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My child’s father doesn’t know his child or pay child support

He has seen our child a handful of times but refuses to tell his family they have a grandchild because in his words, he won’t look like a good role model!

Name change in Islam after father left me

The reason I am asking this is because it has a psychological impact on me when I see or hear my father’s name because of his past and what he has done to my mother.

How to deal with father who abandoned me

My father has come back and is making problem with my mother and sisters. Since he avoided us I almost lost respect to him.

Can I marry without consent of my father who abandoned me when I was only 1?

My dad left when I was 1-year-old so I don’t really know my dad that much.. last 1 month my dad called and I don’t really want my dad in my life and I want to tell this guy that he can marry me without talking to father so can I marry him and be halal to him or do I have to talk to my father?