray for for you.
    Assalamu Alaykum

  6. Salam sister Kezban 🙂

    If I am not wrong, one of my sister had this virus for good few months but now Alhamdulillah she is better. My sister gets it when she thinks about things a lot/ over stresses. Alhamdulillah, just like your potential husband, my sister is blessed with caring husband and Alhamdulillah, she got three beautiful and healthy kids.

    And sister, please SEE your doctor!

    May Allah (swt) cures you and give you peace of mind, ameen.

    Your sister, Parveen.

    • Dear Brother!

      Could you please tell me are you sure that your sister had HSV 1 & 2, with this she got healthy kids and did not pass it to her husband? Please share the information.


  7. Salaam sister.

    I wouldn't worry so much dear sister. Did you know this virus is in 85% of the population. Thats a huge number. It can be transferred at birth or much later on. What it does is once it is in your body it travels to the nerves and stays hidden there. Almost like its sleeping. Occasionally, something may trigger it (usually stress) and it can come out and thats when you get a herpes cold sore. Normally the immune system keeps it under control and so herpes virus cannot cause an outbreak.

    Please don't stress about this - its actually pretty common to get them and contrary to the popular myth - you dont need to engage in sexual activity to get genital herpes. If you have a core sore anywhere on your body and scratch it and not wash your hands you can transfer it to other parts of the body you touch, including the genitals. It does not make you less of a woman in any way. It is a common problem - especially oral herpes.

    There are actually other things that appear to give herpes-like symptoms but are not caused by herpes, including thrush or sweat rash. Some people are naturally prone to blisters and warts which are not infectious and have nothing to do with herpes. So rule these out.

    If it does turn out to be herpes then again don't worry! As I said most of the time, it does nothing provided you live a healthy lifestyle.

    Someone who has had any type of herpes needs to learn to deal with stress and eat healthily to ensure they are getting the right nutrients in the correct amounts. If someone is having regular breakouts this usually indicates that the immune system is weakened or overburdened so do work on your immunity. Are you getting enough zinc and vitamin C and enough of other important vitamins? It may also be good to see a nutritionist if you can to help you alter your diet. Remember do not take any supplements without consulting your GP first.

    Also sexual contact with husband is fine provided you are not having a break-out. So know your body. Before a break-out there are tell-tale symptoms (usually itching & burning) termed pro-forma. Learn to recognise these tell tale symtpoms and avoid sexual contact. Normally if you notice these early and treat the area before the blisters form the virus on the skin will die before it can form blisters.

    So to summarise:
    - Go to your GP ASAP (preferably while you are having the breakout because test results are far more reliable
    if taken when you are symptomatic.) to confirm diagnosis.
    - Make lots of dua - expect the best, but be prepared for the worst.
    - Trust in Allah - He would not give you any trial without a good reason. He is the best of Planners.

    If you do have HSV1/2
    - Keep stress levels down
    - Eat healthily
    - Work on improving your immunity
    - Learn to recognise outbreaks before they arise.

    Sister, are you a scientist btw? If you are (and even if you're not) I strongly advise you not to go searching around on the internet for health info. The information there tends to show the worst case. So searching for headache online immediately comes up with 'brain cancer' whereas it could be migraine, flu and all sorts of other harmless things. When I was studying I used to search things a lot - and have diagnosed myself with all sorts of crazy random sometimes tropical diseases (which all turned out wrong when I eventually went drs). So I am telling you this to stress the importance of going Drs to solve this and also to tell you not to think too much. Be aware but not over- aware.

    You are also fortunate enough, Alhumdulilah to have an understanding fiancee so thank Allah (swt) for that. As Muslims we need to make dua and pray but we also need to take the means Allah has given us on earth too.

    One day Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) noticed a Bedouin leaving his camel without tying it and he asked the Bedouin, “Why don’t you tie down your camel?” The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust in Allah.” The Prophet then said, “Tie your camel first, then put your trust in Allah” (At-Tirmidhi).

    IslamicAnswerscom Editor

  8. Assalaamu Alaykum

    my brothers and sisters alhamdulillah all praise be to Allah swt. You all have put tears in my eyes with happiness. thankyou so much for such beautiful answers, and support. it is the best feeling to see your muslim borthers and sisters who do not know you but support you for the sake of Allah. Inshallah may Allah swt bless you all and reward you. wallahi you all have with your comments have made me feel much better, and yes i will put my self away from stress, as after reading your posts i have realised there are alot of stresses in my life with family problem, but inshallah i will act up on it first go to the GP and then put my trust in Allah inshallah.

    thankyou for such support, you all will be in my duas inshallah, you dont understand how happy this has made me, it has made my day i feel so much stronger and i pray to Allah every signle second of my life that i am blessed which such a understanding fiance alhamdulillah, First Allah, then inshallah my fiance and our ummah is my support.

    Allah hafiz wa alaykum salaam

  9. Dear Sister,
    I just wanted to add up again,
    Try to get professional Foot Reflexology and Facial as well at least 2-3 times a week. Because all of our nerve systems end up under our feet and go to Hot Steam Sauna,it will take all stresses away, make your own bedroom very clean,light up some nice aromatic candles and burn some incense,because it takes all bad spirits away. Always try to make yourself happy and think Positive.
    Also try not to tell all your problems to people whoever around you.(neighbors,friends,relatives, etc..) If you are living in US, there all type of people (believers and non believers). Sometimes they exaggerate things and it gives you more anxiety and depression. Ask and talk and cry,beg only and only to Our Creator Allah(swt) whatever you want!
    When you pray, pray with your whole soul,spirit and body. As soon as you start praying,when you say "Allah Akbar" just GET OUT from this material world and come back after you making salam.

    BTW, you are not a jealous person for you fiancee?? :))
    Hope you are not!
    If you are,try to avoid it,do not be.
    Most people are very Jealous and finally some of them end up being Paranoia. And Paranoia brings all kind of deceases.
    Assalamu Alaykum

  10. Dear Kilic,

    Sorry to hear about what you've been going through but I think you shouldn't worry too much. I used to have cold sores too on my lips a lot , it was pretty awful but I suppose it went into remission and just a few months ago one appeared after almost 10 years. I went to the docs and they prescribed me Zovirax which worked really well and made it go away really fast. The doc suggested that if they keep on returning she can prescribe something else. I tried the over the counter stuff and it didn't help me much so I suggest you do go the doctors and tell them about it. THey should be able to prescribe you something strong to get rid of it. It's true, a huge percentage of the population has it, in my family alone a few of us get them on and off so it's not like it is uncommon.

    Btw, try and stay away from anything acidic when you have the cold sores on your lips (like orange juice, lemons) I think it just makes it worse from my experience. They are also called fever blisters too and I have had them pop up on the onset of a cold. Don't worry, things will be ok, i'A. It's unfortunate that there is no cure but at least there's meds out there that work and help heal it. I wouldn't stress too much about this, it's a pain yes, but things could be worse. So cheer up! At least your fiance is understanding which makes it so much better. 🙂

  11. I just read that Lysine or L-Lysine may be effective in preventing outbreak of herpes sores. Lysine is an essential amino acid available in health food stores. You should take 1,000 mg orally every day.

    Other studies have shown a correlation between Lysine intake and reduced stress; and increased athletic performance.

    Wael Editor

  12. sallam

    im a qualified doctor. people who suffer from recurrent herpes infections usually suffer from imuune deficiency or autoimmues issues. I would firstly contact your GP or a dermatologist and make sure you genuinly have HSV infections, some pople with mild immune issue who can be easily treated suffer from oral and genital lesions. I would make sure that the lesions in the genitalia are not dangerous as some pathogens could lead to sterility!. this is nothjing to be ashamed about. lots of people suffer from this and it will not affect your wife or future children if you get it checked out and treated inshallah.

    HSV cauing miscarrages in feotus' is rare, it is possible but it isnt so high, plus if your worried about this issue you could consider inutero fertilisation, where they will take your spearm and your wifes egg, fertilise and implant it into her uterus. Brother you have many options and inshallah God will amke it easy for you!

    sister our Prophet (PBUH) said if you have an issue consult someone with knowledge, and in this case best person is your GP, and if your shy try a gyncologist or female dermatologist!


  13. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    'BrokenBrain' i am a female 🙂 but Alhamdulillah thankyou for such comment i appreciate it so much and all the above posts.

    I am abit embarresed to say this, so excuse me please. i am not much concerned about the cold sores around my mouth but what my concern is my genital area more. i have genital warts, Alhamdulillah i dont get no pain, itching or whatever, but to be honest it sacres me every time i have to see it, its horrible and makes me feel low, i am soo depressed because of this.

    i dont know how to say it, but i have skipped a month off my menstrual cycle, this has never happend to me before, and i started to panic, but somewhere i heard period can delay due to stress?

    besides on that, instead of period, i have alot of discharge, wallahi i feel so embarresed typing this here, pleaase excuse me i am sorry. i have discharge down my genital area every single day, every hour or so, but everyday and this is seriouslyy emotionally stressing me out so much :'(

    i cant pray my salaah i miss my salaah every 5times i cant pray it! i have ghusl, then strait awat i come out with a discharge again, the discharge is almost like my period but its in a brownish colour sometimes i get a drop or two of blood, but im sure its 100% not period, because i dont feel the need in wearing the pad, its only a less amount but everytime i wipe down there or go to toilet then i see it.

    i get cramps alot, Ramadhan is coming up Inshallah, i dont even know if im going to be able to keep my fasts :'(

    i have booked an appointment with a female doctor, at 9th July that was the only earliest date, and i feel so nervous because i dont know what will happen, and im nervous for the fact shes going to have to check down there.

    my mum 🙁 she dont support me emotionally, all what she says is dont ask me i dont know! find out when you go doctors, i am not asking her to tell me what the problem is, but i feel nervous and scared everytime i see these warts, and discharge, and when i dont recieve any support from her i feel weak and so lost.

    my fiance is the only one that helps and supports me, but i find my self to drift away from him sometimes, when i think about me with all this problems, and him with none, i feel weired and he deserves better, but he hates when i act like that, thats something i can help emotionally. 🙁 i feel like crying everyday because of this, i know i am not the only one out there with this problem.

    i cant pray my salaah, thats what hurts the most, what abour ramadhan coming up? then what. 🙁

    i even cry while i type this comment. thankyou for all above posts, may Allah swt Bless you all Jannah Al Firdous inshallah, and Bless us with His mercy inshallah.

    Allah hafiz


    • sallam sister

      see the doctor and dont be nervous! whats the worst that can happen? all they will do is give you a diagnosis and start treatment!! how is that bad?

      i can understand its scary and when your mother does not emotionally support you! but dont worry be strong and have faith in God.

      look your not delibritly trying to miss your namaz! its an illness you have a God is merciful and just. you will not inshallah be opunished for something that you have no controll over! inshallah your health will improve! if you cant pray then try to listen to the Quran online?

      you need to resolve this porblem because you dont want the infection to spread to your reproductive organs as this can cause infertility or other issues!

      take care

      Allh hafiz

    • Salaam,

      Just to say I believe the ruling is if you do have a condition that breaks your wudhu (such as incontinence/discharge) then you can still pray. You have to do wudhu once before each salat and that's it. So if you go to pray zuhr you do your wudhu first and pray it. If you get something beween the time you do wudhu and your salat you dont have to re-do wudhu and should just carry on praying. Also you should not break your salat.

      Even if you do manage to keep your wudhu at Asr time you need to do wudhu again and follow the same procedure as above.

      I want to stress I am not a scholar and this is not a fatwa. I heard a similar question addressed at a ladies Halaka and the sister (who has studied for years) answered this way. Regardless we do have intellect we must use and Allah is the Most Merciful and I believe He would not prevent His servant from coming close to Him over something with which they have no control.
      May Allah forgive me for any mistakes.

      Sara Editor

  14. Inshallah it will be fine, Pray to ALLAH only he can help , ALlah mayak and bless you amen

  15. For Muslims with HSV2 the social stigma attached to the disease puts many roadblocks in their community involvement. In particular, marriage within the Muslim community is a near impossibility. One road block is assumption from those that can assist with finding a suitable mate. Traditionally, in South Asia and the Middle East and Africa, older women — often called the “aunties” — and parents recommended matches by drawing upon their extensive networks of family, friends and acquaintances. Many feel left out of this tried and true system. How can you discuss this personal issue with family or friends with out their judgement becoming an emotional burden to you and them. How do you talk about your condition to a potential mate? Many singles feel there is no solution to these questions.

    Efforts are made with matrimonial sites and online groups. Groups try to support Muslims living with HSV2. The group is created by a brother or sister but it lack proper Islamic form and guidance. People join and become inactive. Matrimonial sites never ask about STD's. It is possible to mention you have HSV2 but unless the site has keyword search you are lost in hundreds or thousands of ads. Both of these options are not set up to invest time and fail in comparison to traditional matching process. Matrimonial sites and social groups can't provide protection from love marriages shown to have a lower successs rate, they can't shield woman from an emotioanl decision. These sites encourage dating on the phone and instant messenger. The Muslim marriage process is highjacked by HSV2 when singles seek to establish one of the oldest institutions of mankind alone. How to win back your traditional support network from HSV2?

  16. Assalaam Alaykum my brothers and sisters.

    Its been very long not informing you about the latest I'm so sorry for that, as u know month of ramdhan preparations and that, btw Ramadhan Mubarak to u all.

    I said my app was booked on 9th July, that changed to 17th july because female doctor couldn't come. However I went, the doctor wasn't very friendly, these are my honest opinions how I felt, I sat down to explain my problem, she didn't give me the chance to fully explain, I went alone because I wanted to go alone, she wasn't very friendly at all, I told her its the first time happening to me, I feel nervouse but its like as if she wanted to examine me and finsh it off there n then. However yes she did chek me down there but her attitude was come on miss are you going to let me check or not because I have patients waiting for me. That made me feel low wallahi I lost my self confidence.

    At the end she sd there not warts don't be worried, and the brown discharge is the cleaning out of your body.
    So that was it then, although I wasn't very satisfied still just left it because what she said made sence.

    Just before Ramadhan started I started and was off my period, Alhamdulillah was so happy, kept my fast for 6days, then started my period again!! Just a week ago I was on, then a week after I got off my period I was on again. Anyways, after that finished kept my fasts for another week Alhamdulillah, untill yesterday the brown discharge started appearing again.

    What can I do. Should I re book another appointment. What is this I don't understand! I it is the cleaning out stuff then why a week after? When during that week it was clean!

    Ramadhan Mubarak, Allah hafiz

  17. oh i really love to take organic vitamins since they are much better absorbed by the body compared to synthetic vitamins. *;*'.

    Best regards

  18. I have hsv2 and dont know where to start with looking for a spouse.
    I know there are a few websites but the success rates seem awfully low as the same people remain on the sites for years and then there is the majority of people who either dont know they have it or are unwilling to be honest about having it.
    Also,... I get a lot of proposals for marriage but at what stage and how should I disclose that I have this?
    Obviously I would not marry someone without disclosing it but how is my question?

  19. I have herpes sister and I've had it for 3 yrs. Your wrong about a couple things though.
    you can only get genital herpes from sexual intercourse as it is a sexually transmitted disease. Therefor it can only be transmitted through sex because of the body fluids being exchanged. Hsv in the mouth can only be transmitted via oral sex or kissing someone in the mouth who has hsv cold sores. You really need to go to e doctor because if your in fact a virgin then your condition is not herpes it is something else and u need to find out what it is. Also your wrong about herpes causing high risk pregnancy sweetie. I have a 2 Year old daughter. I DID NOT have a C-section. My pregnancy was a healthy 9 months. My daughter was a healthy 6lbs. 7 oz and not once during my pregnancy did my doctor tell me I was at risk. However the baby is at risk ONLY if the mother herself is having an outbreak on or around her genitals at the time of labor, then a C-Section is performed and the baby still comes out healthy. It is actually rare now in modern times that women pass herpes to her baby. Most times doctors put u on surpressive medication weeks before your expected to deliver to hopefully eliminate the alternative of having to undergo a C-section and most times that works. I am living a normal fulfilling and happy life and I have herpes.

    • Dear Sister,

      Your reply to this post made me so grateful thank you for K who brought in this post so i also could get some knowledge.

      Sister Ayesha, could you pls tell me which part of the world you live? Because my main worry is not about me but about my wife & my child. isn't hsv 1 & 2 are contagious for your partner? ho to have intercourse (excuse me)? and I am really happy you hear that you had a ease labour/ delivery.

      Please share me your practical situation how hsv 1& 2 deal with you.

      Jazakkalh Sister!!

  20. Salaam sister Ayesha, Insha'Allah your ok.

    Your post opened my eyes so much. Sister, as your married and should know much better about HSV if you wouldn't mind please could I ask a question. Does HSV spread onto the partner? When I Insha'Allah do get married to my fiance I wouldn't want him to have it, or I would atleast want to inform him about it. What you said about the baby, and all about the birth was such a relief for me heareing all of that 🙂 thanks sis. You see the net is full of over exaggerations.
    Sis when I went to the doctors the female doctor wasn't friendly at all, as I have mentioned in my above post if you've seen it. She said to me there not warts. And I now know that they are not warts but I still skip a month off my menstrual cyle every now and then. Alhamdulillah the discolouration discharge stopped. What I've realised is after she has examined me is that there are tiny tiny little dots inside the genital not around it, not ontop, literally right inside it on both sides, inside it. I can't remember now but I heard about hot/cold compress should be followed. Besides on that I definately know its not warts. But I do have cold sores, and in my family my dad has it. And doctor said to take action when sharing towels, drinking with cups n etc;
    So sis, these tiny dots, there not even spots because I cnt burst them, so I call them dots, could that possibly spread onto my partner? Do you have a clue what it could be? Also the HSV does that spread onto the partner?

    Jazak'Allah for your post sis, Allah Hafiz

  21. Subhanallah I'm glad it's been a relief for you sister. Correct me if I'm wrong. You went to the doctor and you still weren't informed about what your condition is? That is just awful. They are supposed to give you a blood test, I don't understand why the doctor hasn't yet diagnosed you. To answer your question regarding hsv. As I said sis, this is a sexually transmitted disease. If your a virgin you do not have herpes (hsv) however the cold sores in the mouth can be passed through saliva (kissing) and yes it can be spread to your partner during intercourse If you have it, which may not. but medications such as valtrex lessens the chances of it spreading and so do condoms. Now if you have not had full on sex but have received oral, this is the only other way you can have herpes or hsv in your genitals. To better explain, in order for you to have contracted herpes this way; the person who performed oral sex on you must have hsv1 which is oral herpes/ cold sores in the mouth. Even if u do not see bumps on or in his mouth, the infection is always in the body and can spread. To answer your other question of what it may be..Sister honestly, I don't know but if I had to take a guess it kind of sounds like shingles or maybe MS. I'm not too familiar with either but I can tell you why I guess shingles is because you can't share towels or drinks and I don't think it's necessarily an STD. If you do have shingles, as long as the people around you don't come in contact with the actual sores, like touching it, rubbing it etc. Still, I'm just guessing. You shouldn't give up. That was one lousy doctor so I'd say give it another try. See a different doctor and make dua this one will be friendlier. Even if he or she isn't friendly. I've had some mean doctors when my primary doctor takes vacation but it's still our right as patients to ask as many questions as we want. This is your health not theirs. Please request a blood test, ask any and everything you want and ask Allah to make this easier for you. I will keep you in my prayers, inshaAllah all of your questions will be answered and you'll finally find out what this is and all the necessary steps to fix this problem. I hope this helped sister.

  22. Salaam sis. You make me feel so comfy and confident about my self. If it wasn't for your first post, I gave up after going to the doctors but now I know that I shouldn't of.
    Sis actually what u said has made so much sence when I think about it. I'm abit embarressed to say this, but I'll be honest with you, because it will be a lot more easier to help answer with my condition. My fiance, I have nikah with him. We did not have sex nothing like that what so ever, but yh I have received oral. But that was the first and last Astagfirullah 🙁 but I have already had cold sores around my mouth since I was a little girl I remember having them when I was in primary education. But the genitals started just recently and as I said I receieved oral, but to be abit more open and clear with you, it wasn't even a you know proper one. If you get what I'm trying to say. What I'm trying to say is when I received oral from down there, it was just a touch or two. Feel embarressed that's why I'm just making it long. Sorry sis. And again the other thing you said, even if my fiance does have hsv1 it don't show around/in the mouth, and yes that's true, so if he does have it thing is I can't see it.
    I will go to the doctors to get a blood test done and see what is what. Also talk to them about my previous visit to the doctor. Just one thing I feel uncomfortable about is when the doctor has to check me down there.
    Please do dua sis. Thanks again for commenting on my post. I love you for the sake of Allah swt. You will be in my duas. Allah'Hafiz

  23. Ok if he has the hsv1 cold sore infection in his mouth then you must understand the potential risk involved when you kiss eachother because it may spread to your mouth. Now I've been told the chances of spreading to your mouth through kissing is relatively low, if the infection is already in your body(on ur genitals) but to be honest I don't know how true this is. Another interesting question to ask your doctor. I'd say write down your questions before hand just to make sure nothing goes unanswered inshaAllah. And it sounds like your fiancé needs to be tested too. I'd say both of you go get blood tested for ALL STDS. It's better you both find out now before getting married because you have concerns that you really need to address. If your fiancé knew he had the hsv1 virus and he gave u oral knowing so, thats another concern you need to address with him because he is supposed to inform you before performing oral on you. Now my advice to you is stop receiving oral, do not perform it on him and do not have sex. Get those blood tested first for all stds. And most importantly sister wait till marriage please. Don't let the shaytan provoke you anymore and think of Allah.

  24. Salaam sister. Just read your post above. I know we really do regret doing this oral action Astagfirullah 🙁 may Allah swt forgives us Insha'Allah. I've spoken to my fiance about it, well I've been speaking about it to him all along, but he also isn't aware of this hsv1 virus, up untill u mentiones that it don't neccesserily have to be seen around or in the mouth. So thankyou so much for mentioning that sis.
    So insha'Allah will be making an appointment asap to go to the doctors. By the way, do I just go for a normal blood test appointment or do I have to mention saying STDS blood test?
    Jazak'Allah sister. Will be in my duas

  25. Salam Sister,

    I also have HSV 1 and am currently looking to get married to a muslimah in the same position as I am living in the UK. Apologies if I was abit too straight forward but i think its the best way. If it something you are looking for as well please get in touch with me.

    Best Wishes

    • We do not allow matchmaking or the exchange of personal contact info, sorry.

      Wael Editor

      • Aslam I m muslim girl . I got infected by herpes . I m in a relation wid a muslim guy ...

        [Editor's note: If you require advice, please submit your question as a new post for publication rather than as a comment - that way it can be answered in turn, inshaAllah.]

  26. Salaam Sister,
    I am a registered nurse, and I have never heard of someone getting Herpes Simplex 2 without having some kind of physical contact with another person that is infected. What is your definition of a virgin? Is it that you have never had sexual intercourse where you have not actually been penetrated? Technically this is correct, but you do not have to have intercourse to get the Herpes Simplex 2 virus from another person. Are you being totally honest with your future husband? I you have kissed another person, or had contact with their genitals, or visa versa, you could have contracted it that way. Allah forgives. You need to pray for guidance and be totally honest with your future husband. If you marry him without being totally honest, your whole marriage will be built on a lie. Insha Allah everything will work out according to Allah's plan.

  27. Didn't realize this was a post from 2 years ago. I hope everything worked out.

    • Myself and my husband have had hsv1 since we were children. He has given me oral vice versa and neither of us have had any type of breakouts in our genital areas. So I was too comfused about her story there as well. However i think she has shingles. Which is adult chicken pocs she may have got that from someone who had chicken pocs growing up. When I got sick with shingles I contract it from a girl who was having a silent breakout. Simply sitting next to her in class at the same table.Meaning her skin had been feelimg itchy but had no signs of the bumps because they were under her skin. Smh therefore it is essential to have the best hygiene. my best advice to her is dont touch rub or brush up on anyone now days. I think she just let the internet take her mindto Jupiter. Which we are all guilty of doing Lol.

      • as far as i know... hsv1 can spread to the genital area if a person is not careful. hsv2 can god forbid, also spread to other areas on the body... and there have been many cases of hsv1 spreading to the genital area... so have to be very careful.

  28. Insha Allah everything worked out.

  29. Salam alaykum
    I just read this now!
    I know the cure for this, keep saying astaghfaralla constantly soon much
    For 2 weeks and get back to me.
    Also send peace and blessings towards prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him

    • Saying astaghfirullah and sending salawat on the Prophet (sws) are good acts, and bring many blessings; however, they do not cure herpes.

      Wael Editor

      • It's cured a lot worse 🙂
        Have faith in Allah subhanawatala
        Forevery disease there is a cure he created with it
        And he may guide you to it unknowingly
        Make dua
        Have faith
        Ask for forgiveness
        And don't loose hope
        ALLAH is all seeing all hearing
        Most bennificent most merciful
        Salam alaykum

  30. I'm a nineteen year old guy with both hsv1&2 perhaps we can chat

  31. Aoa.
    Kindly do Hijama on arabic dates of 17 or 19 or 21 for Herpes and others diseases.

  32. As salamu aleykum was rahmatullahu wa barakatuhu,

    Dear brothers and sisters
    I believe I got infected genital herpes 10 years ago in my jahiliyyah days. This girl told me that she was diagnosed with genital herpes after infecting it to me.
    I had several years these blisters.

    Long story short
    Allah swt send me a friend of mine to hire me sell these products
    I said no, I was not interested in such a work
    He insisted on hiring me but I said no again he then said ok just come and see our products let me give you information about it. I went there and had a coffee and listened what he had to tell.
    This product was good for cancer, wounds etc...
    This time I said no thanks again.
    Anyways soon after I was in a shop in Istanbul buying natural soap with olive oil.
    Allah put in my mind maybe this shop have this product my friend was talking about.
    I found it in this shop bought 150 gram.
    1 spoon each morning and evening.
    It was a powder didn't mix with water just putting the powder in my mouth and drinking water with it.
    After like 2 weeks
    Alhamdolillah Alhamdolillah Alhamdolillah
    I can never ever be grateful to Allah swt only for this cure. I believe Allah swt send me this Sabab (means) to cure me. It's been now almost 4 years nothing remains Alhamdolillah. It's all gone after 2 weeks.
    I wanted to share it with my muslim brothers and sisters who has genital herpes.
    Shifaa is from Allah swt, ash Shaafi.
    So this is only a means.

    Red reishi mushrooms (ganoderma lucidum)
    I used red reishi mushroom powder and most importantly Dua to Allah swt Ash Shaafi!

    May Allah swt cure all of us and protect us from that kind of life style.

    A brother of you in islam

    Sent from my cellphone

    • Salaam aleykum dear brother Faisal
      Shifa from Allah swt
      He swt gave me Shifa cured me I believe through this reishi mushroom.
      Dua and asbab (means) required I believe.
      He is the one who cures
      He gives Shifa whomever he wants
      Alhamdolillah Alhamdolillah Alhamdolillah
      May Allah swt cure all the ummah
      And help all the singles and widows protect us from fitna. Amin

    • What is it ? Can I please k ow as well

  33. I used to get cold sores since i was 8 people used to bug be i careless, now i just got one after 10 years i am 26 dont worry it will get better though i hate this virus everyone used to think i am dirty haha parents friend whatever until i moved to north america

  34. As salamu aleykum was rahmatullahu wa barakatuhu,

    Dear brothers and sisters
    I believe I got infected genital herpes 10 years ago in my jahiliyyah days. This girl told me that she was diagnosed with genital herpes after infecting it to me.
    I had several years these blisters.

    Long story short
    Allah swt send me a friend of mine to hire me sell these products
    I said no, I was not interested in such a work
    He insisted on hiring me but I said no again he then said ok just come and see our products let me give you information about it. I went there and had a coffee and listened what he had to tell.
    This product was good for cancer, wounds etc…
    This time I said no thanks again.
    Anyways soon after I was in a shop in Istanbul buying natural soap with olive oil.
    Allah put in my mind maybe this shop have this product my friend was talking about.
    I found it in this shop bought 150 gram.
    1 spoon each morning and evening.
    It was a powder didn’t mix with water just putting the powder in my mouth and drinking water with it.
    After like 2 weeks
    Alhamdolillah Alhamdolillah Alhamdolillah
    I can never ever be grateful to Allah swt only for this cure. I believe Allah swt send me this Sabab (means) to cure me. It’s been now almost 4 years nothing remains Alhamdolillah. It’s all gone after 2 weeks.
    I wanted to share it with my muslim brothers and sisters who has genital herpes.
    Shifaa is from Allah swt, ash Shaafi.
    So this is only a means.

    Red reishi mushrooms (ganoderma lucidum)
    I used red reishi mushroom powder and most importantly Dua to Allah swt Ash Shaafi!

    May Allah swt cure all of us and protect us from that kind of life style.

    A brother of you in islam

    Sent from my cellphone

    • salam
      Does this really work?
      has anyone else tried it?

    • Hi rzye,

      Unsure if you will see this but Its worth a try .
      what was the herb your friend recommended for cancer wounds?
      My mother as just had a big operation due to lung cancer and she is in a lot of pain at present .
      I believe herbs/natural remedies will help but I a struggling to find any for this.

      Also ladies and gents seamoss and bladderwrack is good for so many things regarding good health

      Hopefully I will hear from you soon rzye inshaAllah

  35. Honey, your baby is only at risk if u give birth vaginally during an outbreak or if u contract the virus while pregnant. Trust me, i have the virus, an dmy husband have either to me our wedding night.

    . The same night i got pregnant. They give u drugs to suppress the outbreaks in the. Last few. Months.... And if u have an out break it's and. Atomatic c srcsect. My baby was healthy .. N u are not at risk for premature borth

  36. Genital Herpes is different. Just to be careful, avoid any oral contact with your husband's genitals

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