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my husband just walked out on me

i got married a year ago. and it was with a guy that i liked but luckily both our parents approved. however one day he just got up n sad iv had enough of u and dont want to stay with u anymore.

My husband converted to Islam and married another

Does his marriage to me and my children become nothing just because he said he converted?

What should i do to be with my husband?

I had sex forcibly by a guy… Now my husband doesn’t want me and don’t want to stay with me.

Please I need your sincere duas

I love my husband… now he left me and asking for divorce.

Whether to remarry or not?

My husband divorced me 6 months back as soon as he got his residency. My mum says I should not remarry now and live alone with my daughter all my life.

I want my husband back, please help me?

On the month of july, I got sick and bed ridden for a month. At that time his parents forced him get marriage.

Abandoned by my non-Muslim husband

How can I divorce or free myself? I intend to remarry if given a chance.

Dreaming about my husband, although he has left me

I don’t know what this dream means. He removed me from the house; in short I am a victim of domestic violence. My in-laws also don’t like me.

Husband moved to another state 6 months ago

I am a Muslim revert of 8 years. Four years after I made my Shahada, a younger professional fellow (20+ yrs) persued me on a Muslim matrimonial site, and we married after several months both civilly and Nikkah. Four years later, he has still not told his family about me or his marriage. Shortly after we married, he disclosed to me that he was sick and could not work. I had to work full time to support him from the get-go, along with supporting my teenager.

I am a married Muslim girl but my husband doesn’t want me.

I am confused as to if I am still married or not? He has done this before, he left me for a month during last ramadan when I was 5 months pregnant! I am not saying I am a perfect Muslim; I have made mistakes but please can someone help me, I am so depressed and feel suicidal! I hate feeling like this.