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Women fighting in Jannah?

It feels like the suffering of hellfire might be more clement for me than having to go to Jannah and compete against a Hoor who is there to steal my husband when she’s just a lazy creation in heaven, has done nothing for God, suffered none for his name…

Will Allah let me be with my ex in Paradise?

For Allah’s sake I give my husband happiness. If I become a good wife in this world will I be able to be with person I loved in paradise if Allah permits?

Confused and struggling to overcome my negative thoughts

I have some strange questions in my mind. Please don’t judge me by asking these questions.

Can a man just have his wife from dunya?

What if he does not want to choose another wife in Jannah?

Is Hysterectomy Permissible In This Case?

We often exchange greetings and smiles but I could never bring myself to ask her about the details of her daughter’s condition. A lot of women have advised the lady to get her daughter’s hysterectomy done since there is no hope regarding her marriage. My 2 questions are:
1) is the removal of uterus permissible in Islam for such people?
2)Jannatul firdaus is for prophets, martyrs, scholars and the righteous, which category do people fit into it?