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Husband wanted me to do haram things

I need help! I have been married for over 20 years. I am a practicing muslim and I loved my husband with all my heart and I did everything for him. I found out that my husband has been on the internet soliciting women and massages. He sometime stayed out all night with the pretense that he was at work. He started drinking and smoking again. He stopped praying with me…

My husband married a second woman and I am sick

i’m a hindu who ws in love wit muslim guy n as witness to khuda v accepted each other by saying kabul, since 3yrs as husband n wife. But its becoming a problem for him sometimes to spend time wit me. Kindly advice what to do i’ve become depressed n i’ve stopped having food n i’m sick kind of bed ridden.

My husband left the house and will not tell me where he is staying

My husband has left home and has now been out of the house for one week. he is refusing to take my calls and he has not called me not even to check to see if I’m OK. I know that he was having an affair because i spoke to the woman that was about two months ago. But now i know that she is not seeing him any more. But i feel now it is some one else that he is seeing.

I was abandoned by my husband with our newborn baby HELP PLEASE

I am a sister who converted to Islam in 2007 , I met my husband in 2006 , he introduced me to Islam. Our stories were similar he has a seven year old boy and I have a seven year girl, he taught me a lot of good things and we were friends for a year. He was a respectful man a loving father a great man… we got married in the mosque in August 2007 but we had a lot of differences because of our traditions and don’t think was because of religion.

I feel abandoned by my husband

I am married to a Muslim man, and I am a convert with children not belonging to my current husband. He decided to go to his country and visit his parents and siblings there, then would return and find a job and a home for us. When he first left he kept in touch regularly, but he has been gone now 5 months and I have not heard from him in weeks. He does not even answer emails or any of my calls. In the last contact he sent to tell me that he was robbed and did not have phone but would return home eventually; he will let me know.